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Bit Bit

As disappointed as we are at the bone-chilling cold & rain today, we are glad that Mother Nature had her act together long enough to make yesterday a beautiful day for Woofstock 2. We can’t thank Osteria and Anthony Costello enough for putting this event together for us! We’re hoping Mother Nature gets her act together to provide us with equally nice weather this Thursday as we head to Terra Culture Gifts for Malvern Strolls.

In the meantime we’ll bask in the glory from a week full of adoptions, including the beautiful Bit Bit, Blossom, Celine, Ellie, Felix (now Ripley), Footie (now Ryder), Gillingan, Gynger, Jim B, Juliette (now Bella), McDoodle, Mrs. Howell, Polly, Possum, Rose, Thurston, Violet & Waldo!


Of course, we also have some updates to share with you too:

Shemma FKA Bonnie

“We just wanted to send a quick update as it’s Shemma’s (FKA Bonnie) 2nd birthday today! She enjoyed a long walk around the neighborhood, an extra treat (or two), and a new squeaky toy to celebrate her big day! Since our last update over a year ago, Shemma gained twin (human) sisters last July and she’s the best big sister ever! She loves the girls and showers them with puppy kisses and is incredibly patient with them—even now that they’re crawling and try to steal her toys! Our family just wouldn’t be complete without her and we continue to be incredibly thankful for To Love a Canine rescue for saving her and allowing us to welcome her into our home. She is the best pup and the most perfect fit in our family. “


Keira FKA Ivanka

“I know it’s only been 2 months with Keira now, but she just completed basic obedience class tonight, and is heading into teens 2. I dropped her off at day training and the professional trainers kept telling me how great of a dog she is, and how quickly she learns things, they even started teaching her a few new things because she catches on so quickly. Every person who meets Keira just keeps saying how lucky we are to have found her: she is super well behaved, follows most commands and is super loving. She still has her puppy/teen issues like chewing some things she shouldn’t but she is such a great addition to our little family! 

She has already been hiking with us, to rugby games, breweries, family events and she adapts to her surroundings very well. She has so much more potential with us continuing her training as well!”



“Zeus is doing great!   We sent a few pics to Jen Catrambone a while ago but I attached a few more.  Zeus and his sister Gabby absolutely love each other.  They literally are inseparable and play outside constantly!   Zeus is an amazing dog.  He’s loves to play and is everyone’s friend.   

We couldn’t be happier with him!!!”


Luna FKA Nyrobi

“We did change her name to Luna and she is doing great!  We could not have found a better puppy for our home.

She does a vet appointment at 12 today and we may be looking into doing some training with Jeri, just to make sure we are on the right track.

I have attached 2 pictures to show how well she is adjusting.  :)”


Remi FKA Athena

“Remi is doing great!  I have attached 2 pictures.” 


Mack FKA Skipper (Gilligan’s Island litter)

Mack FKA Skipper

Mack FKA Skipper

““Skipper “ now Mack is doing awesome!  He actually slept from 10-5 last night which was an unexpected bonus.  He is mild mannered and wearing himself out playing with Lucy.  (she seems too distracted to lick the way she was doing before)

Working on house training.  He’s so darn cute and curious.

We have a vet appointment this afternoon.  To get him checked out.  

Thank you for a wonderful adoption experience 😁


Murphy FKA Terk

Murphy FKA Terk

Murphy FKA Terk

“Murphy (fka Terk) enjoy the warm weather! We’ve had him 3 months! He starts training classes this week. He’s already 6 months! He’s shaping up to be a great dog. He’s very smart, crate trained and housebroken ”





Max is doing amazing! He is getting along really well with our other dog Blue and he has learned to ignore my guinea pigs. We had the backyard fenced in so Max and Blue can run and play. We will be taking them on some camping trips soon too. Max had a great time taking an obedience class and a tricks class with Peppers Paws dog training. He is an amazing, loving dog and we are so happy to give him a forever home!”


Wiley FKA Joseph

Wiley FKA Joseph

Wiley FKA Joseph

“Wiley and I are doing great!  He is such a little love.  He is coming along really well in all his training classes and is in a walking club on the weekends.  And, he loves day camp at Wagsworth.  He is such a wonderful furbaby.  Here is a picture of him from this year’s Christmas card.”




Calvin FKA Sam

“Calvin (formally known as Sam) is doing great! We just moved to a new house in the city and he’s transitioning very well, only peed on the floor twice. We plan to transition him out of the crate during the day and hope to put a baby gate up to keep in the kitchen for now at least becUse he climbs furniture and tables and chews things when he’s alone. but he can jump over and climb every gate we’ve tried. Do you have any ideas on that??”

Editor’s note: we’ve referred Calvin’s mom to our trainers


“My husband and I were just saying the other night that we feel like we have had Dixie longer than 6 months!  She is just such a big part of our family now, and she loves everyone she meets. She goes to my son’s college baseball games and plays or at least is social with the other dogs there (she has her favorite!). She had already rid our yard of one mouse and one mole, the CAT(ahoula) in her name should have been a sign!!  We just started daycare to get rid of some of that energy, still a little nervous but I am sure as the weather gets warmer and the dogs get to go outside she will feel at home. She loves the snow…we could leave her outside for hours and she would not get bored…but we get cold so she has to come in!  

We are so happy to have rescued her, can’t imagine my life without here. “


Chloe FKA Dixie

Chloe FKA Dixie

Chloe FKA Dixie

“Chloe fka Dixie is great! She has settled in wonderfully & is the greatest little girl 

Loves walks, sticks, and is particularly fond of her favorite stuffed animal squirrel! 

 She is still a little submissive but becoming bolder all the time & is great w everyone she meets 

Here she is all ready for bed”




“I wanted to pass along an update about Sasha, who we adopted in September!

Sasha has made a wonderful addition to our family. She is definitely a ‘daddy’s girl’, and I don’t know what my husband would do with out her at this point! 

As you can see by the pictures, she loves naps on the couch, and if she sees a squirrel through the window or on a walk it definitely gets her attention! She has been great with all of our nieces and nephews, as well as the other dogs in our extended families. She is a gentle goofball, and has mastered every trick we have taught her. Thank you all again for what you do, and for bringing Sasha into our lives!”



“I am keeping her name the same.  I do have a vet appointment on Friday with Dr. Hanning.  I have kept in touch with Beth, her foster mother and overall she is adjusting well.  I have attached some photos of her from her first day until today.”


Susie Q

“Hello! Thank you for checking in! I did get a call a few weeks back also. Susie Q is doing wonderful!! She is the perfect addition to our family and we love her so much! 

She enjoys snuggles with the kids and walks with her house mate Baxter. She all around just the sweetest dog! She is also a mommy’s girl and stays by my side but loves a good head rub from her daddy too! She is funny and has such a great disposition! We love her to pieces! Thanks again! 😊 


“Hi! Thanks for checking in! Vincent is adorable! Our Doberman Kavi likes having him around too! They can’t wait for warmer weather and getting back to the park to run!! I’m attaching a recent pic of them.”


Zoey FKA Juno

“Hello TLC family!! 

We wanted to share a video of our Zoey’s first birthday!

On March 17th we took her for a day trip to the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge. Zoey experienced her first bridge, goose poop, kayaker and more. She is a beautiful dog full of  much happiness and love for the world around her. 

Fred and I will always be grateful to TLC for bringing her into our lives!”


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