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We know we’re supposed to be smack-dab in the middle of Fall but it was a pretty chilly week-end and, between the temps and the fact it’s already mid-November, we’re started to get excited about the holidays! We’re also excited for sweatshirt weather and yet another excuse to cuddle (and/or nap) with the pups. For their part, the pups are getting excited hoping to have a furever home in time for the holidays! This week, 2 “long-timers” finally celebrated their gotcha days. Tracie was with us for a long time from whelping her pups and watching them move on to furever families, through being treated for Heartworm so we couldn’t be happier that she’s finally met her human.

Thelma (now Duchess) also made her match after her mom was referred by the wonderful couple of TLC volunteers who also adopted this week, giving TLC alum Rex a “little” brother named Deuce! The rest of the lucky pups this week were Chase (now Chester), Eloise (now Maeby), Frasier (now Trigger), Julie, Logan, Marley, Sparky, Speckles & Morris.



We also received some updates to share as well:


Max aka Maxwell (2017 Saving Southern Souls dog)

“Good morning TLC!

I wanted to send some pictures and share how Max has been doing. He had a vet appt a while back and everything checked out. He’s now 80 pounds. He also had his first grooming appt two weeks ago and he did so well. We visit the dog park everyday – he doesn’t really play with the dogs but is friendly with them. He seems to have adjusted well to my apartment and has taken a liking to sleeping on my bed which I don’t mind. I’m so glad he and I found each other. Here are some pictures!”


Tucker FKA Teegan


“…just over 1 1/2 yrs. old..we sure love this special boy!!”


Chewie FKA Armani

“Chewie is the BEST!  He is no longer the small pup we brought home.  At almost 9 months he is weighing in around 83lbs.  I’ve been reading the weekly report on Facebook and I caught a peek of his mom and some of his siblings.  I think that we definitely got the big “kid” of the litter!  

He has bonded so nicely with the whole family.  Roxie has even warmed up to him and allows him to share her bed… occasionally.

We recommend TLC to anyone who is looking for a new furry family member.  He definitely draws a lot of attention at our family-owned retail store.  All of our customers make sure to greet him before shopping and maybe spoil him with a little belly rub!  His goofy, laid-back personality makes him irresistible!!”


Lenny FKA Lynard

Lenny FKA Lynard

“Lenny and Bella have already been out and running around in the yard this morning.  We are relaxing in bed now while I have my morning coffee.  I am taking Lenny to the vet this week for a check up.  He is still thin but he is eating a very good quality food and is putting on a little weight.  “





“Shep is wonderful!  He is great with me and my boys.

I’ll send pictures later this week.

We are seeing a vet at King of Prussia Vet Hospital on Friday for his checkup.

Our information on the chip is correct.

We are arranging training with Jeri Wagner.

Thank you for checking in with me!  Shep is a great addition to our family.” 


Freckles & Buddy FKA Hugh

“I can tell you the dogs are settling in great and they love their back yard they play and full out run all around the yard. They are adjusting to my cats nicely and the cats are starting to trust the dogs. We are keeping Freckles name but decided to change Hugh’s name to Buddy. I wanted to make sure he took to his name before changing it on the micro chip they have a doctor check up on Saturday nov 18th. Thank you for the dogs we could not have asked for more perfect dogs, they were worth the multi state trip to adopt them. I will keep in touch and send picture in the future of Christmas and in the spring of their first camping trip. Please thank Reese for me again for everything she did. She was wonderful!!!”


Carson FKA Bozo

“We have changed Bozo’s name to Carson and he’s been settling in great! He’s such a loving and we’ll behaved dog, we’re shocked no one adopted him earlier. We took Carson to his first vet check up and she said everything looked good. Do you know when Jeri’s next group class starts?” 


Tyson FKA Kilo

“This is our happy boy, Tyson (formerly Kilo). He has adjusted well. He loves to play tug-of-war, go for long walks and run along the fence trying to catch the kids. Once he’s good and tired, he loves to snuggle next to us”


Daisy, Max & Ari FKA Ember

Congratulations to TLC alumni Daisy, Max and Ari FKA Ember who graduated from Jeri Wagner’s basic obedience class this month!









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