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It’s been a bit of a topsy-turvy week for us here at TLC. We had the fun of Malvern Stroll and the joy of adoptions, but we also had quite a scare with our sweet & goofy Coonhound, Susie Q, who came down with a very frightening case of bloat & had to undergo surgery! We’re happy to say she has a good prognosis and hope she will be discharged to the care of her foster family soon.

Of course, it’s Sunday night which we usually reserve for all the feel-good information of letting you know which dogs were adopted & giving you updates about the TLC alumni and we, of course,want to oblige! We started the week out with an extra special story of a family who was still feeling the heartache of a much loved pup who crossed the rainbow bridge. We understood why they felt a little guilty about opening their hearts to another dog, but our boy Walter made a love connection and made sure they know that adopting & giving him a loving home was actually a great way they could honor the family member they lost.

Dizzi & Reagan (now Bella) weren’t sure which one of them would be lucky enough to be adopted by such a great family but in a surprise twist, they both went home winners – together!

Also celebrating “gotcha day” were: Andrew, Babbs (now Honey), Benjamin, Daisy, Harley, Jazel, Jazz, Juno, Leonard, Maya, Ruben (now Ruger), Wilbur and Willa (aka Winnie, mom to Wayla & Walter)!


We also have some updates to share as well:




“He is a chow chow Rottweiler mix! “






and Cash’s sister Roma FKA Clarice

Roma FKA Clarice

Roma FKA Clarice








Our family is celebrating one year since we adopted Darby from TLC rescue. I wanted to thank you both so much for your help in making this possible.  Darby is the sweetest dog we have ever known and we can’t imagine our family without her. 

I will send some pictures of Darby in a follow up email.  I know it was a long time ago but I believe Jeanine helped us on the day of the adoption.   I was hoping you could also pass these photos along to the lady that fostered Darby before we adopted her.  She was an older woman and I think her name was Lisa?.  I don’t have her information but she was so very helpful on the day we adopted Darby.  I could tell she was worried about Darby and I wanted her to know that everything worked out wonderfully.   My son was very nervous because until Darby he was afraid of dogs due to an unfortunate incident with a neighbor’s dog when he was very young.  He has grown to love Darby so much and has pretty much conquered his fear of all dogs.  I love to watch them playing together.

Anyway, thank you so much for all that you do and happy summer!”


Chica FKA Duchess

Chica FKA Duchess

Chica FKA Duchess

“CHICA (formerly Duchess) is doing great.  She’s 8 months old now and has gone from 16 to 53 pounds.  She’s got a cool, mellow attitude.  She goes camping and hiking with us.  And she’s got a good group of friends in our neighborhood.  Thank you again for your help in finding her.”




Dobby FKA Sheba

“ We have changed her name to Dobby (the Harry Potter creature with the big ears and big eyes.)

My family is deeply in love with Dobby!  She’s a cuddle-bug, and loves to be outside.  She’s not so crazy about other dogs, but we plan on her being our only one.

We’ve already scheduled an appointment for the vet, and we got her dog license yesterday.  Thanks for reminding me to look at the microchip papers.

Everything is going super well with our adopted dog.  We couldn’t be happier!!!”

Denver FKA Tex

Denver FKA Tex

Denver FKA Tex

“Thanks for the email.  Denver (FKA Tex) is such a wonderful dog and has been an amazing addition to our family.  He is great with kids and other dogs and has gotten over his extreme wariness of strangers. He loves playing in our backyard with the kids and going on walks around the campus of Westtown School, where we live.  Thank you so much for helping to bring Denver to our family! “




“Lucy is doing great!  We are thrilled to have her as a member of our family. We are keeping her name, it matches her sweet personality!”


Bosco FKA Rico


Bosco FKA Rico

We did change his name from Rico to Bosco, and he is doing great! Very friendly, cuddly, and sociable with other dogs and people.

I’m attaching a picture of him now, we will keep you posted!

Thanks so much, we’re so happy with our newest addition to our family!” 




“Bo has been great so far!  We decided to keep his name since he was already responding to it.  He’s starting to get settled into a routine and has been learning basic obedience training and walking skills really quickly.  We’re still waiting for him and our cat to get on the same terms – there doesn’t seem to be animosity between them but our cat gets incredibly frightened when he turns to smell her (he is 6 times her size).  But she’s coming around to him more and more every day.  Everything else has gone smoothly though and we’re looking forward to the future with him.  I’ve attached a few pictures for you as well!  It’s hard to get pictures of him standing up because he’s so interested in the camera he puts his nose right into the lens.”


Bella FKA Cookie Crisp

“Cookie Crisp (now Bella…it took her no time at all to recognize her new name!) is settling in remarkably well. My other dog Beau is also a rescue, and it took him about two weeks to finally get on a good eating and potty schedule. Bella is totally on board with the family schedule after only a few days, but I think it’s because she has Beau to show her the way. She is SUCH a love bug and I’m so happy she’s part of my family. And Beau is obviously thrilled to have a playmate. I come home and there are toys all over the floor, and they rearrange my couch pillows to create a nice cozy nest haha. She hasn’t even had any accidents after the first night, which is amazing! 

I have a vet appointment set up for her on Saturday. As we speak, both the pups are getting pampered at the groomers (oatmeal bath for her for her poor itchy skin!) 

Thank you for being such a great organization to work with. I’ve attached some photos, and will keep you updated! “





“Diego is pretty settled in at this point.  I think I mentioned previously that he likes boats and the water, so he goes kayaking with us, as shown.  :-)”





Pita FKA Elvira

Yes, Pita is settling in well.  She is coming out of her shell and starting to trust her new environment.  She is eating well and becoming playful (which is hysterical since I’ve always had large dogs), it’s so cute to see her want to engage.  I am fortunate to be able to bring her to the office with me every day (we have our own insurance agency) and she loves visiting with everyone.  She also loves her walks and we take a mile walk 2-3 times a day.

I may call the trainer mostly to observe her interaction with one of my daughter’s dogs who visit all the time.  Maizie is a terrier/pincher mix and has been the “Queen” so she’s not happy however, my daughter and I are working with them every day using walks to get them familiar with each other and reinforcing the good behavior with small treats and positive praise.  After 3 days, we already see a big improvement! J   We have several dogs in the family she’s been exposed to with no problems and my friends dogs have also prove to be “friends” of Pitas, she will have plenty of socialization.

I will say I’m amazed at how fast she became “my” dog, she is my shadow.  Never having a Chihuahua I’m not sure what to expect but am learning fast.  She is the sweetest little pup and I just love her.” 



Lily FKA Daphne 

“I can’t  believe it’s been a year already that we’ve had our puppy….originally named Daphne, but our daughters renamed her Lily😊 

I’m not the best at remembering to take  pictures, and I only recently got an updated phone (rather than my text/slide phone LOL), so I’m trying to remember to take more pics.  In any case, I’ve attached a few of Lily so you guys can see her; some are older, and the ones on the pool (ice….she loved that LOL!) were from the big storm we had in March. She is a doll baby and such a good girl!!….we all love her so much! I’m still working on training her not to jump on everyone who comes to our house (she just gets so excited!), but she is so much better and only takes 5-10 seconds to calm down (and she’s only a puppy!). She is currently 38 lbs and the vet believes that is her full size, which is adorable!😘 

Enjoy!  Thank you for touching base, and please keep in touch!  I will try to send you new updates pics! 


“Thank you!  Can’t believe its been a year.  We can not tell you how happy we are to have our sweet Prue.  Her tail is in a constant wag and she is so full of joy.  Prue is a family member and we are so in love with her.  We are as happy to have her as she is to have us! 

Thank you for bringing us together.”


Onyx & Garret FKA Mica (Amberlin’s pups)

“You are an amazing organization. Garrett and Onyx are amazing. Thank you for all that you do.

Onyx weighs 75 pounds & Garrett weighs 82

Onyx on left. Garrett on right. Approximately 2 feet tall at shoulder. Huge heads! Big lovers.”

Amber aka Amberlin

Amber (Amberlin)

Amber (Amberlin)

“Amber is doing well! Loves camping with me, chasing birds and butterflies in the back yard and spending time with my sister’s pack. I think we finally have her allergy issues under control. I added a picture of her asking me for a cookie 🙂

Please feel free to share my contact info. I am so happy her pups are doing well and he Dad. Would LOVE to meet all of them sometime.

Thanks again. Let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help you and your wonderful rescue.”



















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