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We can’t believe that it’s the end of May already. We know a lot of people are gearing up for the end of school & graduations and, of course, Summer vacation already and that means a lot of people are also turning their attention to getting a puppy while their schedules are more conducive to all that potty training. Luckily, that all coincides with puppy season which is already in full force.

Our boy Shiloh found a home with new brother & TLC alumnus, Finn FKA Woody, while Gina is very glad that her foster family finally came to the conclusion that she didn’t need to find a furever home because she was already in it! Callie, Charlie, ChiChi, Sadie (now Lily), Sam & Sarah were also adopted this week.


We also received some updates and pics to share as well:

Lucy FKA Moon (Ziva’s litter 2016)

“Today is our one year anniversary of adopting Lucy….formerly known as Moon! We are so in love with her!!! She is doing great and is such a great part of our family. She is very well behaved and always seems so happy. She is spoiled rotten, but we don’t feel guilty at all. 🙂 She and our old cat are still not best friends, but they’ve just recently spent some time together. Lucy is very interested in her, but our cat….not so thrilled.

I’ve attached a few updated pictures. 

Thank you for doing what you do! We can’t imagine our lives without her!”


Greysyn FKA Rocket

“it has been just over a month since I rescued this little boy from your foster April. He is a very happy playful little guy and so darn smart, he amazes me every day. He’s still a little growler when meeting new humans but he’s learning that he is safe and has nothing to be scared of…thank you for helping me find this little guy..he is truly helping me fill the hole in my heart that my beloved 18 yr old Brayzyn (Pomeranian) left me with when he passed peacefully this past December.”


Luna Tonks FKA Diana

” My daughter changed her name to Luna Tonks (from Harry Potter!) She is adjusting very well. She already spoiled! She only had 1 accident in the house, she now goes to the back door to let us know she has to go out. She is learning her name too! She and Mady are getting along great. She met my other daughter’s dogs and they had a blast running around the yard. Her dogs are Molly – 3 year old Australian Shepherd and Maggie – 4 month old Brittany Spaniel. It was fun to watch the 4 of them play! She is eating and going to the bathroom regularly now. Her first appointment with our vet is on Wednesday, May 31st since she just received her de-worming medicine the day before we adopted her. We wanted to make sure we gave it time to work!

We simply adore and love her already! The main reason we wanted her was because our daughter Stephany (who lives with us) just had surgery in March and has nerve damage because of it and is not healing well and has been begging to get a dog since we rescued Mady, plus Mady needed a playmate. In these few short days, Luna has definitely made a positive impact on her recovery. We are so blessed to have been given 2 beautiful and loving animals from your organization. You can rest assured that they are two of the luckiest puppies in the world, because they are receiving the most love and affection that any animal can!

As I sit in my home office, Mady is sleeping in my bed, but Luna is right here, as you can see in the attached photo! Thank you again for doing what you do!”


Tink Eleanor aka Tink

“She is settling in well although doesn’t have much of an appetite. She is eating and drinking though. She is keeping her name. It is Tink Eleanor. 🙂 setting up an appointment with the vet. We couldn’t be happier!!”


Penny FKA Shayna

Penny FKA Shayna

Penny FKA Shayna

“She has been doing great. A little unsure of us at first but overall adjusting well. She’s so loving and sweet! We did change her name to Penny

I attached a photo of her with us in her new home! Thank you also for the reminders. We will keep in touch!”




We also got some pics from Samantha (mom to Sammy & Kitt FKA Sarah) showing the huge welcome she’s gotten into her new family.


We know there’s one more day left to the week-end thanks to Memorial Day. We hope you have a safe holiday and take some time out of your festivities to remember those who died in service to our country & their families.




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