Jul 312016
Dara and Taz (FKA Darius)

Today not only marks the end of the week-end but the end of the stinkin’ hot month of July. It was a pretty good week which included the fun cuts for a cause BarkAID event in addition to some new happy tails to tell.

Sweet little Dara met her match in TLC alumni Taz FKA Darius and has already settled into a happy home life, and Lexi’s pups Maddison, Mark & Moe celebrated their gotcha day. Also adopted were: Buddy, Darby, Evan, Hummer, Pamela (who is considering changing her name to Lola), RayRay (now Razor), Rocco & Tatum (now Penelope aka Nell).



We have some updates to share too;

Bleys FKA Brad

Bleys’ dad sent us the results of his Wisdom Panel DNA test

Hello! Just wanted to touch base and let you know how happy I am with Bleys! I had a wisdom panel performed and it turns out he’s 25% lab, 25% Treeing Walker Coonhound, 12.5% Staffordshire Terrier and 12.5% chow – -what a mix!

Heine FKA Yoko

Heine FKA Yoko also had a Wisdom Panel DNA test, which says she is a Beagle-Catahoula-Chow-GSD-Rottweiler mix so she’s definitely celebrating National Mutt Day today!

We received results from a Wisdom Panel test and I thought you may be interested to see Heina’s (FKA Yoko)! I have attached a PDF to this email. There are some similarities to Gunnar’s previous Wisdom Panel results (FKA York). I am also happy to say that all three siblings have connected through social media 🙂 I hope that one day we can reunite the three ‘Yo’ pups!

Lexi Rose loves to play with toys


Our sweet puppy mill survivor Lexi Rose is also doing very well and was very happy to discover the joy of toys





We’d like to thank the crew at Pulse Beauty Academy, Patrick Lomantini & the BarkAID crew, and everyone who came out to get their hair cut for our cause on Tuesday. Thanks for all of the great supplies donations too!



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