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This first week of Spring may have brought us yet another Nor’easter but it didn’t negatively impact any adoptions (nor did this morning’s surprise flurries).

Our blue-eyed beauty, Nelda happily celebrated her gotcha day today. Also adopted this week were: Alana. Athos, Cameron, Chives, Cole (now Colt 45),  Daffodil, Echo, Ginger, Lilly, Maisey, Nakita, Nan, Natalie, Nate, Nathan, Nelda, Nikki, Nora, Paul, Scarlett & Twilight



We also have a few updates to share as well

Finley FKA Chandler

Finley’s family sent us some pictures and noted that they can’t get him to come inside when it snows. He loves it.


Beretta FKA Trish (mom to the T litter of January 2016)

“Just wanted to say it’s been 2 years since we adopted Beretta, FKA Trish. She’s been great, we are so lucky to have her.”



“Clyde has been doing great 🙂 Yesterday he went to see the Easter Bunny then went to the dog park and then Pet Valu to take a bath..”


Freyja FKA Christie

“She’s settling in great and took no time at all making herself at home. She loves to play but her favorite is cuddling, which we are loving every minute of. She had her first visit with our vet today and she did great. They loved her and said she looks perfect.  We did change her name- it’s now Freyja, after the Norse goddess of love (in honor of our departed dog Thor). We can’t thank you enough. She is already so loved! 

Here are a few pictures from her first few days home. “


Stitch FKA Cody

“Stitch (Cody) is adjusting well. He loves his little sister, even though she can be quite the pest sometimes. We are so thankful that you have helped up find the missing piece to our family. I was planning on bringing him in today to see his vet, but weather has made that a little difficult. I am researching a good trainer right now, that will fit our current lifestyle.

Thank you again.”


Jennifer Maewyn FKA Hammy

“First of all, we have changed her name. Her full name is Jennifer Maewyn (St.  Patrick’s given birth name)  and we call her Jenny Mae!!   It suits her so well.

She is settling in beautifully and quickly becoming a part of the family. Our welsh terrier, Rhobbie, seems to be adjusting very well too.  The trickiest time is breakfast and dinner, but application of common sense makes it easy to deal with. 

Jennie Mae  has an appointment to see our vet already. She gets lots of exercise and frequent walks. She has met so many new friends and neighbors, canine and otherwise! 

I am attaching some pictures of our beautiful new girl. We are so happy and so thankful that Lori (foster mom) gave her such a loving start.”


 Atticus FKA Rhett

Atticus is settling in to his new furever home more and more each day! He is a slipper, sock, laundry, and shoe thief. 😂 was He has his first vet check up on Saturday 3/31. 

He and Tessa love each other already. They play so well together, running around in the fenced in yard, and Tessa even gets in Atticus’s crate at night to sleep with him. We love him to pieces, and want to say “thank you” again for this sweet GSD. ️”


Luna FKA Carabelle

“I’m always excited to brag about my precious girl! It’s amazing how much she has changed over these almost 6 months! (Next Saturday!!) When we got her, she was scared of toys, now she can’t get enough! She needed a very proper introduction to new dog friends, and now she’s the friendliest girl at the dog park! She is the perfect addition for my boyfriend and I. I can’t thank everyone at TLC enough! She has filled a place in our heart we didn’t know we had vacant. We hope we can get her a sibling as soon as we’re in a house (were renting now), but she loves all the puppy family she has from our parents and siblings. I can’t stress how amazing it is to see how much more comfortable and self express she is 6 months down the line. Love does beautiful things! Our southern Belle is currently LOVING all the snow, she’s currently asking to go back out! 

Thank you for all of the support since we have adopted her. TLC sets things up so well to make sure you do everything you can so your pups stay in happy homes, and it doesn’t go unnoticed! The staff goes above and beyond for their pups and I’m so glad we could find our girl from such a great organization. 

The only question I would have is how to help with her obsession with squirrels. Her breed’s (Feist) nickname is squirrel dog and it is well earned! She flips when she sees squirrels outside. Not even her favorite treat can distract her! We typically can talk to her calmly and she won’t bark at other dogs while walking, but we haven’t found an effective way to distract her from squirrels or rabbits. Any tips? 

Again, thank you so much for all that you and TLC do for these babies. In Luna’s case, we don’t know where she came from or what she dealt with, but we know with us she’ll never have to know anything but love again. You’re making a huge difference. “

We’ve referred Luna’s mom to our trainers for advice on trying to desensitize Luna to squirrels


Vyra FKA Blossom

Vyra FKA Blossom

Vyra FKA Blossom

“We have changed her name from “Blossom” to “Vyra” and she is doing great! We have a vet appointment tomorrow morning! 

She is still working on the potty training but she is improving… any other suggestions? “

 We’ve referred Vyra’s parents to our trainers for some tips









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