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This week-end was a whirl of activities starting with and awesome time at Pennhurst Asylum on Friday the 13th, where we were able to confirm that a number of our dogs are zombie-friendly and, possibly, good fits for some families who enjoy haunted tours and other Halloween activities. The pups even enjoyed proving to T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas of the “What Are You Afraid Of” podcast that they only thing they’re afraid of is something in their past now that they’re all safe & secure in foster homes until they can find furever homes of their own.

Last week, Miss Emily celebrated her gotcha day and, this week, the rest of her family started their happily ever afters as Edgar, Ellen & Momma Eleanor were all adopted this week! Also adopted this week were: Abby, Alfred, Dixie, Higgins, Joseph (now Wiley Jones), Macy (now Lacey, who joins TLC alum Cassie FKA Reba), Sam, Ralph, Renee (now Noli, short for cannoli), Ross (now Weasie), Stan, Vincent & Willow.



We also have some updates to share too:


We have decided to keep his name as Caesar since he is responding to it so well! He has enjoyed petsmart adventures to pick out a new toy and get a nice harness, walks through town, snuggles and snacks!

He has learned paw and ‘pretty’ where he stands on his back legs. “


Mia FKA Wendy 

“We absolutely love our Mia (aka Wendy from the rescue). We are planning on getting her a sister sometime in the future. She absolutely loves dogs and we think she needs a companion one day. I look at the rescue site occasionally hoping to find a dog similar to her. We will keep an eye out for a good fit for her and our family. I would take them all if I could!”


Remi FKA Athena

“Hello and thank you for your email. Yes, we have changed her name to Remi. She is high energy at times and needs quite a bit of training, but Jeri has been very helpful. The only big bump in the road was her testing positive for Heartworm. We had 2 fecal tests ( 1 positive and 1 negative) and another blood test that came back Tuesday as positive. Obviously, Remi has already been seen by our vet on Monday. Tracy from TLC has been wonderful with all of this, from covering the cost of treatment 100% through Exton Vet Clinic along with loaning us a crate!! You have all been very helpful and I admire you for the difficult work that you do.

Maybe once we get Remi settled in, we can consider adopting another dog! But, not yet as I have found this a big adjustment. It’s all good. We had become accustomed to a very calm, and aging pup (Ginger). She did her job very well, and taught me that life without a dog is not something that I want. LOL

Thank you again for checking in on us. Again, you are all AWESOME!!!”


Cooper FKA Chad

Thank you for reaching out for Coopers “Adoptaversary”. We couldn’t imagine not having Cooper as part of the family. 

Here are some photos below with his “sister” Camryn.”


Robert aka Robbie

“We did not change his name but we are calling him “Robbie” and he is doing great.  He is really a sweet, smart dog.  We are hoping our cats will warm up to him soon.

We are having Deb Murray come starting tomorrow to help us with a few things.”


Tasha FKA Sugar (aka Angelica)

Tasha FKA Sugar

Tasha FKA Sugar

“Just wanted to thank you for Tasha (aka Sugar) who is the absolute best service dog anyone could ever want. She is smart, obedient, funny and goofy, too. Thank you!”


Tyson FKA Kilo

“We changed Kilo’s name to Tyson. He is so smart and a quick learner/ he already knows his new name ! This weekend he had his first of many trips to the beach and did great! He loves digging in the sand! He definitely has puppy tendencies and we plan to reach out for some etiquette classes/ guidance. We are so happy to have him as part of our family! Thank you to all of you! “



“Lincoln is doing amazingly well. He has fit in and you would never know we’ve only had him a week!  We did keep his name. And we have a vet appointment scheduled. “


Jack FKA Jax

Jack FKA Jax

Jack FKA Jax

“An update on Jack (Jax):  Jack and I have settled into a nice routine – lots of walks in the woods, friends to meet along the way and toy time! Jack loves to rummage through his toy box and find a new playmate. He’s a happy boy and a joy to have as a companion! We both thank TLC  for bringing us together!”




We also received a great pic of  Zoey (FKA Guess, mom to the designer litter) & found out that Bo & Sachi FKA Bridgette graduated from training class with our very own Jeri Wagner.








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