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Jacey now Amelia

Hard to believe that March is already here, but the weather at least seems to be normal-ish for this time of year. We had a really nice week that included participating in “stress-free Friday” at Henderson High School in West Chester. Chico, Sugar, Walter & Wayla had a great time helping the students – and staff – unwind from a busy week and get ready for the week-end. We hope the folks at the school had a nice a time as we did.

This was a good week for the senior, special-needs pups as both Darla & Rex made it official with their respective families. You may recognize some familiar faces in Jacey’s first family photo, since the handsome Aussie next to her is Ozzy FKA Kellen. We hear she may be changing her name to Amelia . . . or not (we’re not 100% that decision is final).

Also adopted this week were Peaches, Rocky (now Taz), Sugar & Ziva!


The week marked the birthday of some TLC alumni that were born in local foster: Ziva’s pups! We have some updated pictures of Ziva and a few of her precious babies, as well as Wisdom Panel results for Major FKA Woodstock


We have other updates too:

Dakara & Bailey FKA Dalaney

We actually saw Dakara at last week’s meet & greet, and put her family in touch with her equally lovely litter mate, Bailey FKA Dalaney.

Jack FKA Dennis

Close to our 2 year gotcha date here are recent pictures of Jack. Don’t let the photos fool you. He is a ball of energy. He had grown into a fast, energetic,  vocal and strong-willed dog who can  play fetch by himself.  We love him and couldn’t imagine life without his antics. 



Kirby and I are doing great! I kept his name. Suits him well.

Kirby is gentle, easy going, loves long walks, and has enjoyed meeting my friends and family members. I attached a picture of him with my oldest daughter, Jessi. Hard to tell who’s smiling more!





Maggie is a wonderful dog! We love her very much. She fit right in with her new family and her new “pack”.  All of the pets get along great.

I am working from home today, and here is a pic of our beautiful girl curled up by my desk and keeping me company.



We wanted to send some picts and an update.

Pearl is doing very well!

She will being going to obedience classes in the coming weeks. We have been doing some basic commands at home, sit, stay, and fetch. She is a fast learner.

She is a very spoiled member of the family lol.

Lexi Rose

Thank you ! Lexi Rose is doing great! Her and our other dog, Joplin love each other! When they are in our yard and I call them to come in Lexi Rose looks at Joplin and waits until she comes in first. She also loves our one cat and they play together. Lexi Rose especially loves my husband. We just love her


Rylie FA Mary

Rylie FKA Mary

Rylie FKA Mary

We put Rylie (Mary) into an obedience class at What A Good Dog, and she has been doing great! She is still a little skittish around strangers, but loves to cuddle with us- see picture attached! We are so happy to have her in our life! Thanks again for all you guys do!



Things are going well overall. He is adjusting well to his new food, is house broken, and goes into his crate perfectly while we’re home.

We are going through some challenges with some separation anxiety and we’re working through them. He doesn’t like feeling like he’s alone in the apartment in his crate. (we haven’t given him free rein over the apartment yet). We’re working on curbing his anxiety by practicing him being in it for short periods of time and pretending to leave. Jeri said to give it a few days and let him adjust to the routine and the practice. If it persists we’re most likely going to enlist her help with this.

We will keep his name Eddy. He responds well to it and after really getting to know him- I can’t imagine it being anything else :D.


So far things are going fine with Callie.  She seems to be settling in nicely.  I’ve spoken to Jen a few times, sent her some pics as you know.  Callie’s a sweet girl.  We’re keeping her name.  She knows it and we like it well enough.  She has a vet appt next week.  We need to take our other dog Gus in for some annual shots so we got her scheduled too at the same time.  I’ll send more pics and updates to Jen over the next few weeks. 





Gizmo is doing well. Thanks for everything.

We love Gizmo and he loves us. Free kisses always.


Edwina Louise (Winnie) FKA Fancy

Fancy, now named Edwina Louise (Winnie) has settled in wonderfully!

Our lab and she play very well with her doing laps around him and him egging her on…. she loves our large yard and enjoys playing fetch with tennis balls (she even brings them back most of the time!)

She is nicely house broken and does well in her crate.

We will be taking her to our vet next week. I will probably call your trainers.  She is a little stubborn at times and I want to guide her without affecting her sweet disposition

Daisy FKA Carrie

Daisy FKA Carrie

Daisy FKA Carrie

Today is my miss Daisy’s (FKA Carrie) 1 year adoptiversary! I cannot believe it is a year already. She is such a sweet, wonderful girl, and a great running partner. She has learned agility and even belongs to a club and did her first trial. And she’s learned she LOVES to play ball. She is a spoiled, loving little cuddlepup and I am so fortunate to have found her. Thank you TLC Rescue!








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