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Monique now Mimosa

After last week’s cooler temps we managed to welcome Fall with enough heat to confuse the vegetable garden and make more than 1 family regret closing down their pool for the season. We’re hoping for the same dry weather next week-end but are also wishing for slightly cooler temperatures for our Miles For Mutts 5K & 1-Mile Fun Walk but we’ll be prepared to help keep everyone well hydrated with the Concordville Nissan water station and will have a sunscreen check point to make sure those of you who forgot to put on sunscreen can protect yourselves.

On to adoptions because enquiring minds are most interested in who celebrated their gotcha day this week! Monique’s life being used for breeding purposes is now a distant memory as this sweet Poodle started the next chapter of her happy tail & changing her name to Mimosa earlier this week! Also adopted were Carabelle, Chief (now Diesel), Daisy, Demyx, Lady Jaymes, Kilo, Monkey, Opal & Shortie.


We also have some updates to share

Lily FKA Autumn

“1 year ago today I adopted Lily (fka Autumn). She definitely rescued me just as much as I rescued her. Can’t imagine life without her. I love spoiling her with love. She goes to doggy day care several times a week where she is the life of the party and friends with everyone. She is so energetic and loves going to parks and playing in the stream. She also loves curling up on the couch with me. She has come such a long way this year and has gained so much confidence. Thank you TLC for helping to bring Lily into my life! So many pictures to choose from but here are a few from our first year together”


Kali FKA Daneel (special appearance by Louie FKA Quinn)

“Happy 3 year “gotcha day” Kali ❤. You bring so much love and laughter to our family”





“Today Snowball celebrated his birthday! . It’s his fourth, but his very first with us . And he wanted to make sure that everyone got to see how cool he looked in his birthday hat! ( oh, the things pet owners will buy for entertainment. Lol). I couldn’t help but think today about how one year ago at this time he was unwanted and in a shelter in West Virginia. But then, To Love a Canine changed his destiny.

For anyone considering getting a new pet, please please please don’t be afraid to open your home and heart to a rescue pet.. It’ll be the one of best decisions you ll ever make. Birthday hat not included”



“Frankie is doing great!  He’s growing and learning more every week.  He’s very well behaved minus a few puppy moments as to be expected.  Truly a sweetie and we’re falling more in love with him everyday!

Question:  I took care of his license application, bought pet insurance, finished his vaccines, established a relationship with the vet and ordered him new tags.  1) do I need to do anything with the microchip or was that updated when we adopted him? 2) is there anything I’m missing?”


Editor’s note: we register the microchip to the adopter during the adoption visit so there is no need to contact the chip manufacturer unless you move, your contact info changes or the dog escapes.



“Hello! Max is doing great! He seems to be getting more settled in to our routine and is less anxious. We are signing up for Jeri Wagner’s group class. I just took him to the vet and there are no problems- I had bloodwork done and it came back perfect! We will be bringing Max and our other dog Blue to the walk at Warwick park in a few weeks”


“Razberry is doing very well in our home. She loves her siblings (2 and 4 legged). She had been doing great on the leash for short walks but she really loves sitting on laps. She has been eating well and has had no accidents in the house! We absolutely love her and we’re so happy we found her! Here is a picture of her taking care of my daughter who just had a minor arm surgery. Razberry stayed by her side all day long and my daughter had less pain when she was petting her. We already have an appointment for her first “spa day” at our groomer. I’d be happy to send more pics when we get them.”


Cosmo FKA Moses

“Cosmo, new name, is settling in well. We are all head over heals in love with him. He and I are working on a morning routine that works for us, which needs to be adjusted for his poop schedule. Trying something different tomorrow. He sleeps in his crate all night, loves playing ball, and enjoys my grandchildren. 

My daughter’s cat loves him and we are working on his chase game with her. The cat wants to play, but hates being chased. He has made himself quite at home here. 

Attached are 2 pictures. I will follow up with the vet next week. 

Thanks so much TLC. “


Finnegan FKA William

“”We are loving the new addition to our family, he is fitting in perfectly. We did change Williams name to Finnegan, which goes nicely with out other dog Bailey. Finnegan has his vet appointment this Thursday and we will make sure to bring a copy of his records with us. As we speak my husband is changing his name on his microchip ID. We have been working on training him with the assistance of our neighbor and recall from our older dog. With that said, we do plan on completing formal training to work on some of his behaviors and plan on calling to chat with Deb Murray for some suggestions. Finnegan is a lovable, easy going pup who loves to cuddle and nap in the grass. Here are a couple pictures for you. Thank you for checking.”


Calvin FKA Kalvin

“Thank you for this follow up! Calvin is settling in very well at our home. We are in love! As you can see we did decide to keep the name but we are spelling it with a ‘C’ rather that a ‘K.’ He’s growing so fast, so we will be sure to pass on pictures soon. Thank you so much for your service. We feel so blessed to be a part of this community.”



“Thanks for checking in on Brooke! She is doing great and is such a sweet pup! She seems to be having a great time here and is well adjusted! She loves to go for walks and especially hikes down by the river. She’s also great at sniffing out little critters in the yard:) We really are so happy we have her as part of our family! Thank you all for making it possible!”

Blodwynn FKA Pizzelle (Willow FKA Bindi’s pup)

 Blodwynn’s mom sent us her Wisdom Panel results – we’re a little perplexed by the amount of Lab coming from both of her parents, since her mom’s Wisdom Panel didn’t show Lab . . .


We hope you have a great week and hope to see you at Miles For Mutts next Sunday!









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