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It’s hard to believe that it’s December already but, December has come which means we have all sort of fun activities planned including  pictures & schmoozing with Santa next week-end (on Saturday and Sunday) and, of course, our Wags For Warriors pay it forward matching donation campaign has begun.

Chuck was one of the lucky pups who celebrated a gotcha day this week but he wasn’t the only one. Colby, Curtis, Popper & Rachel were also adopted so they have time to settle in before all the holiday hijinks are in full swing!


We had some updates this week too


Lucy FKA Daphne

We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our dog, Lucy, newly adopted in October 2016. She has brightened our lives considerably! Lucy has a pleasant temperament. She loves to be with people and she likes to play and run. In fact, we had a backyard fence installed just for her. She likes the daily walks to the park and the unleashed dog parks where she meets her friends. She makes us laugh because we never know what she will do next….like sleeping on her back with her legs in the air. Lucy is smart too! Today is Lucy’s graduation day…she has successfully participated in 6 dog training lessons. We enjoy the lessons so much that we will sign up for another session. We love our Lucy!!





Wesley’s mom told us that he’s a bundle of energy but he’s doing great!





Peanut FKA Wynne

Wynne is now 6.5 pounds & doing wonderfully. She is a very spoiled happy puppy and always wants to play.


Butterscotch FKA Buddy

He is getting ready for Christmas and is very excited. He saw Santa already and has his own Christmas tree. His Mom made him is own “house” from an old television set. He had fun at Halloween dressed as a duck and he is loving his canine siblings.


Chelsea FKA Keri

Just wanted to touch base with you about our dog Chelsea (Keri) that we adopted in February of 2016.  We decided to have her DNA tested out of curiosity about her breed(s).  Chelsea came up from SC with her brother Keith.  We wanted to share this information with you so that you could pass it on to Keith’s family if they were interested.  I’ve also included some pictures of Chelsea.  She is still very hesitant around strangers, but to us she is the most loyal loving dog.  She loves to play in the leaves and most recently, enjoys taking all of the balls off of the Christmas tree!!  Thanks again for this amazing gift!



Coco (l)

Coco (l)

Coco is doing well. More tame than she was previously. She is getting along great with her canine sibling.






We also received some updated pictures of that handsome hound Gregor FKA Hampton and the lovely Lola FKA Pamela. Both dogs are growing into beauties that their families adore.


We hope we’ll be seeing you and your furbabies for pictures with Santa next week-end, and hope to see more pictures of your pups getting ready for the holidays!




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