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Tonight’s a big night as we’re sure that many of you will be glued to the TV watching the Eagles game and hoping they soar over the Vikings and into this year’s Superbowl! We, of course, are huge supporters of underdogs – and we have quite a few that went from underdog to wonder dog just by finding the perfect furever family. This week was no exception as a bunch of our pups will be watching the game along with their new families tonight!

Our girl Zoey didn’t stray too far from her foster family having been adopted by her foster mom’s parents! Monica is also happy to announce that she’s settled into her new family after losing her mom due to a family emergency. Comet, Ian, Marcie, Rudy, Terk, Thurmond, Turbo & Uhura also started their happily ever afters this week too.


We have some wonderful updates & pics to share with you as well!


Eleanor & her pups

We received the following email from Ellie FKA Ellen’s mom that we had to share with the rest of the family

“I adopted Ellen, who now goes by Ellie, in October 2017 and boy, are we doing great! Ellie loves her big back yard, the dog park and her many toys. Although I have given her more toys than she could ever hope for, her favorite toy is still the squeaky fish that came from her foster home. Ellie loves “fish” so much that she’ll go retrieve it on command!

Ellie is not the English setter mix we once thought she was. After getting her DNA tested, we discovered that she is 50% fox hound, with the other 50% a mix of beagle, bull dog and pit bull! No matter what mix of breeds she is, she is 100% perfect in my eyes. Ellie has enriched my life in a way that words cannot express. I am so grateful to have her in my life and can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to take home my four-legged friend. “

Of course everyone was super happy to get in touch with each other and share pictures! Edgar’s mom thought it was funny they received the DNA info right after they mailed out his DNA test. Here are pics of Ellie’s momma Bixy (FKA Eleanor), and litter mates Emily (who lives with Lucy & TLC alum Cassie FKA Asia) & Edgar

Speaking of DNA results, Carl FKA BJ received his earlier this week and is proud to announce that’s he’s a bona fide mutt!



“We couldn’t believe either that one year had gone by already…we can’t imagine not having our sweet Snowball in our family !  He still makes us laugh in some way every single day 😊 

I really enjoy seeing all the Facebook posts from TLC..I’m constantly forwarding pics of adoptable dogs to my friends, Lol. “


Apollo FKA Huey

Apollo FKA Huey

Apollo FKA Huey

“Hello, I am finally getting a chance to touch base with you about Huey (now named Apollo) who we rescued in October.  He is doing great and is the sweetest!  He has really come out of his shell and has found his playful side.  He has a very large yard where he loves to freely run – we put in the electric fence, but he always stays with us out there and never cares to go further.  He is a big baby and lets the kids hang all over him.


Apollo loves running in snow and through leaf piles.  I think we were really lucky in finding a dog that has shows a good balance of fun and calmness. “ 


Trudy FKA Bailey

Trudy FKA Bailey

Trudy FKA Bailey

“We have renamed her Trudy and she is doing great! I’ve attached a picture from this morning. I think she’s still adjusting, but she’s been very loving and is already attached to us. She comes to her name and watches everything we do. No naughty behavior yet – but I’m sure she’ll get more adventurous. She and our cats are sizing one another up but she’s only curious and would much rather pay attention to us! Now the cats have to get used to her being in their spaces!

Our first vet appointment is scheduled for next week, and I’m going to reach out to Jeri about training options. We are thrilled with Trudy and so grateful for all the good work your organization does.

thanks so much”


Willow FKA Winnie (aka Willa)

WIllow FKA WInnie

WIllow FKA WInnie

“Willow has been a joy and a wonderful addition to our family.  I have attached her Christmas picture!  She is happy and healthy!


Thanks again to TLC for bringing us together!”



Peaches FKA Jana

“We are doing great 👍🏻  

Peaches is a joyful dog and has become an endearing companion to Abby. She has made many canine friends in the neighborhood from our daily walks and has enjoyed the snow we’ve been getting as well. I’ll be sure to send you some updated pictures “


Bailey FKA Dopey

“Thank you! Bailey, fka Dopey, is doing well! He loves to destroy his plush toys, run away with our shoes and socks (but doesn’t get far).  He also enjoys doggy daycare and playing with dogs.  “



“She graduated from puppy training at Awesome Dawgs and now is in Level one training. She is so smart and loves people and playing with dogs ! ♡”


Lily FKA Santana

“I am writing to let you know that Lily (formerly Santana) is well and doing fine in our home, She has made herself quite comfortable and she is getting along famously with her two new siblings, LuLu and Scooter. She also is doing fine with her 2 cat brothers Carter and Carson. We love her very much and she has been having fun paling in the snow and going for long walks and runs with her sister LuLu and mom. Attached are a few pictures of Lily in her new home with her family.”


We hope you had as good a week as the pups did, now they’re all crossing their paws hoping the Eagles soar tonight!

Eagles Nick Foles underdog (Maverick)













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