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Blue and Robert

At the end of March, we received an application from a family who had just lost their 6 year old husky, Cotey, due to complications of epilepsy. The family was grieving but no one was more devastated then their 8-year-old son, Robert, because Cotey was his best friend. His mom wanted to fill the void left by Cotey but needed a very special dog to fill this role for her Robert Blue and Andrewfamily which includes 2 children with special needs. Any dog they adopted would need to be friendly yet well trained and gentle enough to interact with not only a boy like Robert who has Down Syndrome, but also with his Autistic sister, Ashlee.

Enter Blue, our handsome 8-year-old senior Husky! When TLC

Blue and Robert

Blue and Robert

Adoptions Director Jeanine & TLC foster/volunteer Leslie took him to meet the family, they knew almost instantly that we had found a perfect match for them and for Robert, in particular. When his mom asked him what he thought of Blue, little Robert, looking up at Leslie and Jeanine said simply yet genuinely, “Thank you!” Every adoption is special to us but sometimes the match is just so extraordinary that we’re sure that fate had a hand in making sure everything lined up so the right dog is looking for a home at the same time a special family just so happens to be in need of the perfect match. This is one of those very special cases and we couldn’t be happier for Blue & his new family.

Of course, Blue’s is not the only one who with a happy tail to share this week. Dean, Luke, Lydia, Marlene & May also celebrated gotcha days this week. May even managed to score a TLC alumnus (Winnie FKA Hannah) as a sister!

We also have some updates to share, including Wisdom Panel results from Xena who is the mom to our X litter of Aussie mixes from December 2014:

Emma FKA Xena

We had Emma’s (aka Xena Nicole) DNA tested and wanted to share the results with you. She is largely an Australian Shepherd as we knew. She also has lab, sheltie, American Eskimo and other unidentified breeds (including those of the herding breeds). Emma doesn’t demonstrate any herding tendencies as of yet. But that is fine by us. Her quiet and sweet personality suits us!

Perhaps the owners of Emma’s sisters and/or her puppies would like to know the results of the DNA test. We’d also enjoy hearing from the owners about their experiences. If your policies allow it, you may pass along my email address if they’d like to share information about their dogs and find out more about Emma.

Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of dogs and for bringing Emma into our lives!

CJ FKA Dawana

CJ (Dawana) is doing well! She is a slender 28 lbs and very smart and spunky! She is quite the cuddler and has her own bed in the family room, kitchen and sleeps with mom and dad at night!

We enjoy her every day and so happy we have her in our lives!

Thank you all so much

Benjamin (Benjie) FKA Trey (Trish’s pup)

Wanted to check in. It feels like Benjamin (Trey) was always with us – he adjusted very quickly and very well. He is growing, very healthy and a happy pup. That said, we are endlessly grateful for finding him through your organization – THANK YOU!


Sophie FKA Oreo (one of Willow’s FKA Bindi pups)

It’s been a while since I updated you on our Sophie (formerly Oreo) who turned one in December. Our little peanut has grown into a happy and active pup who weighs 40 lbs now. Wow! She loves people, loves dogs, loves the outside — is challenged by the birds. The birds in our yard all check to see if she is outside or on the porch before visiting our bird feeder. LOL. My daughter fosters dogs in her area and Sophie is “The Enforcer”. She makes sure that everyone follows the rules and don’t bark at “Mommy”. Very gently she let the last dog know that that wasn’t acceptable. We all laughed when she would come out of no where the minute she heard Angel bark at me. Sophie is just the sweetest dog and we are so thankful that you let us be her furever family. I’ve attached a few pictures of her: on her Adoptiversary (2/14/15), at Easter, Sleeping with her best friend Cassie, and in her favorite resting spot–under my son’s legs. Sophie makes us smile every day!

PS: We love to see the updates each week, especially those of Sophie’s siblings

Daisy FKA Carrie

Daisy FKA Carrie

Daisy FKA Carrie

Hi TLC Rescue, it’s me Daisy (formerly Carrie)! As you can see, I am very comfortable in my new home. My Mom takes me for runs and walks every day, and I am really coming out of my shell. I am not a timid girl anymore, but I am still an absolute sweetheart. I am still however adjusting to sharing my new family with the feline persuasion. But we are working on it.




Well, Molly has settled in and is doing well! She and Dexter and Dinah are tolerating each other well to the point where she and Dexter shared the sofa the other day! She loves sleeping on the sofa curled up next to me or sitting in Bob’s lap while he reads the paper. She sleeps straight through the night but is rarin’ to go as soon as the patio door opens in the morning, even when it’s raining! She spends approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours going back and forth over the same critter smells, with her beagle howl and tail wagging furiously. Thought you’d like to see pics of her hard at work and at rest. She will come in handy when I go to plant spring bulbs in the fall. I’m working on her giving a paw and sitting pretty. She knows what “in” means but only when she’s bored with hunting


Yes we are loving Hope. She is such a unique German Shepherd. So beautiful, smart and funny. Her personality has really come out. She just finished basic training and has done an introductory class for nose works, which will start a new class in the fall. I have been taken her an hour or two to doggie daycare just so she keeps socializing. She loves her new brother Tank. We have had him for about 3 months and they love each other. He is 6 months old now. So things are good. I need to take some new pictures now that spring is sorta here. As soon as I get some really good pictures I will send them to you.

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