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The holiday season is now in full force and the pups are starting to get in the spirit, excited that the first of 3 chances to get their pic taken with Santa to help TLC will be next Saturday at Canine Creature Comforts! We know they’ll be asking the big guy to help them find a furever home in time for the holidays and we’re, of course, planning to do everything in our power to make that possible.

Speaking of holiday wishes, our girl Demetria’s dreams came true this week. Also adopted were Ada, Annie, Arleen, Eeny, Maddie, Tinkerbell & Xavier!


We have some pupdates to share:

Remi FKA Athena

“Remi (aka Athena) is doing great.  I love her so very much.  Thank you for saving her for me!!!!!”


Ricky FKA Valentino (Guess’s pup)

“Things are going so great with our boy Ricky. He really is the perfect fit for our family. He loves EVERYONE and every dog he meets! He’s always happy and his tail constantly wags. He loves his weekly puppy play dates and his almost daily walk or jog. He has been neutered and has grown to a healthy 70 lbs. He truly is a joy and loved by all who meet him. He has become the neighborhood greeter as people walk by our fenced in yard. He will surely not be our guard dog 🙂  Thanks for checking in and I hope to bring him to an event one of these days to show him off to you guys!”


Parker FKA Ichabod

“We changed Ichabod’s name to Parker, and yes, he is settling in. He’s very smart and a quick learner, but he’s also very good at being a puppy and testing his boundaries. He’s seen the vet once already and will go back in a couple of weeks for follow-ups. He’s got a bunch of different parasites, but the vet said that’s not surprising considering the conditions down in SC.  

Parker has a large fenced in property and he’s slowing starting to explore more and more of it. And we have a park right next door for daily walks.  

We would like to have our 8 year old daughter take some training classes with Parker, once he’s healthy enough to be in a crowd.”

[editor’s note: one of the reasons we encourage adopters to take their dog to their vet, & bring a fecal sample, within 2 weeks of adoption is because, even though we do have a de-worming protocol, a pup may need a few rounds of treatment before they’re completely clear. We’re glad to hear that Parker’s making good progress with his treatment]


Dublin FKA Rizzo

“We have decided to change Rizzo’s name to Dublin, and took her to the vet at the beginning of this week.  All of the microchip information is correct. If we have any training issues I’ll let you know or will call the trainers. The only current issue we have is that she is fighting off a UTI, but she will hopefully be over it in the next few days. “


June FKA Ariel

“We are super thankful she has gone from being a hw+, in tact pup who wouldn’t bark or play with toys to today when she is hw-, is spayed, gets regular exercise, is comfortable enough to bark (but only when she decides she really needs to), and loves to play with her humans and toys. She has come a long way and she is doing great. Thanks to everyone at TLC for everything throughout her treatment and spay and for ultimately making our family complete!  

Aryah FKA Rajah

June FKA Ariel’s girl Aryah FKA Rajah

June had 5 puppies that came up with her so if anyone knows how they are doing it would be cool to find out! ”

[editor’s note: We sent an email out to the adopters of the rest of the litter to see if they’d like to keep in touch and already got a pic from Arya FKA Rajah]


Tito FKA Thor (father to Anna Lee’s litter)

Tito FKA Thor

Tito FKA Thor

Captioned as “Saturdays with mom!! #dogsnamedtito Tito enjoyed his puppacino at a local Starbucks








“He’s doing great. He wants to play all the time lol. He’s constantly cracking me up!”





Daisy FKA Carrie

“Daisy (fka Carrie) had her third agility trial last month, and there was a professional photographer there, he caught some great action shots! As you can see, she is doing well and is happy as could be. Agility has turned into her thing, she has even earned her first official title. While she is every bit the sweetheart she always was the timid, quiet little girl is no more. She is so confident and really came out of her shell. It’s so amazing to see the transformation and how happy she is. I am so glad TLC Rescue brought us together, she is such an amazing pup!”

We’re already starting to receive pics of alumni ready for the holidays! Send us your pics to share!










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