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Miles (now Paddy) & mom, Frances, ready to start training

Miles (now Paddy) & mom, Frances, ready to start training

We at TLC are very proud that we’ve had the opportunity to partner with great organizations like Main Line Deputy Dog and Train A Dog – Save A Warrior that help people adopt & train rescue dogs to become service/therapy dogs.  This week we had dogs that accepted into and that were also adopted by people working with both of these organizations.  One of these dogs was a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever named Miles (now Paddy). When we met Paddy, we noticed what an exceptionally perceptive dog he is and when he met his new mom, the connection was immediate and it was clear he knew he was ready to fulfill his destiny. We’re always so very happy when our dogs start their happy new beginnings but there’s something extra special when that fresh start comes in the form of creating such an extraordinary partnership.


Also adopted this week were: Bindi, Cupcake, Dory, Eryn, Heidi, Jase, Mario, Raina, Renea, Sally (now Pepper), Samantha, Shelley (now Zelda), Stacey (now Sky), Summer, Teak & Travolta (now Blake).

Trainer Jeri Wagner sent us a picture of her recent TLC alumni, Skipper & Winston, that just graduated from her training class. In addition to looking a lot like recent adoptee, Cupcake, Skipper also received his Canine Good Citizenship certificate!

BB March 2015 graduates.jpg

Skipper (FKA Johnson) & Family on left; Winston & family on right

We also received some nice updates this week as well:

Simba FKA Willis

Simba FKA Willis MArch 2015 update1.jpg
“First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to get back to you sooner with an update.

Willis is now SIMBA! Time flies! Simba is 9 months now. He is the quite the celebrity pup in our apartment building:) He’s a spoiled brat at home but outside he’s the most well behaved puppy! He graduated from Puppy kindergarten and we are thinking of taking him for obedience classes. He is a smart dog and learns his commands in no time! I was even able to teach him a hand shake and a hi-five!!!

We love and adore him and are so glad we brought him home. We are in the process of building our first home and are really looking forward to the settlement ( sometime this summer), so Simba can run and play in the yard for as long as he wants! :)”



Josie arch 2015 update.jpg

“I just wanted to give you a little update on Josie. I just had her to the vet tonight for her third round of shots. She now weighs 22lbs and is in perfect health. Her and Sid are best buds, he never leaves her side. See the attached picture. You can also check out their pictures on I set up profiles for both of them and entered them in the “Who’s Cutest” contest. Sid is currently in 3rd place for the week and Josie is right behind him in 4th place for the week. It shouldn’t take too long till they’re on top. I hope you don’t mind that I used the picture of Josie that you had listed on TLCRESCUE. It’s the one with the “BE MINE” heart.

I also received the results from the DNA test I had done. She is a mix of Black Lab and Irish Setter. She going to be big puppy. She’ll be kicking Sid butt very soon. Never mind, she’s already doing that. Thanks again for my beautiful girl. I’ll keep you updated and we’ll be seeing you soon at one of the TLC events.”


Raff FKA Braden

Raff FKA Brayden MArch 2015 update.jpg

“we did change his name. We decided to go with Raff! We are headed to the vet tomorrow and have already signed up for pet insurance. He has been great and has adapted well! Thank you very much for your help and I have attached some pictures.”





Miles FKA Braxton 

no updated picture of Miles this time, but his family did take the time to shoot us an email

“All is going well so far. We took him to our vet Friday night and all was good. We’re working mainly on housetraining right now and just spending time with him. We did change his name to Miles. Lovin him so far! Thank you all very much”


This week’s adoptees:

 March 22, 2015  Happy Tails

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