Sep 102017

It certainly was a lovely week-end to kick off Fall festival season – yes, we know the first day of Fall isn’t until the 22nd and we know it’s not October but that didn’t stop us from having a grand time at Malvern’s Oktoberfest & Bark in the Park & Coldwell Banker’s Homes For Dogs event today. We also spent some quality time with kids getting their back-to-school cuts at Cookie Cutters yesterday so, all in all, it was a nice week-end.

After losing her home after her people decided that having a dog was something they no longer had time for with a baby on the way, Gemma is enjoying that proverbial lemonade she made by basking in the love of her new furever family. Cookie, Dean, Dreamer (now Angel), Kalvin, Kurt & Maybell are also happy to announce that they were adopted this week as well!


Speaking of Gemma, we received a nice pupdate about the other pup that came from her original home:

Jack FKA Jax

“As you can see, I changed Jax’s name slightly …now he is “Jack!” He visited my vet last Friday; has been insured by Petplan; received his new PA dog license; and I have registered his microchip with both the Chester County Treasurer and HomeAgain – where all his owner and vet info have been updated.

Jack is a wonderful dog – very responsive to training and anxious to please. He will improve his manners with time and positive reinforcement. We have been enjoying long walks, meeting a few dogs and neighbors along the way. I feel very lucky to have found Jack after losing my 91/2 year old lab 6 months ago. Jack has truly filled a hole in my heart.

Thank you for your help in bringing us together.”


We also have some other fun updates to share


Ziggy FKA Theodore (Chipmunk pup litter)

“Zach and I are happy to report that it has been a wonderful year with Ziggy (fka Theodore of the Chipmunk pups) in our life. We celebrated Ziggy’s Gotcha Day at the beach where he loved to run and play with all the pups. Speaking of running, Ziggy is finally ready to compete at Miles for Mutts in October! He trained all summer and finished his first 5k practice run last week. 


One last thing, I wanted to put in a good word for my friend, David Torres, who just applied to adopt a puppy. He is a wonderful parent to his kitty and considered adopting a Chihuahua for some time. I forwarded him the Facebook post introducing Dean and he instantly fell in love. Not sure if he listed me as a reference but thought I would put in a good word. Plus Ziggy will have a new friend who lives a couple blocks away!

Anyway, hope you are all well. Looking forward to seeing some of you in October. Take care. “


Addy FKA Joplin

“I thought you and the gang at TLC would enjoy a couple pictures of Addie and my dad! 🙂  She is slowly getting more and more comfortable each day…What a sweet dog!  Dad just adores her and she is so spoiled. :)”


Bear FKA Copper

Bear FKA Copper

Bear FKA Copper

“Best ever study buddies!!! Bear (aka Copper) still thinks he’s a lap dog. I don’t have the heart to tell him he’s not! We love him more than words can express and we’re so grateful for TLC!”





Triscuit FKA Bartles

Triscuit FKA Bartles

Triscuit FKA Bartles

“Bartles is doing well here.  We have changed his name to Triscuit!  He has his first puppy class tonight, and will let you know how he does.”





Winnie Lou FKA Fancy

“wanted to tell you Fancy (now Winnie Lou) is a lovely pup!  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, no bad behaviors in the home, is a snuggler and a real sweetheart!! She adores her ‘big brother’ and he does her as well. She is a joy, thank you and keep up the important, gratifying work you do!!”


Charli FKA Wayla (Willow FKA Winnie’s pup)

“ Charli, (previously Wayla) is great! She’s so smart and loves learning new things. She’s about 55 pounds now and 9 months old. We can’t believe how fast she’s grown. We are currently thinking about signing her up for doggie day care or the dog park so that she can socialize with other dogs more because she absolutely loves playing with other dogs. I know she had at least one brother Walter, i would love to see a picture of him now if available. I have attached some of Charli as well! “


Rylie FKA Mary

“We made Rylie’s gotcha day her Birthday since we didn’t know it, so made sure to celebrate with her! Here are a few updated pictures for her foster mom! “


Xander FKA Ferris

Xander FKA Ferris

Xander FKA Ferris

“I decided to change Ferris to Xander. He is adjusting so well with minimal accidents. He also sleeps through the whole night which is amazing.

Thanks for everything!”





“So great to hear from you! Benson has filled out (went from 49 to 57 pounds, just where he should be), and his beautiful coat has grown back in – you might remember that he had patchy fur when we adopted him. He’s a happy dog and we love having having him with us”


“Parker is doing amazing! He is in level 2 obedience training classes and is also in scent training to fulfill the hound in him. He is still attending physical therapy from his FHO surgery. Parker could not be a happier dog and couldn’t fit in more with my family. He loves his housemates.” 


Speaking of graduating Chewy FKA Armani (Guess’s pup) and  Ranger FKA Duke (aka Clooney) graduated from their training class with our own Jeri Wagner last month! We also had a chance to catch up with some alumni at the Coldwell Banker Homes For Dogs event today too.







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