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We’re well into the dog days of Summer now and the heat is sapping everyone’s energy, which means the pups are enjoying a lot of nap time dreaming of their happily ever afters. For those of you following the saga of Susie Q, she’s also doing a bit of napping while she recuperates from her emergency surgery but she’s happily being nursed back to health by her loving foster family and is recovering nicely.

Some of our pups were lucky enough to take the next step on their life’s journey and celebrate their very own “gotcha” days with their furever families.  Jo’s new family noticed the huge grin on her face and that she had the sweet & friendly temperament to match and knew she had to be part of their family. Also adopted this week were: Benny, Champ, Chloe, Cole, Jacob, Jana, Jianna (now Minnie), Opal, Pickles & Rosco!


We also received some nice updates to share with you:

Buddy FKA Tiko

Buddy FKA Tiko

Buddy FKA Tiko

“We can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we adopted Buddy (fka Tiko). We adore his goofy self!”





River FKA Corrie & Luna FKA Maddie

“It’s been almost 2 years since I adopted River (fka Corrie) & 1.5 years since I adopted Luna (fka Maddie) and both have since gained a (human) brother!  We welcomed Oliver in April, and despite my concerns with jealousy, especially with Luna since she’s a momma’s girl, they have adapted so well.  River especially is a big fan and has taken on the roll of protector. 

Thank you again for both of them, I couldn’t imagine my family without them. “




“Hanna is doing so well. Thank you for what you do. She saved me.”







“Daisy is settling in rather well. She loves her yard, and becoming very attached to everyone.  Slight problems with my cats, but I’m looking for a trainer to hopefully help. She went to the vet on Monday, everything looks good so far.”

Leonard aka Leo

Hi there!  

He is THE best dog ever. Doing SO well with potty training! Only 1 accident since we got him Saturday. He has met so many members of our family and is taking it like a champ!  

We did decide to keep Leonard as his “official” name but we are calling him Leo!  

We are working on training him and have a vet appointment for Monday! We also got pet insurance! Totally spoiled already!  

Here are a few pictures from his first weekend with us!!!!  

Thank so much for helping us get to our baby!”


Tuck FKA Davidson

Tuck has been doing amazing.  He has gone from the 14lb pup that we adopted in January to a 61lb (as of Wednesday last week) pup who still considers himself small enough to sit on our laps.  😊  He will be taking his first long road trip with us to the Outter Banks in just 2 weeks for a family vacation!  I have attached some recent photos that you can share.  “ 



“Rachel is doing wonderful and has quickly fit into our family.  We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.  Wanted to share that we had her DNA profile done and the biggest surprise she is almost 25% Russell terrier!  She also has hound,curly coated lab and chow.  Sharing some photos. Have a great day.”


Ruger FKA Ruben

Ruger FKA Ruben

Ruger FKA Ruben

“Ruger is doing so great his first week with us. The vet said he is in perfect health and was very well behaved. He’s making lots of new doggie friends, and loves to sniff anyone new. He hangs out, cuddles, and sleeps through the night. We almost can’t believe how well behaved he is. Thank you to everyone that has loved him along the way, we are so grateful!”





“Ellie is doing very well! (attached see photos)

My wife & I are very happy with Ellie! She doesn’t bark, jump on our furniture, grab food off the table nor does she ever mess in our home – she is well behaved!

When she came home to us she was only 36lbs, but with plenty of good high quality dog food, (4Health) & lots of love & care Ellie is now 46lbs plus.”


Peaches FKA Jana

“Ms Peaches is a ball of fire in the back yard lol rests well and eats good too so far Abby has taught her how to climb stairs already just today and we are taking group leash walks Thank you for the reminders. All good things to get done quickly is my goal.
All the best from us all”


Marley FKA Jazz

“Jazz ( we changed her name to Marley) is doing great!!! She is a real sweet heart.  We are in love!


Willow FKA Willa (aka Winnie)

Willow FKA Willa (aka Winnie)

Willow FKA Willa (aka Winnie)

“We have decided to call her Willow and she seems to respond well to it.  She is a dream!  So loving and such a good dog.  We have our first vet appointment on Thursday.   We are so lucky to have found each other.”





Lexi FKA Gina

I am just sending an update on Lexi (formerly Gina).  She has settled into our lives perfectly.  She is a happy little girl with a calm, sweet disposition and also a very fast learner.  Our old girl Bella and her have become inseparable.  Lexi was crated at night for the first 4 weeks but she now sleeps on a dog bed next to Bella in our room.  She is completely trust worthy when left alone also. 

I hired a dog behaviorist (Cherisse from The Zen Dog Den in Lititz, PA) to help her overcome her fear of the car and I am happy to say we accomplished that in addition to perfecting her walking manners. She is a great student!  She loves fetching a ball and will drop it at your feet on command.  She is a perfect dog inside the home but she still has fears outside when she hears strange noises.  She gets scared and runs to our porch, which is her safe spot.  Although each day she gets more & more confident.  She loves dog toys and doesn’t chew them at all.  Her favorite pastime is chasing butterflies!

We also did a DNA test on her and the results are in – 50% Lab and the other 50% is equally Collie, Sheltie, Golden Retriever and Great Dane!  That is a crazy mix for a 48 lb. dog.  I would love to reach out to the family that adopted her sister, Tina, if they are willing, to see how she is doing.  You can give them my email if they are interested.  The Great Dane in her DNA might explain why her sister, Tina was so much taller, with long legs, than Lexi.  I think Lexi really missed Tina and quickly attached herself to Bella instead.

I have attached some pictures of her with Bella and also our “grand dog” Gunner, who comes to visit a lot.

We are so fortunate to have Lexi join our family!  Thank you to your organization for rescuing all the dogs that need help.”


Bentley FKA Weston

Bentley FKA Weston

Bentley FKA Weston

“Weston who we adopted last year is fabulous.  We have changed his name to Bentley Charles Weston.

He’s grown to be a big boy. 70 lbs and full on energy. “





Oscar FKA Phil

Oscar FKA Phil

Oscar FKA Phil

“Everything is going great with Oscar.  He thinks he’s a kid and has to be right in there with the kids when they are playing or swimming. He loves his brother Otis so much, they are the best of friends!”






“Bailey is doing great! She is such a fast learner! We are going to the vet this friday afternoon. She had a couple accidents her first day and we were getting to know each other but she is my buddy now. Only 1 accident since the first day and it happened while I was napping so no biggie. She is great on and off the leash and obeys “sit” and “come” very well. She helps me put on my socks and shoes in the morning and now rings the doggy bells on the door when she wants to go outside. She is EXTREMELY playful and fun with other dogs and people. She is awesome!”


Abita FKA Tanya

Our past year with Abita has been full of so much joy. I’m sure every dog parent thinks their dog is ‘the best’, and we certainly do as well. She is as ‘conversational’ as ever, and she continuously surprises us with a new howl/bark/whine/yip sound for some particular experience. Did you know that a dog could have a sound specific to playing with waves at the beach? Neither did we 🙂

Abita has been through three rounds of training classes, and is now a certified ACA Good Citizen! We of course are very proud dog parents. She will also become a ‘big sister’ when she gets a human baby sister come November 1st-ish. She has done quite well with the young babies of a few of our friends, and we are planning out how to make the transition for her as positive as possible. (We will definitely be reaching our for advice if/when we run into any issues!)

Here are a few recent pictures of her – she has grown quite a bit since we got her! A lean 55 lb now – looking back she was much smaller when we got her back at 43lb!

Hope all is well at TLC, and thanks again for putting Abita into our lives!”












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