Jun 172018

It was a beautiful week-end so we hope that all of you father’s out there got a chance to spend some good, quality, time enjoying time with your family and the all too rare nice weather!

It was another great week for the GSDs as not only were the last of our GSD puppies, Apple & Willow, were adopted but so were Jefferson & Uma! Baklava and the last of her pastry pups, Eclair, were also adopted as were our other Apple (Terrier), Eve, Goldie, Maybell (now Nala), Maxine (now Maizee Starchild), Mocha, Stan, Sunny & Thompson!



We also have some updates to share with you


Pepper FKA Sissy

Pepper FKA Sissy

Pepper FKA Sissy

“Things are going well. Sissy, now known as Pepper had her 1st Vet visit on Monday night.  

Here she is having a bone fest with her new doggie brother.”





Duncan FKA Elton 

“He’s made himself at home. He’ a good boy, we start class next Thursday.



Ruger FKA Aspen



Aspen is now Ruger Aspen!  I loved  the reason he was given the name Aspen, so I decided to have it as the middle name since I had my heart set on Ruger. 

I will attach some picture of the whole family!  I feel all of the dogs are adjusting very well!  

I emailed the foster mom but I have not yet heard back!”


Snickers FKA Mittens

snickers fka mittens

Snickers fka Mittens

“Snickers fka Mittens, has settled in beautifully. It is wonderful to see her become a more confident dog. She likes our walks, chewing on antlers and cuddling. She is the sweetest little dog! We are so lucky to have found her💗











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