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On November 14th (tomorrow!), the moon will be the closest it’s been to Earth since 1948. That means we have a spectacular view of a the super bright moon that appears about 14% bigger than usual. It’s a pretty clear night so take a quick break to take the pups out to howl at the moon and then, when it gets too cold for you, come back in with a cup of hot cocoa and read the rest of tonight’s happy tails.It’s only fitting that our sweet, little Pumpkin was adopted during prime pumpkin holiday season but she’s not the only one celebrating a gotcha day. The rest of Walter & Wendy’s pups, Blue (now Bleu), Brinley & Junior are settled in with their happy families. Britt, Pocahontas, Steinson, Stella, Stiles & Zelda are also starting a new chapter in their lives too.



We, of course, have some updates to share as well:



wanted to give you an update on Mavis…the runt of the M-Troop litter from WVa. She’s doing well!! She’s almost 9 lbs now, and today was her 12 week birthday!! She loves giving kisses to everyone she meets. We want to thank you again for all you did for our Mavis, and for your continued work caring for dogs looking for their forever family.




Ozzy is settling in nicely!  Here he is Off leash sitting in the yard. He’s eating and sleeping well. This morning he was frisky and happy when I let Dexter and Dinah out of their crate.  I let him go out – without leash – and he loved racing around the yard.  Bob is trying to make friends by sitting down next to Oz and letting him lick peanut butter off his fingers.


Our update on how Louise is doing since her surgery brought out well wishes, pics & updated from the families of her pups

Timber FKA Clover (Louise’s pup) sent some pictures

Rayne FKA Violet (Louise’s pup)

Rayne FKA Violet

Rayne FKA Violet

“I couldn’t ask for more. Fantastic emotional support dog. She’s saved me.”






Willoughby FKA Willow

Willoughby Fields (FKA Willow) is doing GREAT! She just completed her good manners class & greets everyone she sees. She loves her pink piggy, going on walks, and being best friends with fellow adoptee, Libby (FKA Lizzie). Willoughby is a happy dog with a sweet heart and love of people. She loves other dogs, cats, and generally any living being she meets. She’s brought such joy into our lives- I’m so thankful TLC was able to bring us together! 


Duke FKA Chris

Duke is doing really well!  He’s growing like a weed and we couldn’t be happier with our sweet pup.  He’s always up for a long hike and loves being outside.  He’s become my shadow and pretty much follows me everywhere I go.  He’s even won over my husband who was never a big dog person before.  Now he refers to Duke as his “puppy son”.  We are so grateful to you guys at TLC for the wonderful work you do and for helping us find our boy.  Hope all is well


Molly FKA Maria

Molly FKA Maria

Molly FKA Maria

Molly just celebrated her 1st adoptiversary and her mom says she’s doing great!






Bella FKA India

She is happily spoiled and her family is so happy that Bella found them.



We hope you had a great week & are keeping warm!



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