Jun 182017
Dozier now Oreo

Well we’ve closed the chapter in another week and everyone’s spending the rest of the day celebrating Father’s day. Here at TLC, we not only have awesome dads, we have some pretty pawsome foster dads too and we hope they’re all enjoying their special day.

While we’re always happy when our pups find their furever families, some pups end up with an extra-special story as part of their happily ever after. To be honest, we were all surprised that Dozier wasn’t snatched up as soon as he was posted as available – he’s extremely well socialized so he’s good with dogs, cats and people of all ages, he’s also completely unfazed by wheel-chairs, walkers or any sort of medical equipment. He’s also stinkin’ cute! It was only natural for us to take him on a recent visit to Sunrise Senior Living in Paoli and we weren’t surprised that he knocked the socks off all the employees & residents he met. Everyone will be happy to know that one of their own is now Dozier’s proud new dad (seriously, dad looks even more excited than the kids do in the happy tail pic!). Dozier would like to let everyone know that he’s changed his name to Oreo and he can’t wait to start his job as the Community Dog at Sunrise!

Also adopted this week were: Bitly, Brewster (now Obie), Bridgette, Dora (now Bella), Ember (now Ari), Hamlet, Lou (Choo Choo Lou), Mommie (now Emmy), Rex & Tabi (now Sadie).



We also have some updates to share:




“Prue is loving life….”






Ozzy FKA Osman

“I wanted to write a note on Ozzy’s (fka Osman) 1 year adoptiversary. To be honest, he’s the one that has taken up all of my time this past year (along with big brother Rocky (fka Earl) 😁). Ever since he came into our lives, he has been non-stop! This guy is around 45lbs now and is non-stop energy, endlessly curious, and always challenging the rules (unless you have a treat, then he’ll do whatever you want). He loves to cuddle and play with his brother, and we could not imagine life without him (even though he challenges our sanity on a daily basis).

Thanks again to all of the volunteers with the rescue, and here’s to a Happy First Adoptiversary to our first foster and foster fail :)”


Daisy FKA Tina



“Tina, now Daisy is AMAZING!  Knock wood no accidents in the house and this morning she purposefully rang a bell to go out.  She is a delight exhibiting all the love and loyalty labs are known for.  She has only eaten two shoelaces which I view as a miracle based on our prior lab.  We have signed up for obedience classes and should see the vet next week.   Can’t say how great she is.”



“Gina is doing well. Our vet told her that she hit the jackpot with us since she will be very well taken care of the rest of her life and “will never have to work again”. He has a weird sense of humor and really is a true “dog whisperer” – they all love him.

Gina is a very sweet girl and has already settled into our home with her new fur sister. The only major issue we have with her is that she is terrified of any car or truck. She won’t even walk past them. She refuses to even get close and fights when lifted and put in one. We found this out in your parking lot on Sunday but thought it was just leaving her litter mate. Although after coming home from the vet’s office she came out by herself when she realized where she was. She went right to our other dog, Bella. So that was a really good sign. My vet gave us lots of ideas to ease her into getting in a vehicle which we will try but I am hoping to hire a trainer who will also work with her. Too bad the ones you gave me below are too far away from us, hopefully I can find one in our area.

As for her house behaviors, they are wonderful. She sleeps in a crate at night without a sound and during the day I have it open and she often goes in my herself but she usually is right by my side ( my office is at home) so it is a really “


Griffin FKA Harry

Griffin FKA Harry

Griffin FKA Harry

“My sweet Griffin is doing so, so well! He’s honestly the friendliest dog I’ve ever met, and very well behaved. He’s been doing lots of fun new stuff, like going on play dates, swimming, and going to doggie day care, which he LOVES. My husband and I are also moving to a place with a yard, so I know Griffin will be thrilled for that too.

Thank you again for bringing him into our lives! He’s completed our little family so perfectly.” 


Zara FKA Dolly

Zara FKA Dolly

Zara FKA Dolly

“We did rename Dolly to Zara, it means flower and princess in 2 different languages. And what a delight she is. She’s settling in so well and we couldn’t be happier with her behavior. She’s a total daddy’s girl and is best friends with her doggie cousin, Rokkit! She’s already learned sit and is out of her crate and free roaming the house. 

 We are calling tonight to make an appointment for the vet and also doing the insurance and lifetime license tonight.

It is very exciting to have her in our home. We can’t thank your rescue enough for bringing her into our lives. We will definitely keep sending pictures as we get them! She’s such a wiggly one haha. “


Sarge FKA King

“King is settling in nicely. We will change his name to Sarge. 

I will touch base with the trainer also to catch up on how/what he was trained for so far

THANK you all so much for approving our application and allowing us to adopt such a magnificent addition to our family. He is a perfect fit

I will send pics now that there is some sunshine :)”



“I just wanted to check in and tell you how much we love Halley.  Its been almost a year since we adopted her and we can’t imagine our family without her.   If you remember, we spend the summers in PA and the rest of the year in Maryland.  We just returned to PA for the summer and Halley loves it here, with so many things to smell and see at the lake.  In Maryland we ended up putting in a fence and Halley loves her yard.  She has a dog friend in the neighborhood who comes to play in the yard a few days a week, and we have another dog friend that we walk a few miles with a few times a week.  We also joined a dog park in Columbia, Maryland.   As a tip for your new adopters, lots of opportunities to walk, run, or play with other dogs – at least one big activity a day-  make Halley a great pet the rest of the day.    She is a year and a few months old now and has settled into being a great dog, doesn’t get into quite so much puppy trouble these days.    We crate trained, limited access in the house, learned to keep our belongings off the floor, and waited patiently for her to outgrown her puppy chewing habits.  She has full run of the house now and is very well behaved.   Everyone who meets Halley – strangers, her groomer, the daycare we occasionally use, all think that she is the sweetest dog ever.”


Dalton FKA Ringo (Tracie’s pup)

“Dalton is doing great! 

We have already started training and socializing him.  He is with me all the time and has been so great at my three in-service days at school! Everyone says how good and calm he is!  As seen on Facebook, he’s been somewhere everyday we have had him and really is fearless and so curious! 

He is similar and yet so different than Cincy!  We miss Cincy terribly and I still cry each day for him, BUT Dalton is helping ease that pain so much!  Thank you for allowing us to have this incredible gift! He’s truly healing our broken heart! 

We have changed Cincy’s Facebook page to Cincy’s new little brother Dalton’s page.  Please feel free to pass my email address to Dalton’s sisters so they can share and follow if they choose!

Here’s a few shots of our boy!”


Brees FKA Pryor

Brees (previously Pryor) is adjusting well and we are in love with her! She goes to work with me a couple times a week and gets to meet many people and dogs!”

Reese FKA Pia

“She is doing well, having some troubles with potty training but I guess that is to be expected. We changed her name to Reese.”


Oliver FKA Orville (Annalee & Tito FKA Thor’s pup)

“Orville (Now Oliver) is settling in well. I had him to the vet on Monday and all was good. He is a smart puppy and is doing well with his housebreaking. He is a perfect match for our family and is so sweet and lovable. I couldn’t ask for a better puppy! I will send pictures as soon as I can.”


Luna FKA Angie

“Luna has boundless energy! Probably one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to touch base with you…

She loves runs through the woods and every moment spent meeting new fur-

friends!  She greets us at the door with her tail going nuts and lots of licks.  Although she usually has a hard time being still, she is a cuddler at night on the couch.

She makes us smile every day!  We’re looking forward to taking her on vacations with us this summer.”


Sally Draper FKA Sally

“We kept her name as Sally (my daughter named her Sally Draper) and she is doing really well, we adore her. I’ve attached some pictures. She has a vet appointment tonight, and is integrating well into our family. I will probably follow up with the trainers for some minor issues, and taking Sally for professional training later this month. She has already learned to sit and stay and is doing well with crate training. “

Kona FKA Sarah

Meanwhile, Sally’s much smaller sister is still teeny and wanted to let us know she changed her name to Kona



“Ahhhh, The dog’s life! Sometimes I am a little jealous. Shade has a number of friends. I am attaching a picture of her chilling with a couple of her friends at home. She is a very gracious host, sharing her food and providing extra water bowls for her friends as well as some of her toys. Her favorite, the ball, she loves to run and catch.

She helps keep the kitchen counters cleared off. If we accidentally leave any food on the counter, even if it is in a container, she thinks its hers since she can easily reach it.  I am attaching a recent picture of her after her last grooming just in time for Memorial weekend sporting her summer cut.

The only one to keep her in check is my cat, Bean. Bean loves to watch Shade run and catch the ball. They have become friends, though Bean still likes to bedevil Shade and will every once in awhile, lay down as a blockade preventing Shade from passing knowing she is afraid to pass him.

She is getting better walking on the leash, but can’t resist trying to chase after the rabbits.”


“Yes we believe we are going to keep the name of our new dog Shiloh. I had thought about naming him after my dad’s dog Virgil, but he seems to respond more to the Shiloh name.

“Shiloh has adjusted very well to his new environment.  He and Mugsy are getting along very well.

We will be making the follow-up appointment with our vet today.  Thank you for the reminder. We will also be introducing Shiloh to our vet in Maine sometime this summer while we are there.  We leave in a couple of weeks and will be there until the middle of October.

Yes, we Will send you pictures of Shiloh as time goes by. We are very happy to have him as a member of our family.

Thank you very much for the work that you do and making sure the adopted pets find wonderful forever homes.

Have a great day!”














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