Jun 252017

Another busy week has come to an end. We had a lot going on this week including a fun visit to Nutrisystem for their corporate picnic, where we also had a chance to meet the lovely & talented Meghan Linsey and where Mr. Patrick first met his new mom! He met the rest of his new family today and they decided to make it official!

Also adopted this week were Benson, Molly & Rachel.



We also received some updates to share:

Obi FKA Brewster

“We are very excited to have him. We decided to change his name to Obi – he seems to be learning it. We’ve had a few accidents but we figured that would happen and are trying to figure out what works best for his schedule and ours. He seems to like where we live because a lot of people want to meet him when we take for him walks!

We have a vet appt set up for tonight, sent his license stuff in this morning, and are going to look into training classes this weekend.”


Bella FKA Dora

“We renamed Dora Bella. she is doing great. she is definitely a little love bug. she adjusted extremely well and we both completely love her.”





“We kept his name Lou. So far, so good. He went to the vet today. We had a little trouble getting him through the door at the office. At home however, his personality is starting to come out.”

Hank FKA Bayard

“Things are going well. We have obviously had to  adjust our routines a bit, but Hank is fitting in just fine. So yes, we did change his name and he didn’t miss a beat. We have taken him to a Vet and he checked out well. He is a smart dog and wants to please us. The kids have taken to him well and he is mindful of their smaller statures. We are completing the Registration and he already has his new name tag.

Thank you again and TLC for getting him trained so well to this point. We have some more work to do with him, but he is a great dog!”


Satchi FKA Bridgette

“She is doing great! I changed her name to Satchi which is Hindu in origin and means girl child of joy…..she is so sweet and very well behaved … she loves her walks and is 99% housebroken .She  sleeps all night in her crate which is next to my bed ,never cries, she loves to cuddle with me on the couch and my cat is getting along very well with her….she is the perfect dog for me! I took her to my vet yesterday and I got heart worm meds and a seresta flea collar. It is so wonderful to have a dog in my life again…..Thanks so much for rescuing her, I couldn’t be happier.”


Maverick FKA Legend

“Just wanted to send over some picture updates of our growing boy. Maverick is around 5 months old now, weighing 35lbs and counting!  He’s is a energetic puppy who loves to play! Outside is Mavericks favorite place to be, he would spend all day out there if he could. He is doing so well learning to be a good boy, and loves to listen to commands and get rewarded. 

We cannot thank you enough for helping us find our baby. We love him so much and he brings us so much joy. “


Scout FKA Amando and Timber FKA Batman

Scout FKA Amando and Timber FKA Batman

We also received a nice picture of Timber FKA Batman & his new baby brother Scout FKA Amando too










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