Jul 102016

We had a some brief periods of rain & thunder but, for the most part, it was a nice, hot summer week in TLC-land (OK, so the skies did completely open up on us at transport, but there was a rainbow – and puppies – to make everything right again). Our resident senior, Buddy, finally met his dream family and, immediately, said ‘I do!” As far as Buddy is concerned, the only thing better than being adopted, is the fact his furever family includes two little humans for him to love.

Buddy isn’t the only one who had a stellar week complete with a “gotcha” day. Beatrice (now Blue), Danica, Hampton, Harold (now Elvis), Jackson (now Tucker), Mona (who was adopted by TLC alum Jagger, FKA Renwick) & Ridge all finalized their adoptions too!


We had some updates as well:

Ozzy FKA Osman (& Rocky FKA Earl)


Ozzy’s parents ran a Wisdom DNA panel which revealed him to be quite a mix that includes American Staffordshire Terrier, Akita, Malamute, Dalmation & Great Dane! TLC alumn Rocky FKA Earl may not be the “big” brother for long!


Cosmic Banana “Cosmo” FKA Nick


I wanted to drop you a quick update on Nick  🙂

He has settled in quite nicely at our house. The kids are loving him and he is doing great on the leash. He also enjoys hanging out in the back yard on his tie out, watching all the neighborhood kids playing. He is also spoiled rotten already. He has an entire box of toys and “his spot” on the couch.

The kids have finally decided on a new name for him. Combined they chose Cosmic Banana, but calling him Cosmo for short. Makenna liked Cosmic because she has an obsession with stars and the sky. Nathaniel loves Minions and bananas. So far, the only thing we’ve seen that bothers him is the vacuum! He barks and jumps at it. I will continue to send updates as he grows into the family!

Thanks again for everything you and TLC has done to help us find our new family member  🙂


Sadie FKA Ivona


Sadie’s (FKA Ivona) parents went away for a bit so she’s having a blast hanging out with her foster family for a bit!



Eddie has been doing very well and we are so glad that he came into our lives.  He is such a sweet dog and is so good with other dogs.  He was the star of his training class last summer and actually provided a great deal of support to a very shy dog helping him to come out of his shell in training class.  We think he could definitely be a great service dog for other dogs.  He is still a little protective of his home but we recently adopted a Bernese Mountain dog puppy (Daisy) that he has become buddies with and he has done very well with.   She is quite the rambunctious and very large puppy so is keeping Eddie on his toes.   


Arnold and Molly sharing a Skip's For Dogs "Chewer"

Arnold and Molly

If you watched our Shelter Me segment a couple of weeks ago, you saw an update on TLC alum Molly and heard not only how she inspired them to create Skip’s For Dogs, a dog toy company that gives back to rescue, you also may have caught them mention there’s a new dog in the family too. We finally have a picture to share of Molly with her new brother, a special needs bully mix named Arnold! Here’s a pic of Arnold & Molly sharing “the chewer.”


Parker FKA Peaches

Parker FKA Peaches

We also had a visit from Parker FKA Peaches who now, happily, rules the roost in her new family.









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