Mar 122017

We may have remembered to set our clocks forward an hour the week-end, but we didn’t enjoy it. It’s a good thing the dogs keep us smiling because coffee wasn’t really doing the trick by itself. Our little man Chico also met his match – his new parents are already kvelling over him and how happy they are.

Mr Parker is making an awesome recovery after his FHO surgery so he decided to add a gotcha day to his reasons to celebrate.

Also adopted this week were Benson, Midnight, Opie (now Odin), Paul (now Beasley), Walter & Wayla (now Charlie)



We have some great updates to share too:






Sugar is with me at work, today.  Getting used to the office and life as a wondrous support/service dog.

So far, she has helped me to manage a panic attack and stranger meeting.  She AUTOMATICALLY velcro-ed to my leg, and just stood when I had a panic attack.

Can you imagine?  Just so smart.

Less than 24 hours and already a huge help.

Tonight we start public access training at the train station.

I have no worries about it AT ALL.  She’s going to be great.

Thank my lucky stars (AND YOU GUYS) for her


Braxton has settled in nicely.  He and Dory Coco are total buds!!!


Snowball is so much a dearly loved part of our family now that we can’t remember what we used to do without him 💝. So when his DNA results finally came in we decided to celebrate our awesome little man and throw a Reveal Party ….and geesh, all of us who placed our bets on him being predominantly a mix of Jack Russell /Rat Terrier /beagle /dachshund /lab/corgi etc etc couldn’t have been more wrong!! 😰 He is 50% Chihuahua ( one of his parents was a purebred chi), 12.5% pomeranian, and otherwise a combination of mixed breeds from the 3 rd&4th generations back. The big winner of the $50 wager pool was our 9 year old niece Ashlyn!! We r still in shock at the results! Snowball loved meeting so many new people and being the center of the show! Thank you again for bringing our wonderful dog to us


Crissy is doing great! We are absolutely in love with her and she seems to feel the same about us! We are enjoying all the snuggles and hugs. We can’t thank you enough for helping us find our doggie soulmate. She is perfect!

Here’s an update for our beautiful girl:

Crissy LOVES going swimming, we haven’t been able to go to the water lately due to the weather but I know she’s excited to get back down there. Speaking of the weather, she loved running through the snow this winter. We have become regulars at the Carousel Bark Park, which is a beautiful, large, off-leash field. We go there about 3-4 times a week. It’s a great place to freely chase squirrels!

We went on a camping road trip in the fall, where Crissy became very well traveled. She was able to go on a hike in Louisville, we went swimming in the ocean in Florida and strolled through Savannah, Georgia. We all had a great time and she did an awesome job traveling in the RV.

Crissy even made a friend with a neighborhood dog named Piper. They go on walks and play a couple times a week.

Kitt FKA Sarah

Kitt FKA Sarah DNA results

Kitt FKA Sarah DNA results

We received a fairly surprising update in the form of Kitt’s DNA results.








Gregor FKA Hampton

Gregor FKA Hampton

Gregor FKA Hampton

Gregor’s mom gave us a good laugh on Thursday by posting this pic, along with a caption that says “Gregor continues to hate it here”







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