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We were a little worried that it would be a slushy mess outside today based on the weather reports, but it looks like most of us got that nice snow that looks pretty but create too many issues today, and the dogs seemed to enjoy playing in it.

We had a nice week full where we were able to write the next chapter of happy tails for a few of our pups. Goblin’s mom asked him to be her furever Valentine and he was happy to say yes!

Also adopted this week were: Bear, Clyde, Hailey, Heather, Ivy, Jacob, Jason, Mack, Mike, Mitchell, Rhodie, Spot & Zeus!


We also have some updates to share:

Mia FKA Iris

Mia FKA Iris

Mia FKA Iris

“Mia and her older brother spike laying in the sun.”





Nanette aka Netti

“Hi, so far we are keeping her name. Short name Netti.  She’s settling in well. She and my cat are still at a distance. She’s had a few accidents (pee) in the house but getting better.  She was in the crate yesterday and today for about 4 hrs and did well. A bit of separation anxiety when we leave for about 10 mins.  I have a babycam to watch her while I’m at work. She loves my neighbour’s dog.

I’m bringing her to my vet tomorrow afternoon.  She’s such a sweet girl.  She doesn’t sit still for long but I’ll try to get some pics to send you.”


Reese FKA Wendy (special appearance by Carley FKA Caramel)

“We changed Wendy’s name to Reese (as in peanut butter cup because of her coloring) and she is doing amazing! It feels as if she has been a special member of our family for a long time. Every day she is making herself more and more comfy and finds interesting things to get into. She definitely has a sense of adventure. She spends most days in the office with me and is a quiet 🤫 well behaved assistant. When she is not right by my side, she likes to sleep on top of the couch, sleep hunched over the arm of the couch, or loves checking out the activity on the golf course where we live. I even caught her twice walking on the window sill to see the activity outside, but I couldn’t get my phone quick enough to take a video or picture. This pup has impressive balance skills! 

Reese is getting along well with her new brother Juke, and her and Carley are working to learn their boundaries (Carley can be a bit of a bossy chug at times). She also loves our son’s girlfriend’s lab mix dog, Nala. 

We are thrilled to have Reese and love her SO SO much! ️ I knew quickly while fostering her that she was meant to be with us. Somethings in life you just know!!

I can’t wait until the weather gets nice to enjoy Spring walks with her. She sure loves them! “


Keira FKA Ivanka

“We took Keira to my parents house last weekend, and the put their cats in rooms, well we thought they put all of them in rooms, so we could have Keira in the house while we are still training her to obey commands in our house around our cats. Little did we know, their cat Niko was still out. My mom calls him the ambassador of cats because he loves everyone and everything. He strolled in, let Keira sniff him, he rubbed up on her, they laid down, and eventually they were calm enough to lay near eachother. Our cats are not as laid back, but we are following the steps Jeri gave us and she is doing a pretty good job following command so far. We still cannot thank TLC enough for being so kind and patient with us!”


Bailey FKA Chappa

“We did change his name to Bailey. He is doing well and we have enrolled him in training with Jeri at the Perk Valley Eatery with your recommendation. “


Leia FKA Bonnie

“Thank you! We have changed Bonnie to Leia. She is settling in really well. She is such a sweetheart, and doing a very good job with her training. She is eating well, talking to us, and giving us a lot of love! She has made our home such a happy place! 

She has a vet appointment for tomorrow as I think her stitches from her spaying might be infected. 

I attached a few pictures. Thank you again for all that your rescue does!”



“We are doing well. Jolie definitely has a personality all her own!  We love her, though!”

 Jolie just celebrated her first adoptiversary!

Stone FKA Muddles

“Things are going good overall.   We changed Muddles name to Stone.  It seems as though he really just started feeling comfortable yesterday.  Our older dog and he are working through the pecking order and it seems as though our 10 lb toy fox terriers still has the upper hand.  Guess we will see.  

Working on tiring out a working dog.  We are doing 2 walks a day and got some new toys to increase his curiosity.  He laid in heavy on the biting yesterday.   Need to work on that next.  Also, he really doesn’t like when I leave the room even for a minute.  Will work on the separation anxiety too.  

Overall, he is a sweetie pie.  With a lot of love and hard work, he will be an amazing family dog.  

Thank you all for your help.  I may reach out to the behaviorist if we have any situations that we can’t figure out.  

Here are a few pics.  First one is from this very moment.” 


Louie FKA Louis

“We are all settling in to our new routines and are having fun. We did change Louis to Louie. Our Dr first available appointment was on the 28th. Hope that’s ok. We will go over all paperwork. Thank you all for everything, you were all great.”



“Thank you for checking in. He is settling in just well. We do need to train him on some things of course. We decided to keep his name as that was one name I had picked out already so it was perfect. We are taking him to the vet on Monday morning. 

Thank you for the contact information on the trainer as well. Good to have that in the email. 

We will send pics and updates as soon as we can. “


“She is settling in great (minus her separation anxiety) and we absolutely adore her. Here are some pics!”





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