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Faith (W/Wesley)

Can you believe it’s already the middle of August? The summer seems to have flown by so quickly while we’ve been busy rescuing dogs, going to community events and, of course, making matches to start new chapters of happy tails.

Miss Faith’s new parents were very pleasantly surprised that she was still available when they returned from vacation and, after confirming Faith was cat friendly and that TLC alum Wesley liked her, they decided to make it official; BJ, now Carl, decided that he wanted to stay with his foster family and pay it forward by fostering  new dogs; and vacation coverage for Linus’ foster mom ended up introducing him to a kindred spirit who decided to adopt him and change his name to Master Shifu!

Also adopted were Carson, Isabella, Jill (now Sophia), Kaden, Kalliope, Karen, Kylie, Mars, Peaches, Rambo, Rory & Zeke!


We, of course, have some updates to share with you too!

Zelda FKA Matilda

“We’re all doing well and Zelda is great! She really loves it here with us and we love having her as part of her family. Our daughter Zoey and her are best friends. Zelda listens to her and cuddles with her. She checks on Zoey if she’s upset or when she’s sleeping. Zoey even reads to Zelda and she sits there and listens attentively. I’ve attached some pictures as well. Hope you’re doing well. “


Vladimer FKA Odie

“Vladimer’s growing up! Loves playing with other dogs and kids and adults, such a sweetheart!

Here he is!  Vladimer is growing and is quite the personality. “


Pearl (Tripawd pitty)

“Pearl is doing very well! She is in intermediate classes for training at Pet smart. 

She is very playful with the kids and thinks everyone has come to the house just to see her, lol.

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll have to get some photos together and send to you.” 


Geno FKA Eugene

“I changed his name to “Geno”. He answers to it already. He settled in perfectly from day one. He is perfectly housetrained. No mistakes or marking his territory at my house or office. He is friendly with everyone he meets. My 4 y.o. “granddaughter” (the daughter of a co-worker) just adores him. He is incredibly patient with her, like he has known her forever. He likes other dogs but his mission is to catch a squirell. He wants me to help him chase them in the park.

I took him to my vet today. No major issues. It is a shame he has broken teeth, probably from biting on a metal cage or a chain. He weighed 72 pounds. This is up 12 from the 60 he weighed when TLC got him. My vet said he should be from 88 to 92. She advised me to feed him high quality puppy food (Royal K9) to help him gain weight. He eats well, both his dog food and dog treats and people food I share with him. He tried to take a bite of my cheeseburger sub yesterday when I turned my back. 

If any dog does not need training it is Geno. He is as well adjusted and obedient as a dog can be. He does not know the command to “sit” though. And if I flip him him a piece of food he will let it hit him rather than trying to catch it. I have to work on those. 

We are bonded for life already. He is lying on the floor in my office snoozing as I am writing this. He comes to the office with me everyday. He is a real “talker/crier”.

Thanks again for allowing me to adopt him. I will keep you updated.”


Lily FLA Louise (aka “Sweet Louise”)

“She’s doing wonderful!! She is incredibly sweet and I love that she follows me around. I’m so happy to have found her. Thank you TLC! I did decide to change her name to Lily. She has her first vet visit scheduled for a little over a week from now since that was the soonest appointment that they had. I’ve attached a few pictures. 

P.S. Her foster parents were great. They provided me her toys, food, and some blankets that Lily got accustomed to laying on. Having those things I think helped with the transition. “


Roscoe FKA Rosco

“It is going well so far and Roscoe is settling in! We kept his name but added an E. His personality is definitely starting to show! He is very loving and cuddly but also energetic. He likes meeting people but is still getting used to meeting dogs. He has been to the vet and is healthy! We are starting him with puppy obedience classes and can tell he is very smart! Here are some pictures of him in his new home. We are so happy to have Roscoe in our family “



“Koba is doing great! He is already very comfortable in his new home and is enjoying getting to know us and his sister Sasha 🙂 Attached are a few pictures. “


Walter & Wendy’s pups turn 1!

We heard from parents of 2 of those mini schnauzer pups who just celebrated their 1st birthday

Bleu FKA Blue

“Our one and only boy turns 1 today! I can’t believe it. Happy Birthday Bleu! Your my boy Bleu. And also a Happy Birthday to his brother Tank. We still get to see Tank grow up through pictures thanks to his daddy”





“Happy birthday to this handsome beast! He’s one! He enjoyed that cupcake, A LOT!!!”














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