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The pups & Mini Paws always look forward to ushering the holidays with a nice visit to Sunrise Senior Living in Exton and, despite our first snowfall yesterday, this year was no different. The pups that join us may change each year but the smiles on the faces of the residents don’t and that always puts everyone in the best of moods.

A visit to some old friends wasn’t the only thing that kept our spirits bright this week. We, of course, have a bunch of pups who are happy to say they’ll be celebrating the holidays in their very own furever home!

Haydro finally met his match in a Samoyed named Hamilton and decided not only that they needed to become brothers, but that he needed an equally cool name (Banksy) to mark the start of his new life. TLC alum Alvin was happy to become a big brother with the addition of little Miss Sadie to his family and Amos (now Kasey),  Archer, Boomer, Brienne, Cleopatra, Daisy, Dakota, Dennis, Dharma (probably Finley), Donald, Hoss, Kody, Laverne (who will be little sis to Ziva’s pup Major FKA Woodstock), Momo (now Loki), Sadie & Tanner were also adopted this week!



We also received some pupdates and fun pics/holiday/snow day pics of some alumni to share:


“Dean has been the cherry on top of my 2017.  I’m so happy to have him.  Thanks to the TLC team for bringing him to me.”


Buddy FKA Ivan

Buddy FKA Ivan

Buddy FKA Ivan

“I changed Ivan’s name to Buddy & he’s doing extremely well. Buddy is learning a lot & growing quickly. He’s almost completely house trained & has taken to FeFe (1.5yo male cat). Just yesterday, Buddy licked FeFe as he just sat there unafraid of the energetic puppy. It was a precious sight & I wished I had my camera on hand.

Buddy is already enrolled for a 6-week Puppy training course commencing next Saturday. I understand it’ll take a lot of patience & consistency to provide the best environment for Buddy to learn & thrive. I look forward to our upcoming (& future) training sessions.

Thank you for allowing Buddy to join my family. I’ll keep you updated with an email every month or so. Here’s a picture of Buddy before last week’s Eagles’ game.”


Max FKA Xavier

Max FKA Xavier

Max FKA Xavier

“Thanks for checking in. He is settling in very well! He’s gotten more and more comfortable each day. We changed his name from Xavier to Max and we are trying to schedule a vet appointment for this week. We will be sure to keep you updated and maybe we can rescue a friend for him one day!”



Sadie FKA Arleen 

“We are so thrilled to have Arleen! She is now learning her new name- Sadie and seems to be adjusting great to her new life. She is a real gem! We love her. Thank you for making the adoption process so smooth. If I can figure out how to attach photos I will or will send separately when my daughter can help me ( technology is not my friend lol).

Thank you again!”


Chase FKA Sam

“Hi Jeanine! Yes, Chase (aka Sam) and I just celebrated 6 months together! The best decision I ever made. A lot of work as a single working Paw-rent, but so very rewarding! Give love, get love. And I have a great dog walker helping me with lunchtime walks.

Found out he’s not a Beagle mix at all, he’s mostly Treeing Walker Coonhound (62.5% according to Wisdom Panel, with a little Springer Spaniel 25% and Lab12.5% mixed in). But 100% handsome! Strangers often comment how handsome he is, and I agree completely. We’re both lucky to have each other.

Was 53 pounds at our last visit to the vet about a month ago, hoping he’s almost done growing as he’s almost 9 months. I will have a crate to donate to TLC shortly as he’s outgrowing his current one. 

He even had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Petplan- not sure yet if he’ll be in any promo materials or the calendar but it sure was fun! 

We’ve been busy – taken a number of classes with Peppers Paws, joining group walks, traveling to visit family. We did Miles for Mutts and we hope to catch one of the Santa photo fundraisers coming up. He’s super friendly, to both people and dogs. LOVES other dogs. Will lie down and submissively wait to meet them. He’s very affectionate and has many friends and admirers in our apartment community. Human and Canine! 

He’s not perfect- still working on table manners and counter surfing but we’ll get there.

I’ve attached a couple of photos to show him off 😀 ok, more than a couple!

Thanks for all you do and for bringing Chase into my life!”



“We have decided for now to keep her name Annie!

She’s settling in extremely well… she’s such a cuddle bug and her and Mowgli ( our other dog) are the best of friends …. I’ve attached a picture of Annie laying on our bed and Mowgli sleeping with his head on her. She’s perfect and such an amazing addition… she is very spoiled by us and we love her so much!!


We are going to take her for a checkup this week 🙂 thank you for everything !!!”


Jack FKA Colby

“cannot believe it’s been a year since we adopted Jack!   

He is just  a love ,and has brought so much laughter and love to our home!

He is doing well, we’re working on his eating /chewing anything not nailed down lol. 

We absolutely love him !!

Thank you again for all that you guys do 🐾


Modie FKA Eeny

“Eeny is now known as Modie, and he is settling in great!  He seems to love his new home and is adjusting well.  He is doing great with potty training and we are working on crate training  too.  He sleeps pretty much through the night and loves play time, walks, and naps during the day.  We went to the vet on Wednesday for a check up and to continue his vaccines and the vet said he looks healthy and is right on track!

Adopting from TLC has been a great experience.  Thank you to everyone who has helped bring Modie and I together!  I would definitely recommend this organization to anyone I know looking to adopt.  When I took Modie home, the collar I brought was too big, so we were given one at the adoption center.  He has a new collar and only wore the other one for a few hours, so I wanted to see if there was somewhere I could send the other one to be reused.  Please let me know!”


some assorted holiday/snow pics




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