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Ariel now June

The pups are excited because, now that school’s out (or coming to a close), the kids are home more which means they’re happily getting more play time. People are also turning their attention from end-of-year activities to “let’s add to the family” ones and we all hope that means more gotcha days to celebrate.

Ariel, mom to Carli FKA Djali, Kovu, Louie, Meeko & Arya FKA Rajah, completed her treatment for Heartworm and celebrated by getting adopted & changing her name to June. The last of Annalee & Tito FKA Thor’s pups, Colonel (now Maric), Orville & Roxy (now Bella) were adopted (we have a little more to report on this family later in our post) as were the remaining P pups: Pia, Poncho & Pryor (now Brees). Also packing their bags for greener pastures were: Butters, Dexter, Dolly (mom to Luna Tonks FKA Diana), Gina, Ginger (aka Gingersnap), Mia, Nikki, Richard, Ringo (Tracie’s pup), Roxanne, Shiloh & Tina!


Annalee (Anna Lee), Tito (FKA Thor) & pups

Speaking of Annalee & Tito (FKA Thor), it turns out that Annalee isn’t a Morkie she’s a Yorkie-Shi Tzu mix and Thor FKA Tito actually is a Chihuahua. We have some updated pics of Maric FKA Colonel & Teddy FKA Rza (who’s been going to work with dad but doesn’t seem to be doing any actual work). That’s not all we have from this family, we also have a nice update from Maggie FKA Greta & Dublin FKA Mangus below too!

Maggie (Magnolia) FKA Greta

“We just wanted to touch base with an update on Magnolia/Maggie FKA Greta.  Maggie has fit right in to her new home.  She has spent much of her first weekend snuggling an sleeping.  Not sure my Mom and family could love her anymore than we do.  She has definitely found her comfort zone.  She has slept through the night two of her first three nights and doing pretty well with her paper training.   She has changed my Moms life in the most amazing way.  My Dad passed alway almost three years ago after fighting to recover from a stroke and Ginger their beloved dog passed away about 6 weeks ago.  She needed someone to love  and care for and Maggie is the perfect fit. 

My kids are over the moon too, we live on he same street so this weekend was a busy one for her.  It’s nice to even see my teenagers smile and play with her.  

We can’t thank you enough and will send you updates”

Dublin FKA Magnus

Dublin FKA Magnus

Dublin FKA Magnus

“We are so happy! We have named him Dublin as in Ireland. We have a vet appointment scheduled for this Friday. Dublin seems to be acclimating really well, he is going to the bathroom outside, he plays, cuddles, and sleeps a lot.”




We also received DNA results from mystery mutt Minka FKA Mae


Rocky FKA Prince

“Hi. All is going very well. We renamed him Rocky.  He is a great dog. Sits already. Started walking on leash. And pretty much housebroken.

Thank you again.”


Bentley FKA Butterball (Angeline’s pup)

Bentley FKA Butterball

Bentley FKA Butterball

“Bentley Christopher (Butterball) has GROWN to be a big boy. He has almost a year old and is the very best friend to his human brother Drew and his doggie mommy who is also adopted- Sasha Heather Marie (Voorhees Animal Orphanage)”




Sugar FKA Angelica

‘Most amazing animal she has ever had. Sugar is now her certified service dog and alerts her to any breathing changes and will wake her up from nightmares.”


Ruby FKA Giselle

Ruby FKA Giselle

Stella & Ruby FKA Giselle (right)

“Hi TLC, attached is a photo of Ruby (momma Giselle) four years after her adoption. We were lucky enough to get Ruby four yrs ago this month. She is doing great, loving her life with her BFF Stella. We love her so much. Wanted to thank you again for Ruby and for all that you guys do!!! Ruby has a fantastic life here. Someone is always here for our pups we even find vacation rentals that allows two dogs… Our pups have visitors all day long, every day. They even have two mailmen with treats. So life is great, you guys did good by Ruby. Thanks again.”


Astrid FKA Lydia

“Hi all, 

Time has flown by- we’ve been meaning to send you an update on Astrid (TLC name: Lydia) since her one-year adoptiversary this April!

Astrid is thriving having her very own house. Her hobbies include sleeping on the couch, disemboweling her stuffed toys, and making sure that the postal service always knows that they’re under supervision when they come to deliver packages. She loves having her own backyard. She didn’t really understand about chasing balls at first, but our cat enjoys playing with tennis balls, and heaven forbid he have something she doesn’t… so she learned. Now softballs have become her favorite toys and she loves to use our deck as a runway to launch herself into the chase.

She’s really come into her own and has a huge personality. Like any herding dog bred to be an independent thinker, some days she uses it for good and other days… let’s just say she has her own intentions. She’s getting the hang of this whole “no, you may not chase that goose, that goose, that goose over there, OR that duck” idea. She doesn’t always understand other dogs when they try to play with her, but she does have some particular friends, notably every Corgi she’s ever met. We’re not sure she knows she isn’t a Corgi herself, because she gravitates to them at the dog park. On the flip side, her other best friend is a Newfoundland and her hiking buddy is a Collie, so at least she gets to play with all sizes.

We love her to bits, and are so grateful she’s come into our lives.

I’m attaching some pictures of her recent adventures. We’ll try to do better about sharing updates with you!”





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