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As another cold December week-end comes to a close we have to thank Santa for taking time out of his very busy schedule to hang with us and pose for pictures with so many of our friends.

Some of our pups are elated that Santa already made their wish for a furever family come true and they’re keeping their paws crosses that the rest soon have happy homes of their own as well. Our favorite stubby girl, Wanda, knew she’d hit the jackpot when she heard her new dad ask how she was still available.

Also adopted this week were: Bo, Chewey, Della, Dublin, Rocky & Shade.


We received some updates from alumni and even saw a bunch of them on Saturday when they came to get their picture with Santa


Things are going great with Winnie! We couldn’t have asked for a better dog! She loves being outside and going for walks, going for car rides, visiting her “dog friends”, and most of all her best friend Theodore (her cat brother). Theodore and Winnie are inseparable.


Major FKA Woodstock (Ziva’s pup)

Major (aka Woodstock) has been doing great, we absolutely adore him:). He has been such a perfect addition to our family and has fit right in. We are continuing training with him, in fact we just went for a walk with Deb Murray today!

Clover FKA Delia (Ziva’s pup)

Clover FKA Delia

Clover FKA Delia


Clover (formerly Delia) is doing great! She is a best friend to our little 15-month old son, and loves playing with and getting snuggles/tummy rub/ear scratches from our two other daughters. She has made friends (mostly) with our two cats and I have been teaching her how to catch a frisbee. Boy can she run fast!

Here is a picture of her when we were decorating our Christmas tree. Still adorable 🙂

Lucy FKA Moon (Ziva’s pup)

Everything is going great with Lucy, formerly known as Moon. She’s grown like crazy and is a wonderful family member full of energy and love. We’re so happy to have her.

She loves to go outside and chase balls and Frisbees! She’s got a great personality!


Jax FKA Rayne (Ziva’s pup)

Hi there! Jax is doing wonderfully and loves his life here. I take him hiking and to the dog park almost every day, and he’s a very talented cuddler.  He’s definitely bigger now than his projected size. He was supposed to be about 35lbs, but is now over 53lbs after being weighed less than a week ago. He’s such a cupcake and the whole family absolutely adores him, and everyone he meets loves his little stubby tail and super friendly disposition! Thank you guys so much for bringing this little guy into my life. He’s my very first dog, and one of what will probably be many over the rest of my lifetime


Timmy FKA Timothy



Just wanted to give you an update on Timmy. Is a big cuddle bunny. Loves to sit with Dad and is wanting the cat to be his friend.

[Editor’s note: Timmy also came by on Saturday to have his picture taken with Santa so we got to catch up with him in person too!]


Corey FKA Kyle

Corey FKA Kyle

Corey FKA Kyle

Happy Gotcha Day! Thank you for bringing our baby boy to us! Corey aka Kyle is three years old and doing great. He loves being part of the family and is a wonderful addition. He even went to the beach for his first time this year and loved running the beach.



Dani FKA Pip

Dani had a Wisdom Panel done and, much to nobody’s surprise, found out she’s a Chihuahua


Heine FKA Yoko



Heina not only guest-starred in her foster brother. Joey’s, Dog of the Week video, she also celebrated her first birthday this week!






Jack Biscuit FKA Biscotti (Bindi’s pup)

Jack Biscuit

Happy Second Birthday Jack Biscuit. Thank you TLC







For those of you following Louise, her pups Kai FKA Daisy & Prince FKA Huckleberry had a mini family reunion after visiting with Santa yesterday




Our good buddy Ivey has already decorated her tree, with a little help from mom & dad, and hopes everybody has a holiday season as full of love as she’s having!






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