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Hugh and Freckles

Today was a great day to cuddle up with a pup and take a nap, binge watch TV/movies/the Eagles or a little of both. We wrapped up the week-end with a few adoptions before heading home to snuggle with our own pups & remaining fosters.

It was a good week for some of the bigger dogs as Freckles & Hugh weren’t just adopted, they were adopted together! Bozo was extra happy to get adopted because it gave him the opportunity to choose a new name (he’s now going by Carson). TLC alum Bree decided it was time to get a little brother so her parents obliged by adopting our sweet & adorable dwarf Rottie mix pup, Harley. Also celebrating gotcha days this week were: Daisy, Lynardm Reece, Santana, Steve & Abby’s pup, Victory.


we also have some pupdates to share too:


RockO FKA Indris (Ivey’s pup)

RockO FKA Indris

RockO FKA Indris

“Hello , TLC Rescue about 4 years ago we adopted a pup Indris, I believe you called him and he became RockO. Just a little update on what we call his birthday 10/20. He is Great loving life at our home. Last night Eagles game he gets so excited lol

Wishing all your pup’s happy life.”



Franklin FKA Ralph

“everything has been going great with Ralph since we adopted him last week.  We decided on a new name for him, Franklin.  He has been great to take on walks and play outside, he loves chasing the leaves and playing with other dogs.  We are going to take him to the Vet tonight to make sure everything is in order with his health and bring his paperwork.  Thanks for the resources for training, we will be sure to reach out if we need anything.  Here are a few pictures attached of Franklin since we have adopted him”.


Bruno FKA Dior (Guess’s pup)

Bruno FKA Dior

Bruno FKA Dior

” He’s not too spoiled – but he does watch TV in bed with us before bedtime!

 Bruno is great and we love him lots.”





“We did decide to keep his name and he is doing good!  He is still trying to figure out Spencer, our cat, however I think they will start to calm down soon.”


Tilly FKA Italy

“We renamed her Tilly!! She is doing so well! Thank you and we will definitely recommend you to others!”





“Prue is doing wonderfully. She is much more social and loves playing with other dogs.   She is a cherished member of our family.  We love her so much!”




Rooney FKA Leo & Mia FKA Jenny

“Mike and I adore our TLC pups and couldn’t imagine life without them. Rooney fka Leo (adopted in December) and Mia fka Jenny (adopted in April) are extremely loving and well mannered. Now that they know neither one of them is going anywhere, they play together nicely and enjoy snuggling together at night. 

Mia has definitely come out of her shell and smiles more and more each day and greets us excitedly when we walk in the door. She no longer sleeps alone downstairs at night and follows us up to the bedroom. Mia also loves her walks and is truly happy when she’s outside and lunging after squirrels or bunnies. 

Rooney is no longer the tiny pup we first adopted and is still adapting to his bigger body and longer legs. He’s very much a puppy in all but size and is a lovable goofball, full of energy and always trying to give kisses. 

Below are some updated pictures of our pups. Rooney is the white hound mix and Mia is the black lab mix.”


Willa FKA Sweatpea

“My daughter and I came up with another name for her “Willa”  Love her!  She is still; so much a pup but so happy and trusting it’s amazing.  She plays and gets alone with the other dogs and is picking up on their cues .  I have an appointment for my vet next Monday to look her over and get her setup in my system lol with 4 other doggies.  I will ask them to check her chip reader and will bring all the docs with me to the appointment.  I definitely will give Deb Murray or Jeri call to get some advice on them as a pack as well.

Many thanks for all you do and would love to donate yearly to your organization.”


Maverick FKA Legend

“Maverick is now almost 9 months old. He is an extremely loveable and hyper puppy. He loves to play tug of war and to be chased. He enjoys playing with his puppy friends and going to daycare on occasion is his favorite treat. Maverick also loves long off leash hikes. We are lucky enough to live in an area where this is possible. 

Maverick is our baby and best friend. Thank you TLC for bringing us together!”



“Dakota is doing great! He has grown quite a bit since his “gotcha” day. He now weighs in at 70 pounds and definitely thinks of himself as a lap dog. Dakota enjoys sunbathing, treats, destroying “indestructible” toys, treats, going for walks, cuddling, and more treats.  What he loves most though is his big brother Brody. Jerry and I can’t believe how well the two of them get along! 


Hazel Grace FKA Daisy (aka Yogi)

“I can hardly believe that Hazel Grace was adopted a year ago! She fit in from her very first day. Hazel brought a new spark to our senior pup, Sofie. Now that Sofie’s cancer is progressing, Hazel sticks close to her side. Hazel wants to meet any critter or person she sees on our daily walks whether in our neighborhood or any of the local parks we go to each week. At her first vet visit we were told she might get to 35 pounds. As you can see from a couple of the pics I am sending you, she is actually taller than Sofie (who is about 60 lbs), but is a trim 40 lbs. She learned all her basic commands within her first few months and we now work on more complicated tricks like “dance” and “crawl.” She loves to play fetch, especially with a frisbee! 

The entire experience of adding a puppy back in to our home was a great decision. Our teens, especially Bailey (since Kiran is in college) have been able to really see the kind of commitment it takes to raise a healthy, happy and well mannered pup.


“Kirby is doing well and getting very comfortable with us. 

His vet check was good except for testing positive for Lyme disease for which he will be on antibiotics for 28 days.

He is sweet ,smart and very responsive. His only problem is with the leash. He lunges at other dogs etc but we are working on that.

My grandchildren love him and Kirby loves to ride in the car at every opportunity but most enjoys picking the kids up at school. “










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