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Like you, many of us are now are getting ready to head out to (or have people join us for) your Super Bowl party so we wanted to get this edition out a little early today.

Like the Iggles, we had an exciting week and are looking forward to celebrating a victory tonight. In our case it means safeguarding the pups not only to keep them away from food/drinks that aren’t good for them but also making sure they have a nice, safe, quiet place away from the revelry, especially if that may entail neighbors shooting off fireworks and making other scary noises tonight.

Wendy, now Reece, joins the “foster failure” club – her parents started fostering for us after adopting Carly FKA Caramel from us a couple of year back, and is happy to  join a pack that also includes brother Juke. Foster failure #2 is Tina, whose mom has fostered many a puppy for us and just couldn’t bear to let Tina go.  Also adopted this week were: Chaz, Fonzie, Franklin, Gaines, Heath (now Nugget), Ivanka, Levi, Lucky Girl, Richie, Spock, Stormy, Ziggy & Zuzu!


We received a lot of updates this week, so let’s dive right in:

Daisy (Macy’s pup)

“Daisy is doing great! She and Iggy are best buds and she is growing by leaps and bounds!

She’ll be starting training in February although she already knows some basics. Her problem is she wags her tail so much she can’t sit still


Holly FKA Zelda

Holly FKA Zelda

“We adopted Zelda. Who’s new name is Holly in mid December. She is loving her new home and loves playing with her new buddies Lulu and Phoebe. Thank you so much. We absolutely love having Holly as part of our family. She is an amazing loving little angel. 🐾




Dolly FKA Everleigh

“our beautiful dog is settling in very well!  Since she is a bouncy, perky gal from Tennessee, we have named her Dolly. 😉. I will send some pictures to you soon. Also, she will see our vet next week.  

For now, we are getting her used to regular walks on the leash and working on a few basic commands. She is a quick study, especially if treats are involved. She is quite nervous in the car, so we will be buying a harness for her. We tried a drive around the block yesterday, and she wanted to get in my lap!  Not good if I’m driving!

Also, she is not comfortable yet with our cats, who have sequestered themselves upstairs for now. I’m hoping that they will all tolerate one another in the weeks to come. 

We have not yet introduced her to other dogs, but all family visitors have been well received. Dolly is very lovable!  

We are keeping her in a crate at night and when we both need to leave the house, but I plan to be home a lot in the next few weeks so that she learns to trust us. She whined/chirped the first night, but now goes right into the crate with a treat and does not complain.”

Hudson FKA Kirk

“We have changed Kirk’s name to Hudson.  He is such a wonderful dog and very smart. 

He has been working on his potty training and is really good in the crate. Olivia is still a little afraid of him but she is warming up and Frazier had some initial jealousy but seems to be getting over it. “

“Thank you again for matching us with a wonderful new family member.  He is such a love and we adore him! “



Carson FKA Mini Me

“Mini me, now Carson, is settling in perfectly! He’s such a smart dog and already knows a handful of commands, in almost 3 days! He knows “Carson” “come” “sit” “lay down” “paw” and “leave it”! He’s amazing on a leash, he walks right next to me without pulling or running ahead! He’s doing pretty good at house breaking too. We’ll get there. He’s such an amazing boy and we’re all in love!”

Toby FKA Jacob

Toby FKA Jacob

“Toby is doing very well. He is a happy pup with 3 kids to play with and lots of car rides. I just signed him up for a basic training program and am thrilled to socialize him more in a controlled setting. We just love him!”





“We’ve had Marcie for one week now and you would think she was here since she was born.  She fits right in and you could tell right away that she was happy to have a home.   

We did decide to keep her name.  She responds to it very well.  Plus, our son liked her name.  Marcie goes to the vet tomorrow to meet the doctor.  I’m looking forward to our dr meeting her.  I know Marcie will love her.  And potty training hasn’t been easy.  Monday was the worst day as she was getting adjusted.  She had about 10+ accidents in the house on that day alone. However, she only had two accidents this entire weekend.  Progress!!

Thank you for this email and providing the information about the trainers.  I’m sure that information will come in handy!  

And we want to thank To Love A Canine.  We enjoyed adopting Marcie through this rescue and we have been giving your information to others who are looking to adopt.  “



“We decided to keep his name! He is settling well and our daughter, Norah, does not leave his side. Only 2 accidents, until we figured out his potty routine. She likes feeding him and playing with him. We still have much training to do, but he is making progress. This morning was the first time he slept til 6am. “



“We absolutely love Hank. It took him about an hour to get adjusted to the girls and I, before he started to wag his tail and give us big hugs. He is enjoying his long walks, and fenced in yard to run and play. A little bit of a tugger on the leash, so some training will be needed. It’s amazing that he’s as well behaved considering what he’s been through the first year and half of his life. He’s enjoying the peanut butter bones, and his training treats. Working on getting him back to his normal weight with Blue. He went the vet yesterday for a check up and learned that he had “Fecal Float”, caused by eating deer, rabbit fecal. Our guess is that he probably had this for awhile, which saddens me. He’s on medication now, and I’m sure is feeling pretty good. I work from home so I am able to get him acclimated to car lights, cars driving through the neighborhood, dogs in neighborhood, people coming and going from our house, socialization with other dogs (Pet Smart, and local dog park) and car rides to pick up kids. It’s so funny, he follows me throughout the house and is my best friend. Another funny fact is, that he wants to lay in my bed, but can’t get up, so I have to lift the front and back end of him. Once on, he either snuggles or lays his entire body across me 😊 My 2 daughters and I love him so much, and am so happy to have him as our family member.

This is a great organization. Very organized, love the foster idea so that you have some information on their personality and the dedication that supports these poor, miss-used animals. “


Gracie FKA Jannece

“A couple months ago, you hooked me up with a trainer over the phone to help resolve a jealousy issue with Gracie.   She would bark and try to jump on people (my husband & baby grandson) when I was hugging them.   I was told to clap loud and raise my voice to say “NO!” and given tips to get her to stop this aggression.  Then we praised her for not showing aggression.    It was great advice and worked right away!  She has been good ever since!  

She is a very sweet dog and my family and I all love her dearly.  Usually it is just my husband and myself here but I have lots of family gatherings and she is sweet to everyone.   She LOVES her walks and I take her for a long walk almost every day!  I am mostly retired so she doesn’t spend much time alone.   She has shown she can be trusted out of a crate and roaming the house when nobody is at home.   Although she likes riding in the car, she gets motion sickness any time she rides for more than 20 minutes.  The vet gave me some pills for that and if we drive an hour or more away (only every couple months), I give her one and she drools but does not throw up.   The vet said that some dogs just get that way in the car.

She is a cuddle nut – cannot get enough hugging.  I never had such an affectionate dog.  I think she REALLY appreciates her forever home!  

If you can, I would love to see some of her puppies.  I heard they were cute but never saw them.  If any of them aren’t too far and would want them to see their “Momma”, let me know.  It might be fun to have a little reunion sometimes!

Again, thanks for all you do.  These dogs you are saving are beautiful animals, inside & out and I’m so glad to have one of them!

PS- She sleeps on her bed with a blanket next to our bed at night.  She gets in cute positions!  Also, she LOVES snow.   We take walks in it and she occasionally eats the clean snow (none with salt and chemicals in the walkways).  She likes the bigger dogs we go on walks and often run into and jumps all over them to play.  She is keeping me young with all her energy!  



“Sarah has settling in very nicely, I think she plans on keeping me. Her vet appt is scheduled for 2/24 @ 9AM. I don’t have  a Smart Phone so pics will be few & far between, at least until my daughter visits, LOL.  Know that Sarah is very much loved already & a part of my home & daily life. 

Feel free to contact me as you wish & give my thousands of thanks to Sarah’s foster mom, Chrissy for the fabulous loving job she did with Sarah”


Rudy FKA Maximus & Marshall FKA Ben

“We changed his name to Rudy and he’s doing wonderful here! He and our other dog (Marshall) are fast friends and are getting along wonderfully. We are so happy with him!”


Rafa FKA Potsie

Rafa FKA Potsie

“Potsie has been officially name Rafa, and he is doing great!  We have a vet appointment next Tuesday.  See the attached picture.  Thanks for everything!”






Dobby FKA Porter

“Hi, Porter is doing well. It took a few days for him to come out of his shell but he is adjusting well, so are we. He is such a sweet, good pup that we adore! We did change his name to Dobby (rhymes with Bobby), he has begun to respond to it, I was nervous he wouldn’t take to it but he has. Thanks for checking in on us!”


Charley FKA Laverne

“We adore her ❤️ She has been such a perfect addition to our family and came to us at a time when we needed her as much as she needed us (we lost our 12 1/2 year old chocolate lab shortly before Xmas 😢). She spends most of her days cuddling or playing with her best bud Major (fka Woodstock), and is so affectionate and loving to her people. As things settle down we’ll be looking forward to helping out with fostering again:)”


Joey FKA Ulysses

Joey FKA Ulysses

“Here’s a long overdue update on Joey. He’s a wonderful companion who is, happy, healthy and best of all, very spoiled.

Also, a huge Eagles fan. 🤗





“I wanted to pass along an update about Sasha, who we adopted in September!

Since February 2nd was listed as her birthday I figured today would be a good day to let you all know that Sasha has made a wonderful addition to our family. 

As you can see by the pictures, she loves naps on the couch, and if she sees a squirrel through the window or on a walk it definitely gets her attention! She has been great with all of our nieces and nephews, as well as the other dogs in our extended families. She is a gentle goofball, and has mastered every trick we have taught her. Thank you all again for what you do, and for bringing Sasha into our lives!”


Lily FKA Louise (Saving Southern Souls Dog 2016)

“Everything is going well. Lily is all we could have hoped for and more. She is so sweet and loving and is a big cuddler. Over the summer she went boating which she very much enjoyed. There’s a dog friendly restaurant we found that we frequented almost every weekend. We’re looking to get back there as soon as the weather warms up. She loves the outdoors but winter is her favorite. She’s extremely playful when there’s snow on the ground. She loves it! For Christmas we all were at my parents house. The grandparents love to spoil her. She opened her presents herself. Her absolute favorite gift was a Woody Woodpecker toy.  Speaking of Christmas, my staff at work know how obsessed I am about my Lily and knowing that they got me a gift certificate to a pet friendly winery. We’re looking forward to going there and to more adventures as spring approaches. “


Jazzy AKA Jasmine

“We’re so happy with Jasmine! We are calling her Jazzy now. She is settling in and picking up on things very quickly. She’s very smart.  

We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning. It’s Girard Veterinary Clinic. We are also looking into puppy classes with Opportunity Barks and are attending a (humans only) meet and greet on Saturday.  

Jazzy is pretty good at walking but we are working on pulling and teaching her to heal. We have been walking a lot and exploring the city and Fairmount Park. She seems okay with her crate but cries when we leave her. She also gets very excited at times like when we get home or during dinner time or when it’s time to play. We’re hoping training classes will help us with strategies to calm her down and redirect her when she nips.  

We are also working on house training. She is very treat motivated so usually holds it until we go to the backyard (where she’ll get a treat), but occasionally she’ll have accidents. She’s learning the routine though so we’re making progress.  

I’ll send some pictures in a separate email because I can’t figure out how to do it on my phone!”


Bear FKA Copper

“We can’t believe it’s been a year! Bear feels like he’s been part of our family forever. We are so in love with him and he brings so much joy to our home! 

I just was talking to my sister in law about what a great rescue you are. They have three girls 5-12 who are dying to get a dog. They’re thinking of a small, non shedding puppy. So, I’ll keep looking at your site! “


Raja FKA Stella

“I did change Stella’s name, it’s now Raja.  She’s so darn smart and learned her name within a day along with other new tricks. She’s been settling in pretty well and we’re both getting the hang of our new routine. She’s honestly the best dog ever and I already love her to death. We got some snow up here the other night and she loves playing in it! I ordered a 50ft leash so she can have more room to play (and we don’t have to run with her the whole time) so I know she’ll love that even more when it comes in this week.

We have our first vet appointment this afternoon which I think will go fine!  She did just start barking a bit more than before. I looked up some things online and figured out it’s demand barking because she only does it when she wants something or while we play.  I sent an e-mail to Jeri Wagner last night just to make sure I’m doing everything right.  I also plan on putting her in some puppy classes soon.

I’ve attached a few pictures from the weekend. I’ve been too busy training and playing with Raja that I haven’t taken too many other pictures just yet! 

Driving down to adopt her was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I was so happy with the process and how easy you guys made everything. I can’t believe you had such a treasure! 

Thank you for everything and we’ll probably be seeing you guys again in the future! (either for me or my family)”


Rex FKA Tex

“Tex-Now Rex, has settled in really nicely. He is very well behaved and is getting use to his new environment. With in an hour of him being home he claimed the pillow on my couch as his and fell asleep. Everyday he is becoming more confident in his new home, he still loves to be next to me all the time but he is getting better at not following me everywhere around the apartment. He Loves his walks! He is an absolute snuggle bug and cant wait to curl up next to me on the coach or at night in bed. He makes himself conmfortable anywhere we are sitting. He is getting use to my work schedule and being in his crate for a few hours at a time. 

Ill send more update, in the future and  pictures in another email”


Geno FKA Eugene

“Geno is doing great. He is now up to 80+ pounds.He doesn’t look skinny anymore. He eats well. Perfectly house-trained – never an accident at home or the office. 

He loves all adults and kids. My 5 y.o.grand daughter loves him and the feeling is mutual. He wants to meet all other dogs. But his mission is to get a squirrel or a rabbit or a bird.

He stares at them and crouches down to stalk them. He is always on a leash though. 

He is my constant companion. He goes to my office with me every day. He likes riding in the back seat of my truck. He doesn’t mind my grand daughter in her car seat in the back seat with him.

We are in the office now. He is curled up on his bed about five feet from me. At home he sleeps on a bed right in front of my recliner. A lot of times I sleep next to him on a mat on the floor.

His chocolate brown color with copper colored legs is so unusual for a GSD that I sent away a DNA sample. But it came back that he is purebred GSD.

 I get compliments on how good looking he is all the time and people want to pet him, which he loves unless he is concentrating on a squirrel.

So I am very, very happy that I adopted him and I’m sure he feels the same.

Thanks for letting me adopt him.”





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  1. We couldn’t be happier to adopt Reese from TLC. You are amazing organization and we are thrilled to be involved volunteering and fostering for TLC and a part of the TLC family!

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