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On occasion, a foster dog helps their foster family cope with a hardship or loss that permanently cements the relationship. This was the case with Coda who tagged along on many of his now late foster sister’s visits to the Oncologist and insisted that he needed to stay put to mourn the loss with the family whose name he’d etched on his own big heart. Coda will remain in his happy home surrounded by 5 female husky mix sisters (including TLC alumni Scutka FKA Sky & Zemle FKA Gemma) and a human brother.

Coda wasn’t the only long-timer to update his relationship status as Murphy aka Blackie and our Saving Southern Souls dog, Venus, also celebrated gotcha days.

Larry (now Puddy), Jasper, Mica (now Garret), Onyx & Sapphire also started living out their happily ever after as well.



We, of course, have some updates to share as well

Whiskey FKA Jojo

These two just LOVE each other! I’m so glad we brought Whiskey (Jojo) home for Lily. He has really brought her out of her shell. He is SO naughty! Lol


I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

It’s been awhile since I updated anyone at TLC on Chelsey, so I thought I would send some post-holiday pictures. Chelsey has more than tripled in size since we adopted her in August! She was only 10.2 lbs at her first vet appointment and now she’s about 36 lbs (the vet doesn’t think she’ll get too much bigger). She’s amazingly sweet and learned good puppy behavior and basic commands very quickly. Chelsey was a very spoiled little girl on Christmas and she got lots of toys and treats, but her favorite present is her new bed. She LOVES playing with her golden retriever cousin, Josie (my sister and brother-in-law’s puppy who is about the same age as Chelsey). They have lots of play dates and they both love having sleepovers when their parents go out of town.

Phil and I are currently house shopping and once we have a place of our own (with more space and a bigger yard) we’d like to adopt another dog and are thinking about fostering, so I’m sure you’ll hear from us when the time comes!

Penny FKA Summer

Penny seems to be getting more comfortable every day and is really coming out of her shell! She’s playing and running around with us, which is a total change from when we first brought her home! She’s met lots of new people and dogs and loves playing with our neighbors’ dog too! We love her and can’t imagine life without her anymore!

Sweets FKA Bara

Bara, now Sweets, is doing well and has lots of love. Regardless of the fact that she is an insatiable chewer and quite the adolescent now, she has managed to make is laugh and bring joy to our home. She is learning a little slower now than before but that is in part due to restrictions we had to put on her diet and in part due to the family becoming more busy since school started again. But I am optimistic we can get her back on track soon as she is very intelligent.

Happy New Year!!


Gremie FKA Iathan

Gremie FKA Iathan

Gremie FKA Iathan & Boo

Gremie ( formerly Iathan) is doing great! He’s a smart little sweetie keeps us on our toes! His big brother Boo is his bestie!!  Thanks so much to everyone there for saving our baby Gremie!






Things are going great! I did decide to keep her name, though she’s still learning it. We went to the vet and they said her health looks great and they had no concerns. Her and Murphy for the most part are doing great. They both love sleeping so they spend most of their days doing that. She is still very timid but I think she just needs more time to get use to her new home. Overall she’s doing great; she’s eating, toileting, and sleeping normally! Thanks for checking in!


Teddy FKA Ted & Winnie FKA Shelly

Ted & Winnie FKA Shelley

Ted & Winnie FKA Shelley

So far, things are going well. Our first dog, Winnie, is getting used to Ted. She has good times playing with him, and times when she has had enough. I think that Ted needs to learn that lesson still, so we are monitoring their play. Ted is a great dog. He is friendly, gentle, and filled with love. He likes to chew shoe laces, so we have been reminded to keep our shoes put away in closets. We also forgot that he is tall enough to reach the kitchen counter. After eating part of our Christmas lasagna, we make sure we put things out of his reach and are working with him and his manners.

Attached is a picture of Teddy (FKA Ted, 2015) and Winnie, (FKA Shelly, 2013) taken in one of their loving moments. Best wishes to you and TLC for a good 2016.





 January 10, 2016  Featured, Happy Tails

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