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We’re not singing we are the champions yet, but the pups seem pleased with last night’s Eagles game and the knowledge the NFC championship game next week may lead to the odd chip on the floor that they can sneak. Some of our adopters messaged us to know that the pups certainly seemed to enjoy watching the game in their new homes.

Darcy was the first adoption of the week, celebrating the opportunity to stay with her foster brother Milo and foster sister Kitt FKA Sarah (we’re pretty sure she’s happy with her mom and human sisters too)! Ross, for his part, captured the heart of one of our volunteers so he gets to stay in the immediate TLC family too.

Also adopted were Angus, Bailey (now Trudy), Bones, Elton, Prince Charming, Ross, Stetson, Tango (who’s moving in w/TLC alum Zoey FKA Earla) & Tasha.


We, of course, have some updates to share as well!


Daisy FKA Sheba

“Hello!  I just wanted to let you know that Sheba (now Daisy) had a great first night with us.  She ate and settled nicely in her crate to sleep and she and Chloe have been fine getting to know each other.  And she snuggled up with my son Chase in his pillow fort.  Thanks for letting us adopt her.  She is adorable!”


Buddy FKA Peety

“We changed his name to Buddy He is well behaved goes outside to the bathroom and sleeps in bed with us at night he has a vet appointment this Monday “


Cooper FKA Buddy

“we have changed Buddy’s name to Cooper.  He is settling in and seems to be very happy.  We are so in love and grateful that he’s now a part of our family.  

Thank you for everything!  Here are some pictures. “


Melba FKA Carly

Melba FKA CArly

Melba FKA Carly

“Melba is doing well and she has found her spot in the family. She’s pairing well with our other rescue dog, Waif, who is very timid and shy.

Melba and Waif are good play partners and they love a tug-of-war with their rope. Melba loves to go in the car and also on walks. Her optimism for leashing up and getting out is helping Waif to become less fearful of the leash. Slowly, Waif is becoming more confident in many ways by watching and following Melba.”



Pita FKA Elvira

Pita FKA Elvira

“my little Pita is doing very well and I’m more in love with her than I ever thought I could be.  Never did I think I’d ever have a Chihuahua and yet she is with me constantly, at home, work and even shopping, I’m so attached to her and she to me.  She is a little spoiled but as a rescue I feel she deserves it and now that the cold weather is here she has quite the wardrobe, I’ll have to post a picture of her in her fancy dress too.”




“Bodie is still doing fantastic with us and continues to be a constant source of fun and entertainment. He has grown fully accustom to living with us in a more “city” life and couldn’t be happier.

Again, here are some of our favorite pictures we’ve managed to capture of him. He also played a big part in making an announcement for us.”





“Well it’s been a month since we adopted Macy. Our lives have changed for the better! goodness we love her so so much. She gave us our fair share of excitement, but we think we’ve got her all figured out now. She’s been doing well in the crate during the day. I run home for lunch to let her out and we play a bit and she goes back in the crate with minimal hesitation. We’ve learned that she LOVES to get frisky and chase and play tug. She is also still a pup so she chews the heck out of everything, but it’s all in her good fun. She is great with people when we have company and she travels to my dads house and my MILs house with ease. She’s great with her cousins too… enjoys the crowd. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Macy. She fits into our family perfectly ”




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