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It was another crazy busy week on the roller-coaster of rescue work as we had so many reminders of the fragility of life. Luckily, we also had happy reminders of what happens when we send ripples of joy while creating happy tails, and how the support of others (we’re talking about the wonderful crew at Prestige Salon) can help us focus on the positive.

Word spread pretty quickly that we had GSD puppies after they were born, so it’s no surprise that all but two were adopted without needing to be posted as available. Our boy Rowen was adopted by an awesome family (with a mini-paw to be, which makes this an extra sweet adoption) and his brother Cedar was adopted by his grandparents which means that Cedar will be Rowen’s uncle. We always get a kick when members of the same extended family adopt from us! Litter mates Ash, Aspen, Holly, Magnolia, Oakley (now Bear) & Sycamore also celebrated their gotcha days this week-end too!

This week’s adoptions gave a chance to visit with some alumni when momma Bindi FKA Willow & Leia FKA Gwen decided to adopt momma Mittens (who promptly changed her name to Snickers. Sweetie-Pie & TLC alum Prue brought her sister Ruby & the rest of the family to adopt Rosie (now Gato). Also adopted this week were Bingo, Dorothy, Elton, Noah, Savannah, Sissy, Stark (now Cody), Steven (now Oakley) & Ziva!


We also received a few updates to share. This being GSD week, we figured we’d start out with some new pics of Max (Maximus) who was adopted a couple of weeks ago

This handsome guy seems to be settling in nicely and we hope to see a bit  more of him as he’s considering fostering for us!

Louie FKA Waldo

Louie FKA Waldo

Louie FKA Waldo

“We adopted Waldo (now known as Louie) about two months ago. He is a wonderful dog! We couldn’t have asked for a better match. He’s very loving with people, gets along with all dogs, and is starting to learn the difference between “no” and “good boy”! 

He’s a great companion and absolutely loves being in the car. He spends a good deal of time in Vermont and he loves to swim! But he’s at his happiest just lying outside in the sun.

Thanks to everyone at TLC. Your instincts were right on when you selected him.” 


Piper FKA Lally

“A few updates on Pipes:

  • Up to 43 pounds now
  • LOVES to chase squirrels still
  • No stomach issues in 2018! Woohoo!
  • Anxiety has largely been curbed by a combination of Prozac, exercise, and our recent move to a little quieter of a neighborhood
  • Recent highlights for Piper (as pictured) include walking around Philly in the sunny weather, meeting Villanova coach Jay Wright at the Phillies Bark in the Park game, and hanging with her best friend, the bear pillow pet”


Cooper FKA Laddie

“Cooper is doing great!

He’s 56 lbs and all boy!

Loves his yard, chasing anything that moves, the dog park,

Walks,   Tennis balls (good catcher).  He’s still not affectionate. 

Hoping that changes.  He’s also not nice when someone comes to the door 

We’re working on that!   We just rescued a 30 lb 4 yr old Sheltie mix and

Coopers being nice and polite.  “


Prestige Salon, TLC, Suzie, Sasha, Rocco & Baklava

Prestige Salon, TLC, Suzie, Sasha, Rocco & Baklava

and, of course, we can’t wrap the week up without thanking the staff at Prestige Salon in Wayne for making Cuts For a Cause such a success (and making us all look fabulous)!








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