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Gracie FKA Lacey w/Max

Well, the HUGE snowstorm that was supposed to hit us this week was quite a bit smaller than expected but at least there was enough snow for the pups to have some fun playing in & some extra time with the kids who didn’t have to go to school.

This week, we got a visit from TLC alum Gracie FKA Lacey who came looking for the perfect pup to be her partner in crime. She chose our sweet Lab mix Max to join the family. Long timer Jon Jon also finally met his perfect match, was did Goldie & Jolie (mom to our “Chipmunk” litter).



We have some pupdates to share with you as well

Chewie FKA Lager

Just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know all is going well. We did change his name, it’s Chewie! And he’s doing well had a vet visit over the weekend. Recovering great from the surgery cone is still on for now, he does have a minor parasite but the vet said it’s super common and he’s on his medicine and doing great. We will keep you posted for sure! 





She is doing great! She is the most playful and loving puppy! I’m attaching a picture of her with Santa from December. We can’t thank your organization enough for bringing her into our lives.





We stuck with Rachel as the name.   She seems to be getting used to her surroundings.   I’m going to bring her to vet son just to start a file,  and she’s due for her vaccines in next couple of months.

I might reach out to trainers for walking.   She’s ok in middle of street,  but if I walk along side if road she pulls so she can sniff stuff.   I go back and forth so I can teach her,  but also let her smell stuff. 

Norah FKA Harley

We are madly in love with Norah she was so perfect for our family and truly made our lives. She’s the cutest and makes us laugh every day. My favorite thing though is that she loves to snuggle. Our first baby dog Harper and her are best friends. Thank you for choosing us.


Jessie FKA Harmony

Jessie is certainly growing!  She’s learning most of the commands we’ve taught our older dog Bella. She is still doing well with her crate.  She has more energy than we remember Bella having at this age so we are looking forward to her 1-year birthday in March as we are hoping she’ll start to mellow.   I do think her and Bella are still competing for dominance.

Our back yard looks like multiple bombs hit it as she loves to dig.  We were hoping the colder weather would have hardened the ground and that would have deterred her.  But with the mild winter that hasn’t really happened.  We’ll have some repair work to do in the spring and hope the digging will subside by then.

[editor’s note: Jessie’s mom was put in contact with our trainers for advice]


Nova is awesome.  After a long drive home back to Rochester, NY, we decided that the name Nova fits him and fits him well.  He has made himself right at home and is a big fan of the toys his Aunt and Grandma have given him.  We are crate training and there have been no accidents and thus far, I don’t see any happening.  He has been great and we will start training soon at Lollipop Farm.  They recommended having the dog for at least ten days before starting.  I was also going to discuss my Vet options with them, since there are many to choose from in this area.

Everyone that has met Nova loves him and we couldn’t be happier with him joining our family.

Thank you again


Violet FKA Clover

Violet FKA Clover

Violet FKA Clover

It will be two years that we brought Violet home. She is such a good dog. Over the weekend she tore part of her dewclaw off, it killed me to hear her cry when it happened and when the vet had to remove the remaining nail. She is such an easy going girl and has not complained about her leg being bandaged and wearing the e-collar. She is our first rescue and the first we have gotten as an adult, which made me nervous. I just can’t get over how good she is.


Maddie FKA Kayla

Kayla now known as Maddie is settling in. The first couple days she was a little shy and had  trouble with remembering her house training tools, but she is getting back on track! Everyday she warms up to us a little more. We have a dog park area in our apartment complex and she just LOVES playing with the other dogs. So far so good! We will share pictures soon 🙂


Ranger FKA Duke (aka Clooney)

Really happy with him. Somewhat stubborn, but food motivated. Mild anxiety, but under control. Using a Thundershirt per vet’s recommendation which helped. Starting to adjust. Great home for him, really love him.


Bella Belle FKA Britt

Hi guys, Just wanted to check-in and say Hi to the staff. I’m doing well at my new home. My mommy and daddy thought you’d like to follow me to see how I’m doing from time to time. Everyone loves me so much that Mommy had to gave me my own Facebook profile but I don’t have thumbs so she and Daddy post all the photos. Love, Bella Belle (formerly known as Brit)


Abby FKA Blair

Abby FKA Blair

Abby FKA Blair

Just letting you know that we love Abby (aka Blair to you all) so very much and we are still amazed, but very grateful, that Abby wasn’t adopted before we even met her. She loves to cuddle (which just melts me), she loves playing with our 8 year old, and she gets excited when my husband wants to do a training session. She loves her early morning walks no matter what the weather. She’s a part of everything we do as a family. Our two boys are married and each have a dog of there own and are perfect playmates for Abby!!  Thanks so much to TLC Canine for matching us together!!!🐶




If you adopted one of the W Beagle mix pups from last Summer you may want to check out Wesley’s DNA results


In addition to hanging out with the pups this week, we also held our 3rd annual Pins For Pups fundraiser last night. We had a blast and, if you were there, we hope you did too!



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