Jul 022017
Gingersnap (& WIlloughby FKA Willow)

Ohmigosh, we just blinked and *boom* it’s July already. Happy belated Canada Day to our neighbors way up north, some of you have a day back in the office til we celebrate our nation’s birthday while some of you are getting a little extra Independence Day in the form of a 4-day week-end. Whichever it is for you, we’re hoping the fireworks & other celebrations aren’t stressing your furbabies too much.

Our favorite part about being a dog rescue (aside from being able to save the lives) is being able to share adoption stories. Not too long ago we had to share there was a little hiccup in Gingersnap’s adoption which led to her return due to a family emergency, we’re happy to report that Ginger’s come through the changes well and has become the newest addition to Willoughby’s (FKA Willow) family!

Three of momma Maya’s pups, Baxter, Bailee (now Kira) & Bernice (now Cali) found their furever families this week, as did Copper, Cuddles (now Thor), Iggy & Ralph.



We also received some updates to share:




“Iris is doing just great with us! She has a sweet personality and loves everyone! We are working on training her to walk with us outside. We found that her breed combinations include Chihuahua, German Shepherd, and Chow Chow instead of Whippet and Lab – Surprise!

I attached a picture of her sunning herself in our dog yard.

I am interested in your walk event on October 1st! Maybe we will see you there!”


Bleys FKA Brad

“Heez mah bud-eee!!

Thanks so much for everything,”


Rachel (this July’s R litter) 

“Hi. We did decide to keep her name and she’s settling in well.  She and our other dog are getting use to each other.  She actually has a vet check tonight.  We are so happy with her.”


Hunter FKA Robert

“Hunter is a big part of our family and we all love him and he loves us back many times. He is a very smart and well behaved. Here are some pictures of him.” 


Gidget FKA Wanda (Winnie’s pup)

“Gidget is doing great and is quite the favorite in our community. She always gets lots of compliments on her good behavior at the dog park and around our complex. Everyone is always very curious about where those bat ears and stumpy legs came from! You can really see some of the pit bull and French bulldog in how muscled her chest and shoulders are becoming. Her 1st birthday was on June 18th and we treated her by getting some fancy treats and some soft serve vanilla ice cream. Here are some pics. It seems like a lot but we’re constantly taking pictures of her!”


We also received doggy DNA results from Paisley FKA Sugar from Willow’s (FKA Bindi) “cookie” litter:


With the 4th of July looming large, we do want to remind you that this is the time of year where most pets go missing, so we’ll sign off with some tips to keep your dog safe.

safety tips for 4th of july


Don’t forget that you can find training tips and other great information in our reference library in the tips & resources section of our website.







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