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Can you believe it’s already April? Last night’s ballgames were no joke with both Gonzaga & North Carolina winning close games with 77 points – we hope your bracket still has at least one team that will be playing tomorrow night. As for us, we had some big winners of our own, with our sweet girl Matilda finally making her match.

Also adopted were Ariel’s pups Louie & Rajah, and their Aunt Winnie (who is Ariel’s sister, and mom to our recent W litter of pups)



We, of course, have some pupdates to share as well:





“Three years ago we adopted Sophie from you, she had many obstacles to overcome but has turned out to by a love, which proves love , patience and rescue works. We love this pup ,…thank you.”


Elsie FKA Elsa

“We adopted our Puggle Elsie (formerly Elsa) from TLC in October 2016. We are absolutely in love with Elsie and she completes our family in ways we never imagined. The kids adore our “fur baby” and she gets lots of love and attention every day. She is a very funny dog and a perfect mix of active (beagle) and chill (pug). She loves to take walks around the neighborhood and lay in the sun. She even finds the sunny spots in the house and camps there. Everyone who meets Elsie falls instantly in love. She’s such a great dog. We are so lucky to have found her and appreciate all the wonderful things TLC Rescue does.”



“Sweetie is great! We are keeping her name. She’s still getting into a routine. Had an accident yesterday (no fun on shag rug) and is very anxious in the crate at night (managed to shred the sheet that was UNDER the crate), but she is walking beautifully and is so sweet and gentle. We feel very lucky to have her. She has her first vet appointment Saturday and we already have a trainer lined up to help with her separation anxiety. She is absolutely wonderful with our cat! They are going to be best friends as soon as the cat fully trusts her. I will send pics as soon as we have some good ones.

Thanks again, for our little love!



“Jack is doing great and has been nothing but the center of attention for the past week! Everyone loves him and he loves everyone even more. I will be keeping his name as is. Thanks for the tips and reminders!”


Wendy FKA Windy

This our girl Wendy we adopted her from TLC in Nov. she likes to stick her tongue out she’s such a sweet girl thank you TLC.


Quill FKA McGill

“So I decided to go with the name Quill. It has a long story behind it but I knew before I got him that I would use that name. He is settling well. First night was a bit rough but since, he has adjusted to the daily routine of our house. He fits right in here :).

I have scheduled a vet check-up for tomorrow. I will bring in all my paperwork for it. I will double check on the microchip to make sure everything is good. 

Yes, I will have to look into some training. He has been good so far with potty and crate training. He also hasn’t chewed much besides his toys. He’s a good boy but I would definitely look into connecting with them soon.

I will definitely share pictures and send updates! I have attached a couple of my favorites so far. Thank you again for all your assistance helping me find Quill. “





“Chet is doing great and he’s our wonderful sweet boy!  He has become totally part of our family!  He is getting much better at coming when called as well as giving the ball and/or dropping something he should not have.

Steps are still a big challenge…but we don’t go to our basement that much but when we do it would be great if he would too…not sure  how to overcome.  I tried all kinds of suggestions but he gets too scared and we don’t want to traumatize him.

Attached is at Christmas when he was ready for our guests!  “


Max II

“Max is settling in very well, he seems to really like his new home and he has been a blast. He’s a great running buddy and we can’t wait to go camping with him. We have a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow and we’ll have the chip checked then. Thanks again for introducing us to our new furry family member 🙂 “


Mussels FKA Squirt

“Oh we love our Mussels (Squirt). He is doing great he was fixed. He loves people and kids, loves other dogs in the neighborhood. Mussels is awesome he loves running outside with the kids and also is the best snuggle bug. 

We are currently looking for an invisible fence, not ideal but we have a little over an acre of land so to fence the whole yard would be a fortune. We are still working on some potty training but working on it.

Besides the potty there really are no other issues. What every his makeup is, it is awesome he is so friendly. If you every get another litter of this makeup I would adopt another one.”



“I’ve attached some of our favorite pictures of Bodie so far. He continues to adapt well to our life style and is a constant source of joy and entertainment for us.

Thank you guys for all that you do!”




“Nala is doing great during her first week! She is very lovey and just such a joy. There have been some rocky patches, we have some pretty bad separation anxiety- she even ripped apart the plastic bottom of her crate. Not by chewing either, this was broken with her paws! Other than that we are thoroughly crate and house training. She is great with commands and has only had one accident in the house! Crate training is getting better with each day. She has a vet appointment and we are having a fence installed tomorrow so she will be even happier!”


Charlie FKA Crybaby

Charlie FKA Crybaby

Charlie FKA Crybaby

“Charlie is doing well and we love him to pieces.  He still has some anxiety issues but we are working through them.  I have attached a picture.”





Pearl FKA Kacie

“Thank you for the hello. Our little Pearl puppy is now pretty big. She is the best dog ever, so many sweet stories about her greatness. She is so cute, smart, loyal, obedient, friendly, dog and kid friendly, well mannered, healthy……….We hit the jackpot!

Hooray 4 To Love a Canine!”


Maddie FKA Kari

Kari, now Maddie, celebrated her 1 year adoptiversary. Her mom wrote: “Thanks for reaching out to us! We are totally in love with our Maddie. She’s such a sweet heart and a huge part of our family. Thank you!









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