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Barbie now Luna wTheo FKA Liam

Now that the Passover Seders are done & the sun is setting on Easter, it’s time to wrap up our week with some non-prank adoption notices.

We’re always happy to see one of our alumni, but it’s a super special occasion when one comes by to adopt a new brother or sister. This week we got to see how much Theo FKA Liam has grown and help him celebrate the 2nd anniversary of his gotcha day by adopting Barbie. We’re sure he’ll be an awesome big brother who will make sure the latest chapter of her story is a very happy tail indeed.

Also adopted this week were: Bert, Campbell, Cheddar, Harry, Lidge, Lola, Mary, Snoopy (now Sammy) & Trooper.


We, of course, also have some updates to share as well



“A year ago today Nala came into our lives thanks to TLC! When we first saw her she was bigger than we expected for a puppy and questioned if she really was. Little did we know we were getting the biggest love bug, in size and heart. Thank you for helping Bring Nala into our lives. Our family wouldn’t be the same without her!

She’s about 65 lbs and SO tall. We did the DNA test and she is 25% Akita, 25% American Staffordshire terrier, 25% German Shepherd and 12% boxer”


Mazie Grace FKA Ruth (R litter of September 2017)

“Mazie Grace had a big day!! She met the Easter Bunny and passed her intermediate puppy class!! 🐶 🐕 ‼️.”


Lily FKA Louise (aka Sweet Louise, mom to Thelma & the flower litter of Feb 2016)

“I ran into Kathleen today at the grocery store. I heard she recently adopted a German Shepherd. It’s so good to hear when a dog finds a good home. Seeing her made me think of sending a quick update on Lily. While I’m ready for the snow to be over, Lily loved getting one more chance to play in it. When there’s snow on the ground you’ll be sure to find some of it on her snout since she can’t help but keep burrowing in the snow. Since (for the most part) it’s gotten a little less cold we’ve gotten to spent a good amount of days at both Exton Park and Struble Trail.  Lily really loves the outdoors and can’t seem to get enough. Plus Lily is quite the charmer and always makes friends wherever she goes. At the park recently she greeted an old man who said being greeted by Lily made his day. We continue to make memories with Lily every day and absolutely love having her in our lives.”


Winston FKA Monkey

“I wanted to let you know that Winston is doing great! He is such a happy, lovable boy! He loves people and other dogs.  We are enjoying him immensely!

Thank you for your organization and all that you do!”


Nani FKA Boots (Mittens’ pup)

“Nani (aka Boots Mittens Puppy) update. Nani is doing very well. She is fun, playful and very smart. She already knows her name and can sit on command. She enjoyed playing outside in the snow with the kids and loved jumping for snowflakes She also loves snuggling with her big dog brother Max! She is still getting used to the cat but we are working with her and the cat is being super patient!  “


Quill FKA McGill (M litter of March 2017)

“A year ago today, I came in to see a little puppy named McGill, who was found in a box with his brothers. And I fell in love!

He’s since been named Quill and has grown into such a sweet and loving dog that makes my days so much better. He’s still has his cuddling pup charm and continues to just love everyone and every dog he meets.

He travels with me, goes into work with me, and is highly anticipated by my family when we have family functions. He fit right in from day one and I am so happy I was able to adopt him.

I just wanted to share some photos from over the year and say thank you for all you do! You were able to find my forever dog and I can’t imagine life without him. Continue to help dogs find their forever family. “


Macy FKA Maisey

Macy FKA Maisey

Macy FKA Maisey

“We have decided to call her Macy and since it’s so close to Maisy, I’m sure she didn’t notice the difference. We recently lost 2 dogs, Maverick and Kasey and we love that Macy sounds like a combination of their 2 names. 

She’s doing really well and we love having her here. Our house was too quiet without a dog, so we’re enjoying hearing the pitter patter of her little paws.”



Nesta FKA Nelda

“We named her Nesta. I thought someone mentioned to take her into the vet in 2 weeks? I just made the appt but I can try and see if they have any earlier dates.  She is is doing well, getting used to our house and she’s already crate trained-working on the house training now. “


Nate is still waiting on a name

“We are loving “Not-Nate”!! Lol We are almost decided on a name….stay tuned. He is such a great puppy!!! I have never had a dog and so I am learning and loving it so far:)! He is responsive and loves to follow directions, ALREADY!!!! We bathed him and he was such a little gentleman! We have a visit scheduled with our vet tonight to introduce them to…Not-Nate ;)! 

Can you review with us once again what Nate’s situation was?? Was he abandoned with his litter mates? Was he from a puppy mill?!?? He is very comfortable in his crate but

hates going through doorways🤔🤔🤔.

We are so happy and we think he loves us too.

Thank you for all you do!!”


There isn’t much to tell about Nate’s history. He, like way too many unplanned puppies, was just brought into a shelter along with the rest of his litter (including Jazmine FKA Nikki & Zira FKA Nakita, who also sent updates this week)


Jazmine FKA Nikki

“Thank you! We have decided to change her name to Jazmine instead (Jazz for short). She is the sweetest little girl and we are already so in love with her! We just got home from her first vet trip at West Chester veterinarian medical center and they were all smitten with her!”


Zira FKA Nakita

“We are so happy to have this little girl in our family. We did change her name to Zira. She seems to be adjusting well and loves her kitty big brother and sister.

We have her scheduled for a vet appointment next Friday to get her follow up heart guard and anything else she may need. After the vet is settled, we will be starting some training. 

Attached I have some photos. 🙂

Have a great day and a Happy Easter!”


Lilly FKA Ada

Lilly FKA Ada

Lilly FKA Ada

“my family adopted Ada (now Lilly) a few months back. We adore this pup so very much! She is doing fantastic and a wonderful addition to our family. I just wanted to give you all an update on this cutie.”





Emma Rose FKA Luna Coco

“We are so excited about welcoming Emma Rose (Luna-CoCo) to our family! We are so very happy (including our little Scooter). We decided to change Luna’s name due to our neighbor having a new dog named Luna also. 

Emma has been transitioning very well. She is great in the crate which is up in our bedroom (she sleeps all night:).

Emma is very trainable and she already has sit, down and come pretty well mastered. She is being pretty consistent with being housebroken also…keeping our fingers crossed on that one!️ I am attaching a couple of pictures you are sure to get a chuckle from…

Emma loves being outside…enjoying nature…including fishing in the mud and catching something…haha Our hearts are filled with JOY!!

Thank you for all you do! Your group is AMAZING… I will be sure to recommend you and your wonderful staff!!💕



“We are so in love with Cameron! He is adjusting well. He had only had one accident in the home (due to my fault) and is sleeping in his crate at night with no accidents. He is a cuddle bug. We decided to keep his name but just shortened it to Cam. My young son kept calling him camera, lol. He goes his first vet appointment today. 

We are forever grateful for  giving us the chance to love him. Our family finally feels whole again since losing our previous dog. His foster did a great job working with him.

We thank you guys!”


Otis FKA Carlito

“Otis is doing great! He is just the best pup we could have asked for. He has lots of doggy friends in our building that he enjoys playing with and is starting his AKC good citizen training class tomorrow. 

Does Otis’s sister or mom attend any of the meet ups? We would love to let them play together.”

editor’s note:  we didn’t have Carlito’s mom but his sister Santana changed her name to Lily (our last update from her was in January). We’ll try to put you in touch with one another


Charm FKA Twilight

“Twilight’s new name is Charm, and she’s doing really well! She seems very relaxed and comfortable.

Attached are two pictures”


Robbie FKA Robert

Robbie FKA Robert

Robbie FKA Robert

“Robbie is doing great – he is just a wonderful dog 🙂

I have attached a picture for you.

Thanks for all of the good work you do!”




“Sweetie is doing great and we’re so happy to have her! Pics attached.”



“We kept Ginger’s name. We already have a appointment with Lums Pond Vet next Wed. She is a good fit for us. Thank you so much. “


Jax FKA Spuddy

“ Jax is doing great. He brings many smiles to our face every day. He is a goofy, silly, lovable dog. We are so happy we choose to adopt him. (I think he is pretty happy too!) “


Piper FKA Carolyn (Caroline)

Piper FKA Carolyn (Caroline)

Piper FKA Carolyn (Caroline)

“I received a card from you guys and I wanted to reach out and say thanks. Piper is doing great, she’s getting so big! The rickets in her paw is completely healed. Here’s a picture, I’ll keep updates coming. Thanks again, Piper is the best!”








“It is going WONDERFULLY…Benji really is the best dog! Walks great on a leash!  Not one accident in the house! We go to the Dog Park! He is laid back! Barks only when he thinks people are coming to the house! Crate Trained! 

I am looking into basic obedience classes at the Wilmington Kennel Club. We had a check with our vet about week after we brought him home. Everything great but monitoring a sore right back leg. And he got a great wash and brush out from a local intuitive dog groomer/stylist. 

I would like to maybe start looking for a pup in June. We like having 2 dogs around. 

Please keep us in mind for a Pug! “


Dillan FKA Mr Dilla

“ Just an update on our little Dillan. He’s had his 2nd vet visit & he is doing well. He loves everybody & especially every dog! We’ve taken him to the dog park in Phoenixville. Omg he’s a riot. They call him fearless.  

 His baby teeth are falling out, so the biting has gotten better. The kids next door are falling in love with him. “



“Good Morning.  Lincoln is doing so well!!!  He is such a cute and funny dog.  We had a trainer come to our house to help us train him because he comes across as aggressive when we walk (even though the last thing Lincoln could ever be is aggressive…we say he is extremely playful).  The training went really well and he really is a joy!  Of course I am working on trying to get a third dog (one of our dogs has since passed since we got Lincoln) so you may be hearing from us again!  Thank you!!  I have also attached a cute picture of Lincoln!  He has taken ownership of a chair in our house as well as my son’s bed!  Lol”





















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