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Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2016, we’ve already gotten started working on this year’s New Year resolution of saving even more lives & creating more happy families. As our first adoption of 2017, London is sure she started her year out right. She’s the 4th TLC pup to join her extended family and we couldn’t be happier for her.

London’s not the only one who’ll have a TLC alum to show her the ropes because her sister Lydia was adopted by Bear FKA Laker and his parents! Hannah, Iris & Jenson were also adopted in time to ring in the new year with their new families.


We also have some updates to share:


Remy FKA Sheldon

Remy FKA Sheldon

Remy FKA Sheldon

I adopted Sheldon (now Remy) and we just got a gift for Christmas of a genetic test for him. I thought whoever ended up adopting his litter mate Sanders might be interested in the results. Their breeds were:

  • 25% Great Pyrenees
  • 5% German Shepherd
  • 5% Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • 50% mixed breed below specific-breed detection threshold with ~20% Asian dog group ~20% scent hound group, ~5% sporting dog group, 5% guard dog group


He was also negative for all of the genetic mutations Wisdom Panel tests for and estimated to be full grown between 79-124lbs (based on his genetic make up and his weight of 24lbs at 4.5 months, neutered).

Remy is a joy and thank you so much for bringing him to our lives!


Griffin FKA Harry

Thank you so much to everyone at TLC for bringing Griffin (FKA Harry) into our lives! He is the most wonderful dog imaginable! His foster moms did a phenomenal job teaching him basic commands, socializing him, and getting him used to crate training. The adoption process was straight forward and so, so fast, but without sacrificing being thorough and thoughtful about if this was the right pup for us. Again, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect dog. Griffin is sweet, smart, and absolutely adorable. I am so happy to have the newest member of our family!


Ozzy FKA Osman

Ozzy is 9 months now and a bit over 40lb. He is quite the personality, very strong-willed but eager to please (when he decides the reward is worth it 🙂 ). He loves his big brother, TLC alum Rocky (fka Earl), and loves to remind him constantly how fun it is having a little brother. Luckily Rocky is a very patient dog :). Ozzy was our first foster, and a foster fail after he got returned, and we are so happy that he came back to us since he is such a big part of our family now. Thank you TLC for all the wonderful work you all do!


We’d like to thank everyone who donated and helped spread the word about our Wags For Warriors campaign! We know that some people are anxiously waiting to hear which organization received the most votes to win the pay it forward matching donation. The race is very close and we’re still waiting for a few donors to follow up with us to let us know how they voted so we hope to hear from them soon so we can make an announcement later in the week.



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