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Today was Miles For Mutts 2016 and we are so happy to say that we not only had an incredible turnout, we also had an absolutely beautiful day. The gorgeous weather and gorgeous grounds at Manatawny Creek Winery made for a wonderful backdrop for our adoptables to make new friends and for us to catch up with alumni. We’ll create a post about Miles For Mutts later this week, after we receive the pictures taken by the lovely & talented Amy Collins. For now we’ll focus on the other great events that occurred this week: the adoptions.

Angeline’s remaining pups, Belle, Beverly, Bianca & Buttercream celebrated their gotcha days this week. Momma Angeline is still waiting for her happily ever after, but is glad to know all of her beautiful babies have found loving homes. Also getting adopted this week were Chuck, Coco, Colt, Faith, Neal and Piper (who’s considering a name change to Buffy).


We didn’t get too many updates this week but are looking forward to the pictures from today to see which alumni will show up in them. We know we caught up with quite a few but didn’t have time to snap too many pictures ourselves.

Callie FKA August

Callie FKA August

Callie FKA August

She is doing great! Her and Bella (our first rescue) are best friends. They are both in training now to work on their socialization skills and commands better! Callie is still skiddish around new people but she has come such a long way from when we first got her! She’s our little cuddle bug! I saw that her sister, Ayda, had been adopted! I would love to give those owners my information if they were ever interested in getting the two back together for a play date or maybe meet up at a TLC event!



Quinn has been such a great addition!  Since we adopted him back in February he has more than doubled in size and now weighs about 65 lbs! Hopefully he’s almost finished growing.  He is a very energetic and playful pup who enjoys going on runs and hikes, playing with other dogs at the dog park and doggy daycare.  He also likes the water and learned to swim this summer in creeks, lakes and the Atlantic Ocean! 

Quinn is very smart and has done a great job with training.  He’s gone to two formal training classes and loves learning new tricks.  We are still working on getting him comfortable around strangers and new people coming into the house, both of which are a little stressful and intimidating for Quinn.

It’s hard to believe he will be a year old in about a week!  We couldn’t be happier with Quinnie, thank you for bringing us together!

Mia FKA Rosabel & Wrangler

We continue to get DNA results back on various pups from the R litter from May of 2014. This time around, it’s Mia FKA Rosabel who, unsurprisingly, is mostly Beagle & American Foxhound with  surprising amount of Golden Retriever.  Wrangler’s results show that he is a Border Collie – Pekingese mix.


Ivey (mom to the I litter from December 2014)

We were pretty confident that adorabull momma Ivey was some sort of bull terrier mix so we were not surprised to find out she’s a staffy mix (mind you, considering her petite size we didn’t expect American Staffordshire) but we all did a collective “huh?” when Chow showed up in yet another Wisdom panel . . .

We hope you all had as great a week-end as we did. It’s back to the workweek grind tomorrow but having a great pup to come home to, always makes a day brighter.



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