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Alli FKA Echo with Hazel

While Mother Nature may not be having the best of days, we’re hoping that all the other moms out there are a celebrating joyful Mother’s Day! We know that the pups that were adopted this week were very happy to celebrate their first Mother’s Day in their furever homes and the rest who are still waiting to meet their families are making it clear how much they appreciate their foster moms.

This week Alli FKA Echo decided it was time to put a tag on it to make Hazel her sister. Fitzgerald FKA Darwin came to visit us this week after asking for a little brother and is happy to announce that David has joined their family.

Also adopted this week were: Connie, Crissy, DeeDee, Fausnoch (now Rosie), Fredo (now Griswold), Funder, Joey, Lacy, Lannie, Mandy, Meesha, Missy, Mollie, Puddin & Ronnie!




We have some updates to share as well:

Versace FKA Kors (Guess’s pup) & McCall

Versace FKA Kors and McCall_

Versace FKA Kors and McCall

“Thanks! We love them! They have distinct personalities and are a big part of our family! They love to come running when I enter the kitchen. Each one patiently waits their turn to get a treat! Even when their heads are touching side by side, they wait their turn! They are good boys! “





Ricky FKA Valentino (Guess’s pup)

“Thanks for thinking of us. We couldn’t love him more! Ricky has been a perfect addition to our family. He loves us, he is so great with our 5 kids and is super trustworthy with them and their friends. He just loves life and we love him!! Ricky loves to go for runs with me and he loves his neighborhood girlfriend Belle and his cousin Winston who he gets to play with a few times a week! He is a very active, happy, healthy guy! We hope to see you soon at one of your events. We will keep in touch and bring him by for a visit!

Thanks again!”



“My grandkids just love Kasie.  She will let them do anything to her which is a good thing since two of them are under 2 years old.

We are trying to break her from jumping on people or nipping at your ankles when you walk away which is harder than we thought.   She’s in training now so I hope it pays off.

Other than that, she is a great dog!”



“I decided to keep his name. He doesn’t seem to know it yet but he will! We’re currently working on house training and basic obedience. He’s a great, cuddly dog! Thanks for bringing him into my life! We have a vet appointment on Thursday!” 


“I would like to let you know she is adjusting very well . She sleeps on the bed we got for her and she like to go for walks . We also had her to our vet on Tuesday and every thing went well . Thank you so much for a wonderful companion . “


Podrick FKA Jim B

“Our adopted dog has been settling in quite well! We’ve chosen to name him Podrick, which he has learned incredibly well. I tested the other day, and he no longer responds to “Jim” or “Jim B.” Podrick has seemed to really enjoy our 1mi walk through the woods on our property, which we take twice a day. We’re doing everything we can to keep him active to wear off his never-ending puppy energy. When he’s not out hiking or consuming classical works of literature (aka, chewing on books), he spends his time sleeping on his dog bed, cuddling in our laps, or playing fetch (only in doors, as he’s too excited by all the great smells and distractions outside). Attached, you’ll find a few pictures of Podrick as he’s grown 7lbs in the past 3 weeks. 

We’ve chosen to make him a regular at Media Vet, which has him all up to date on his shots and check-ups. He’s properly registered (with the correct name change) on his micro-chip. He’s come a long way in his training, and we’re excited to see how he continues to develop. Consistency is key!”


Bella FKA Juliette

We’re in frequent contact with Bella’s mom, and she’s been a very busy girl since she was adopted. She recently did a hike with Muddy Pawz, went to a pool party and just got her, somewhat surprising, DNA results back.






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