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Let’s start this post out with a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who has ever been a mom, regardless of whether their babies have been human or other animal. This should be a day of fond reflection for all moms, everyone who’s been lucky enough to have a great mom and those of us who miss our mothers dearly. It’s been a great week for the mother’s among us as 3 of our mommas were adopted this week: Guess (mom to the designer litter), Samantha (mom to Sammy & Kitt FKA Sarah) & Anna Lee all found the perfect place to call home. Guess’s pup Valentino (now Ricky) is in heaven being part of a family with a lot of kids! Mae’s (now Minka) foster family realized she fit in just perfectly and decided to make it permanent so we’re pretty sure she’ll crop up in some pics & videos with future foster pups. Cherry, Kellsie, Sookie, Sydney, Terk (now Chip) & Wolf also found the perfect families for them!



We also have some updates to share:


Frazier FKA Blue Boy

Frazier FKA Blue Boy

Frazier FKA Blue Boy

Frazier (formally blue boy), out for a walk yesterday.”






Samwise FKA Wrangler

Samwise FKA Wrangler

Samwise FKA Wrangler

“Just wanted to let you guys know Samwise is doing fantastic! Everybody loves him and he seems pretty happy too :)”



“Kasie seems to be adjusting pretty well.  She stays in her cage all night and starts barking around 6:30 to go out.  I leave for work at 7AM so my husband is with her all day. 

As far as I know, we are keeping her name the same.  Although one of my sons said we should change it to ABBI as the first initial of our grand children’s names.”


Maverick FKA Legend

“Maverick (legend) is doing so great ! We love this boy so much. He has already gained 3lbs and counting. We took a visit to the vet and have started one on one training classes.

Maverick can now sit, lay down, give a paw and is learning touch. He loves playing outside, laying in the sun and getting belly rubs. He also loves to bite everything he can get his mouth on. 

We have met some new doggie friends and Maverick can’t wait to be as big as them!”


Lucie FKA Oatmeal

Lucie FKA Oatmeal

Lucie FKA Oatmeal

Lucie is a happy camper in our home! She is loved by all. “






Bella FKA Britt

“We are all doing well! Bella is the love of our life and she knows it! She’s quite the princess.

Bella is well and has her own Facebook page. She visits your Facebook page often and I believe you and your staff can see pictures of Belles.”


Gatsby FKA Eclipse

“Hi TLC Rescue!

Finally getting around to sending some pictures and an update on Gatsby. Sorry for the delay. We had a heck of a time transferring files from the phone to the computer for upload. Along those lines, I’ll send a couple videos in a separate email in case they don’t go through.

So…we’re coming up on five months now with Gatsby and my goodness has she come a long way. 🙂

She was so shy and timid when we first brought her home. Happy, but timid. She would rarely agree to go for walks around the neighborhood, was afraid of just about any noise, etc. She still had fun, and of course we still loved having her around, but she took some real TLC to come out of her shell. And wow, did she ever come out! Some changes…

– We spent hours and hours coaxing her to leave the driveway and be comfortable going for a walk. Now, she can’t wait to get out into the neighborhood to say hi to her friends every morning. There’s Oliver, who stops by around 7:30. Eva, who we usually see at her place around 7:00 (pic enclosed, video coming in a separate email). And other “acquaintances” who she’s always happy to see. Then at 8:30 we leave for her “job”…walking the kids down to the bus stop. WHICH SHE LOVES! She’s so proud…tail straight up and wagging, checking to make sure the entire pack is together, and saying hi to everyone. She’s a tremendous hit and she loves all the attention.

– We used to have to pick her up to get her in the car. Now, she jumps right in. I take her most mornings, early, to the park down the street where we hunt for stray baseballs left behind from games the night before. So far we’ve collected more than 50! We go for a nice run there and some games of fetch before going back home for breakfast and “play dates” with Oliver and Eva. Oh, and trips to the dog park. She loves those!

– She used to be TERRIFIED of garbage cans. Now, she barks at them. Even plays with them. Sure sign of growing confidence. 😉

Those are just a few examples. The difference between her then and now is really staggering. She’s just loving life and all the attention she’s getting, the comfy places to sleep, the friends, the great food…everything. She’s such a joy and we can’t imagine what it was like not to have her around. It’s hard to remember life before she got here. It really is.

Some pictures are enclosed. As you can see, she’s equally happy going for a run as she is taking a nap, and striking one of her amazing sleeping poses. Still can’t figure out how she gets into those positions, or finds them comfortable, but she does.

So…thank you so much TLC. Gatsby has become a true and cherished member of the family. And we look forward to more fun times in the years ahead.”


Kentucky aka Tuck

Tuck aka Kentucky

Tuck aka Kentucky

“Tuck is absolutely wonderful and we are more in love with this girl every day! We feel that she has completely acclimated to our family and is very comfortable with us as we are with her.  She is incredibly well behaved and guests in our home always love her! I don’t think a day goes by that one of us doesn’t say again how lucky we are to have her! She is loved to pieces!!! 😊

I attached a photo I just took last night…enjoy!”



Mac FKA Versace (Guess’s pup)

Mac FKA Versace

Mac FKA Versace

“Everything is going well. We changed his name to Mac. He is learning so much and has adjusted extremely well. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated. Many thanks, especially to Tracey for all her dedication. Mac has his vet appointment next Thursday for rabies shot and check up. This picture was taken while the baby cried, music played and the toddler danced-Mr. Bullet Proof.”



Zoey FKA Dayla

We wanted to give you an update on Dayla (now Zoey). She’s been with us for almost 2 months and she’s become a wonderful part of our family. She still has some puppy energy, but it comes in bursts in between lots of cozy naps. She is loving and friendly and we’re so glad she’s with us! Also, thank you for giving us the chance to meet with her a few times before we adopted her so we could see if our son (who is allergic) had a reaction. Everything has been fine–no reactions at all. Thanks for bringing Zoey into our family!”


“These past 6 months have flown by, yet feels like Stiles has been with us forever. He is adjusting wonderfully and I truly cannot imagine our lives without him. He is the sweetest boy EVER!!

He is most definitely a hound – our boy loves to hunt!! He sees a squirrel or a rabbit and he’s off to the races – lol.

I have attached a few pictures so you can see how big he’s gotten – all 52lbs of him!! :)”


Jax FKA Spuddy

“Almost 2 months since we welcomed Jax home. 

 Jax is such a good boy and so eager to please. He has learned so many commands; we couldn’t be more proud. We love that he so puppy like and is so curious about everything. He follows his “mommy” everywhere, adores his  human and doggie siblings and gives everyone he meets kisses. Out hearts are so full and happy! Thanks for bringing this love into our life.”








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