May 102015
Lily finds a new mom

Lily finds a new mom

Happy Mother’s Day to moms of kids of all species! It was a great week for our pups that found their new moms this week and we hope it was an equally great week for you.  The weather was nice, for the most part, but the mugginess, appearance of mosquitoes and this week’s adoption of Lily & Randi – both treated for heartworm thanks to financial assistance provided by Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR) – makes this a great time to remind you all to remember to give your furbabies their monthly heartworm preventative.  You really should keep your pets on the preventative year-round, but if you haven’t, take them to the vet to be tested and then get the prescription for the preventative.  The $6-8/per month cots of the medication is well worth the ease of mind of knowing your pets are protected and not having to pay for heartworm treatment.

In addition to Lily & Randi, Jasmine (now Mia), Jennifer (now Ember), Lola & Rollins were adopted as well. We already received a quick update on Jennifer:

Our adoption experience could not have gone better. Jennifer is now named Ember. Her transition to her forever home has been finding Ember more at ease every day. May, our older dog, has adjusted fine with Ember proving to be a bigger help than expected. Our appointment at Whitelands is next week. She is enrolled in the Collegeville puppy training class. Thank you for your help and we look forward to more future involvement with TLC.

We also finally got a happy tail picture of Bailey, who was adopted last week-end, along with her human siblings.


We received some more nice updates too:


Mojo FKA Snow White

Just wanted to send you a couple photos of the rough day Magnus and Mojo had last weekend hanging with me during our yard sale.  One woman asked me how I trained them so well…she didn’t know that Magnus had been playing with another dog for hours and the puppy Mojo hadn’t had a nap all day….

They are such a great pair.  The constant play has decreased to a reasonable level and they both go with me on errands, sitting on either side of the back seat oh so proper!

We are so happy!


We love our Blakely!! Everything is great!! Attached is a picture of Blakely and her other two four-legged companions.

Bella FKA Jolie

Bella has grown twice in length and height since we had her. She and my shih Tzu Remington are in love. Mommy makes her homemade food which she loves. Mommy takes her and Remington for daily walks. Daddy plays ball with her everyday.


 Here’s our baby Stella, adopted from you last October. She’s so happy it’s warm enough to be outside more. (Would love to see any pics of her 3 sisters adopted back in October, too.)

Dawkins FKA Sampson

Thank you TLC for brining Dawkins (Sampson) to us! Today is his 2nd bday and we are so thrilled he is in our lives!

Lexi FKA Jana

 She is getting along just fine with her canine siblings. Loves to go to work with her new owner at the fire house and keep the guys company.

We also received a great picture of Lexi’s littermate Nova FKA Joni

Pepper FKA Natalya

Everything is going great with Natalya (renamed to Pepper). She had her first vet visit, and the vet believes her to be 6 months old! Time for some training classes 😉

I attached a few photos; So far Pepper is getting along great with our dog Ruby. Their physical characteristics match, and they are starting to pick up some personality traits too.. too cute!

Joey FKA Ulysses

All is going better than I ever expected and Joey is adapting beautifully! He was at the vet on Tuesday and Joey is fine. Also confirmed the pet insurance so we are good to go. Joey and the cat, Bud, are beginning to play and looks like they will bond quickly.


 May 10, 2015  Happy Tails

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