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OK so it’s more like Monday afternoon quarterbacking but let’s just say that someone had some tech issues that needed to be resolved before she could get around to sharing this week’s happy tails.

Our happy little Brittany Spaniel, Bosley, is still waiting for a teeny script re-write of his happy tail.  It seems he’s not so sure he wants the constant Charlie’s Angels references and is hoping for a cool name from one of momma’s scifi-fantasy collection.  Dax is the current front-runner but a final decision is still pending.

Other pups celebrating a gotcha day to wrap up their dogust were: Evan (now Baxter), Melle, Jacey, Wesley, Ethan, Jona, Christy, Emma (now Lily),  Brodie, Jayme, Gala (now Ziba) & Colby

We heard from some alumni to:


Rubin FKA Rocky

Rubin FKA Rocky

Rocky FKA Rubin

Just want to say thanks for bringing Rocky aka Rubin into my life after loosing my loving dog of 14 years. Rubin is doing wonderful and recently found us a infant squirrel that he hid in his mouth for us to raise. It turns out he is a chocolate lab and whippet. He loves to run and play fetch and Frisbee. He is extremely fast and loves the outdoors


Dobro FKA Copper

Dobro FKA Cooper

Dobro FKA Cooper

Happy 1 year Adopt-aversary from Dobro, FKA as Copper! I would love to see pictures of his litter mates who were also adopted!



The Dude FKA Chaplin

The Dude FKA Chaplin

The Dude FKA Chaplin

Can’t believe we have had this guy for a year already! The Dude, fka Chaplin, loves his family and brothers and we love him!!!




Fred FKA Apollo

Fred is doing well, and we’re all starting to settle into our new lives together. It’s an adjustment for everyone! But we absolutely love Fred, and it seems that he likes us too! I’ve been delinquent with taking pictures but as we get into our routine I’ll be back at it and send some along.

Timmy FKA Zander

Timmy FKA ZanderI just wanted to give you an update on Zander. I changed his name to Timmy and updated the microchip information (we scanned him at the vet and confirmed that his information is up to date). He had his first vet appointment and he’s being treated for hook worms right now (he got three doses of Panacur and will get 3 more in 2 weeks, then another vet appointment to confirm that he’s better). He now knows Sit, Down, and Paw, which impressed the vet because she said most dogs at his age are still trying to get Sit. I’m surprised everyday that he was not adopted earlier because he is the lowest maintenance puppy I have ever seen and everyone that meets him loves him. He gets compliments all the time. We’ve been having a good time playing, training and enjoying each others company. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world that I have this dog in my life. Here is a picture of Timmy from a few days ago. He looks like he’s getting bigger

Groucho FKA Jonnie

We decided to change the pup’s name to Groucho and he has been adjusting very well at home. We have come a long way with our potty training in just one week! Yesterday was his first visit to the vet and he did great.

Cairn FKA Tanner

Cairn FKA TannerHere are some pictures of Cairn..he’s quite the adventure pup. Hope these make you guys smile! I didn’t get any of him playing with our family’s other dogs at the beach last night, but they’re all having a great time!



Jackson (Jax) FKA Aiden

Aiden has settled in just fine. He loves being here! He calmed down very quickly after the first 24 hours. He picked up a schedule very easily and is one smart pup. We decided to change his name to Jackson/Jax!




Urv is doing great! We love his name so unique! He is very smart with a timid and shy temperament. We are all in love with him. Each day his confidence is growing. He walks well on leash so it is a true pleasure to take walks with him.

We are so happy he has become part of our family.

Thank you all for all that you do for these wonderful animals!

Daisy FKA Yola

Yola is wonderful. She’s a sweet, smart, beautiful, good girl who loves to cuddle. Her new name is Daisy. Daisy visited her vet yesterday. We’re treating her for giardia (editor’s note: this is covered by the 30-day free trial of pet insurance TLC adopter’s receive). You might want to mention that to Yara’s new family. Otherwise, she is a healthy puppy. Daisy was very shy, as you probably know. She has blossomed. She is still very alert to sounds, but she is settling in and I think she realizes that we are her family and she is at home.

Thank you for your dedication to rescuing dogs. We had such a good experience with TLC and my teenage daughters plan to volunteer with Mini Paws.

Luna FKA Regina

Luna FKA ReginaWanted to send you a photo of Luna and her new buddy Ellie. All is going very well. Luna is settling in…she loves to play with Ellie and the kids. She cuddles and enjoys frequent belly rubs. Life is good for her….thank you!



Belle FKA Roxy

Belle (aka. Roxy) is settling in very well and we are having so much fun with her. Shes always barking at her reflections haha. My mom has been helping me with all of the paperwork and online things as well as training her. We appreciate everything you have done to help us with Belle.

Max FKA Hansel

HanselDNA results are in for Max, fka Hansel. He is a GSD, Siberian Husky, Boxer, Weimaraner Mix




Odin FKA Columbus

Columbus is now Odin, and he’s doing great! He’s great with the kids and they’re doing really well with him. The cats aren’t too sure about him still! They’re keeping their distance.

More pictures





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