Oct 012017
Zebco w/Bailey FKA Dalaney

Well the final stretch to Miles For Mutts was exhausting and, now that the event is over, we’re as ready to curl up for a much needed nap as the dogs are. Thank you to all of our sponsors, vendors and, of course, all of you who came out to participate today!

Our focus on the event didn’t get in the way of making sure some of our available pups were adopted this week as sweet little Zebco found his way into a great family that includes TLC alum Bailey FKA Dalaney. Also celebrating gotcha days this week were: Carlito (now Otis), Jesse, Lincoln, Rachel, Robert, Sasha & Zeus.



We also have some updates to share as well

Toby FKA Jacob

“Hi TLC,

We adopted Toby back on July 25th and he was about 5 pounds. He’s now 13.4 pounds and doing great. He’s an active pup who goes on long walks several times a day and enjoys playing fetch or chasing the kids around. Thanks again for all you do!”


Sadie FKA Shay

Sadie FKA Shay

the most awesome update picture ever!

“She has been and is a wonderful pup, and has been very good for Emmie (our puppy mill rescue); they became fast friends in no time and love to play (although Emmie is still learning how to play like a dog).   

Sadie has had her moments (a little bit of “terrible teens” and more chewing and destructiveness than we’re used to), but is an incredibly sweet and engaging soul, who just wants to be everyone’s friend – except maybe our cat Wilbur (see the attached pic of them having words).  Even when they “fight,” she bites lightly and he keeps his claws in and just bats at her, so I think deep down they do like each other. 

Hope all is well with you and TLC is finding good homes for everyone who needs one.”


Cooper FKA Kyzer

Cooper FKA Kyzer

Cooper FKA Kyzer

Cooper FKA Kyzer is doing great!  We had our first visit with Dr. Shannon on Monday, he’s up to 17 lbs and he was a champ!  Crate training is going awesome….house training not so much. 

We signed up for Miles for Mutts this coming weekend and are on Team Peppers Paws.

Have any of the other K litter dogs been DNA tested?  We’re dying to know what Cooper is!  Did anyone see his mom?

Here’s picture from this past weekend.”





“Sweetie is doing GREAT! She has really come out of her shell for the most part. Still afraid of my husband and step-mom, both of whom she sees every day, but we’re working on it. She is no longer under weight and now plays with toys and chases sticks. She is incredibly sweet. Her only issue is pulling when she sees another dog on the walk. All she wants is to get to that dog so she can so hi. No aggression whatsoever but the pulling is rough. We will ask a trainer for some help but if you have any tips that would be great. She attended the Doylestown Arts Fest a couple of weeks ago and loved it. She was fine with people of all ages coming up to pet her. I have attached a pic so you can see how healthy she looks.


I do receive your newsletters. I also entered your Miles for Mutts event on our community websites, including www.MontgomeryCountyAlive.com. I’ll make sure I continue to do that when I see your events coming up.


Thanks again for connecting us with our pup!”





“Thank you for reaching out!

Daisy is settling in great. We will be keeping her name as she responds to it very well.

Her first vet appointment has been made for this coming Tuesday.

Attached is a picture of her at her favorite place, the dog park!

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. She is going to be one spoiled girl!”


Luna FKA Carabelle

“Carabelle, now Luna, is doing great! She’s such a sweet girl and a perfect fit for our home. Our families love her and agree she’s awesome! We’ve done some basic training and will be reaching out to the trainer for tips on walking behaviors and anxiety. She’s crate and house trained which is great! We definitely lucked out with our girl and are so happy she chose us! We have a vet appointment scheduled for Monday, which was the earliest they could get us in. Here’s some pictures of our Luna! She’s definitely made herself at home, and is spoiled as can be! Thank you for reaching out! We will keep in touch!”


Buffy FKA Piper

“Can’t believe we’ve had Buffy for a whole year already!  What a wonderful dog!  She gets more wonderful all the time.  She gives us so much love and laughter, sometimes we wonder what we ever did to deserve her!  I hope you received the pictures we sent recently.  She is so pretty!  Everyone just loves her!  We have a fenced in front yard, but she never goes out even if the gate is left open.  The other evening, I went out the side gate.  When I looked back to see where she was, she was sitting there inside the open gate waiting for me to tell her she could come out.  Talk about being obedient!  When I told her it was okay to come out, she ran out and romped through the leaves and had so much fun.  She is a truly happy dog!”






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