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We’re pretty glad that Mother Nature spared us from snow yesterday since it meant our pack walk with our buddies at Buds went on as planned (and everybody had an awesome time)!

When our Kelly came to us we thought she was nearing the end of her pregnancy but quickly became aware something was amiss. Sadly we had to take her to our friends at VRC where we discovered the pregnancy was not meant to be and she needed an emergency hysterectomy. This sweet girl was a total champ through her whole ordeal and recovery, so we really happy to announce that it didn’t take her too long to find the perfect furever family for herself.

Also adopted this week were: Awesome, Felicity, Hammer, Harley, Latte, Lawson, Maryanne, Mr Needles, Nettie (now Athena), Nyrobi, the Professor, Sidney, Skipper, and the last of Mittens’ pups, Socks.



We also have some pupdates to share with you:



“So we recently bought beach house and decided to go down for a weekend. Macy loved the beach!”


Speaking of Macy, we also received updates on/pics of  her pups!


Ruckus FKA Donald (Macy’s pup)

“Hi!! I had a missed call from Erin last week checking on Ruckus and haven’t been able to connect with her so thought I shoot an email over.

We LOVE Ruckus (fmk as Donald). He is seriously the absolute best puppy! Training has gone great, he’s not a barker, fantastic on walks, crate trained during day and takes turns sleeping with kids at night. He is Mr. Personality and the the happiest puppy! Loves going to the kids baseball/softball games (I think he loves the attention he gets!). We couldn’t be happier with him. He’s a big boy…tall and long and hit the 70 lb mark this week. 

We found out several weeks ago too what his DNA is: German Shepherd, boxer, American bulldog, English bulldog, and American staffordshire terrier. 

We also see his Mom, Macy, a couple days a week now. They are great together! Would love to know how his siblings are doing and hoping they found wonderful homes too. 

Keagan FKA Porky (Macy’s pup) & Eanna

Keegan FKA Porky and Eanna

Keegan FKA Porky and Eanna

“Just dropping by with a great pic of our two TLC pups.

Eanna (on the right adopted June 2014) is celebrating her 4th birthday today.

Keagan (AKA Porky…on the left…adopted Dec 2017) is being a great “little” brother although at 7 months old is over double her weight now at just shy of 65 lbs.”



 and some pics of  Daisy (with her handsome brother Iggy) and Charley FKA Petunia


Odin FKA Athos

“So far so good. He has been doing great with our other dog. He has only had a handful of accidents in the house and is taking to crate training very well. We named him Odin. He is very timid and skittish but we are working with him and socializing him to get him used to new things.”


Luna FKA Barbie & Theo FKA Liam

“Luna and Theo were a great match and playing very well together.  She fits into our family perfectly and loves to snuggle and even try to lay with Theo, which ends up with them both wanting to play. It is so cute watching the two of them.”


Delilah FKA Nora

“We have renamed our girl to Delilah, a mutual decision by all of our children. 

She had her first vet visit last week.   All looks good,  we are just awaiting test results, which came in today and she has hookworm and some yeast.  We immediately started her on meds and will re-test in 4 weeks.

Otherwise, she is doing fantastic and we all love her to pieces!”


Editor’s note: one of the reasons we recommend our adopter’s take their new pup to their vet within 2 weeks of adoption. Even though we put dogs through a de-worming protocol, there are times they do need another round of de-worming


Chloe & Louie

“We just wanted to update you on their great progress. It didn’t take long for them to become members of our family. They are very sweet, lovable, and affectionate. Even Chloe, who was very reserved initially, warmed up quickly, both to us and to her new canine brother Louie. She loves to play with him…on her terms. We believe that they know they have found their forever home. They are very protective of their family and have made friends with the neighborhood dogs. They love going on walks especially to the dog park. In July they will have their first vacation to the beach! Thank you for helping us find our new, little family members! We attached some pictures for you guys. “


Chief FKA Lidge

“He is doing very well. He doesn’t like the cage very much though. We changed his name to chief. “


Xany FKA Natalie

“Thanks so much for following up!  I’ve been putting off responding to this email because I wanted to get together all of the pictures we have of Natalie (there are SO many).  She’s settling in wonderfully — she is honestly the most well-behaved and calm puppy I have ever been around. 

We changed her name to Xany, and she’s already learned it quickly!  

Again, thanks so much to TLC as an organization for making this process so painless.  Everyone I interacted with was so kind and helpful.  Xany is such a perfect girl, she’s already changed our lives so much, and everyone that meets her just falls in love with her.  

She’s so well-loved & such a happy girl.  Attached are some pictures!”


Bert Macklin FKA Bert

Bert Macklin

Bert Macklin

“We are very happy we were able to give Bert his forever home. We kept his name, just added a middle name, Bert Macklin. He is settling in well. He is now getting comfortable and is starting to act more and more like a puppy. He is not happy when he is in his crate. He has a vet appointment on Friday. “



“Harry is so great and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog! He is very mellow and just loves attention. We plan to keep his name since he responds to it and is a bit older. 

Harry seems to be adjusting pretty well all things considered. m His foster family went away for the holiday right before we got him so he may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and not realizing this is his forever home! 

His vet appointment is on Monday and I’ll double check the microchip as well. In terms of training/Jeri – are we able to reach out with general questions or is that more for like setting up a training appt or attending a class? 

We’ll also share pictures of Harry soon!”


Editor’s note: our trainers are available to our adopters for phone & email support, and adopters can feel free to contact them directly





“Thank you for your follow up on Campbell.  We did keep his name Campbell since he seemed to recognize it and respond to it, plus, much like himself, we thought it was very cute. 😊  Campbell is doing really well.  He met Dr. Banks on Monday morning and aside from a little cold or respiratory infection, he is in perfect health.  Neither Jeff nor myself can get over how smart this little bundle of fur really is… we watch him figure out all kinds of things, both good and bad (he is a very curious puppy after all).  We have all been working with him to keep up his good manners and socialization… again, he is a very smart puppy.  As for our cat, Jason, the two have yet to really bond, but things definitely look promising as Jason has started not really caring where Campbell is in the house.  They have also (maybe by accident, maybe not) actually shared the bed… albeit on opposite sides of me, but I can’t complain about all the cuddles from my two fur babies and after only just under a week.  

We love Campbell completely and feel like he’s the perfect fit for our family.  He has more toys and love than he knows what to do with.  We are still figuring out this whole “why do I need to stay in a crate again” thing, but we’re getting the hang of it and it’s not so bad anymore… in fact, it’s actually pretty nice for taking naps in and hiding all our new toys.  We’ve made quite a few new friends, both human and of the fur variety and everyone seems to love us, so we can’t wait until my little furry brother arrives to join our pack in two weeks.  We will be sure to share some pictures.

We want to thank Campbell’s foster family(s) and TLC Rescue for taking such good care of him and for first rescuing him from the shelter.  Campbell sends his love and kisses as thanks as well.

PS – See photo for tired-out puppy in his natural habitat.”


Zoe FKA Latte

“She is doing very good.  We renamed her Zoe.  She has her first appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon.  Here are some pics of the new family member settling in.” 


Frankie FKA Magnum (Penny’s pup – Magnum PI litter)

“Frankie’s been doing great! We are wrapping up our third obedience class series, and will begin CGC training next week! He’s been a delight, and has several close doggy friends he sees daily for play dates. His favorite acitivities include hiding my shoes and protecting our home from squirrels he sees outside the window. I don’t know how I got this far in life without him. :)”


Louie (June FKA Ariel’s pup)

“Louie is doing great! Some pictures attached.”



Oreo FKA Klay

“Everything has been wonderful with my new friend.  I have ended up naming him Oreo, and he has been an amazing companion, and is loved by my friends and family!  He has just turned one year old, and seems to now be full grown at a healthy 60 lbs.   Thank you and your organization for all the excellent work you do, adopting Oreo has been one of the best decisions in my life.  I have enclosed a few pictures of him in case you were curious how he ended up looking as a full grown dog. 

Thank you again for all your help, I really appreciate it!”


Jagger FKA Jenner

“Thought I would give you an update on Jenner, who’s name is now Jagger.  First of all, we love him!  He’s such a total sweety! He plays with our other dog all the time, and we are so happy we added him to our family.  

I’ve attached some pictures of him in the snow, playing with our other dog Tyson, and also at our beach house he loves looking out the low window. Our older dog we just lost loved those windows too.  

I also wanted to let you know we did his DNA test and he has a crazy mix!  He is majority Husky, and then 10-20% each of these three breeds- Border Terrier (see this in his face), Bulldog (don’t see this at all), and the craziest- Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (??) the funniest thing is he doesn’t really bark normal, he tends to do a high pitched whine bark instead, which we learned is a trait of the Duck Tollers! They have a “scream”.  So, let me tell you when he sees a cat outside that window that scream comes out! 

Thank you for rescuing this sweetheart of a pup.  He just loves exploring the backyard, going on walks, going for rides and viewing the world. I can’t imagine him being in a shelter for so long.  This summer we’ll see how he likes hanging on the beach! He has some serious webbed feet so we’ll see if he likes water at all. 

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do! 


PS Jagger thinks he’s a lap dog. :)”


Wolfgang FKA Beethoven

Wolfgang FKA Beethoven

Wolfgang FKA Beethoven

“On 4/6/2014 Wolfgang became a part of out family. He is more than we could have ever asked for. He introduced us to This great organization that we are now a part of. He truly changed our lives and we are forever grateful.”






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