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Another week comes to an end and all of us in TLC-land are going to enjoy a couple of hours to relax before starting a hectic Spring week that includes visits to Eagleview Farmer’s Market & the Coventry Woods Festival in addition to our regularly scheduled meet & greet at Pets Supplies Plus. As the weather gets nicer, we’ll be taking the pups out into the community for all sorts of fairs and events, and we hope to have a chance to see you!

Our happy boy Wrangler was even happier this week because he became a full-fledged member of a family as awesome as he is. We hear he’s settled in quite nicely, loves the comforts of his new home and is now living his literary fantasy by changing his name to Samwise Gamgee.

He’s not the only lucky dog this week:

Momma Thelma not only celebrated her adoption but she was happy that the last of her blonde pups, Melody, got adopted and changed her name to Henley.

Momma Ziva was adopted last week and her puppies were ready to show off at RedDay, and start interviewing prospective families. Cobalt, Jenny & River were ready to say “I do” and so they put a collar on it (as it were).

Also celebrating gotcha days this week were: August (now Cali), Bear, Boomer, Frenchie, Holley, Kamala, Kentucky, McCall, McDaniel, Miz, Nash, Natesa & Red!


Of course we have some updates to share as well. have a very special update in wishing the K pups (Keaton, Charlie FKA Keith & Ozzy FKA Kellen) a happy 1st birthday. As cute as they were as puppies, it’s no surprise how handsome they all are now.

Keaton is doing great!  I can’t believe he’s 1 today, time sure does fly.  We are just finishing up puppy class and he’s learning lots of new things. Can’t wait for the weather to stay warm and test out if he likes to swim…he doesn’t seem to mind the bath so hopefully he likes the lake and pool just as much!  He’s such a love bug!

#‎tbt to my little baby and his brother, Ozzy! These little turkeys turn 1 this week and we are so lucky to have kept in contact with Charlie’s brother. Thank you @tlcrescuepa for this little puffy-butt, bundle of joy. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without him.‪#‎adoptdontshop ‪#‎brothers ‪#‎birthdayboys

Ozzy FKA Kellen

Ozzy FKA Kellen

Of course, those of you who pay close attention to the pictures & videos of the dogs we have in foster, may have noticed that you’ve watched Ozzy grow up before your eyes as he often shows up as a supporting player. Ozzy’s done a great job fostering a lot of dogs over his first year of life and has even gotten the opportunity to help momma Ziva give birth and get her litter adoption ready too.





In other news Duncan FKA Howell had a Wisdom Panel DNA test and the results were a no-so-surprising Chihuahua-Russell Terrier mix.


Also, he graduated beginner training class! He is doing great and I’m so lucky that he came into my life!

Scarlet FKA Molly

We named her Scarlet as my wife and I are both alumni from Rutgers. (Scarlet Knights) is the mascot! She is doing very well, her and Raff who we also adopted from TLC get along wonderfully. We also added a little human to the group this past February. Jet Harrison Williams was born 2/25/16. The dogs do great with him! I thank you for checking in and hope all is well on your side. We love our pups! Adopt, don’t shop! 

Nellie FKA Ivy

Nellie FKA Ivy (Louise's pup)

Nellie FKA Ivy (Louise’s pup)

Meet our new little girl Nellie! We would like to thank To Love a Canine Rescue for saving her Mom and because of this, we have our angel. We love her dearly






Bubby FKA Ginger (mom to G litter from Feb 2015)

Bubby fka Ginger

Bubby fka Ginger

Here’s a picture of bubby.  She’s a funny happy girl. 

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  1. Just a few words on another of your alumni Elton who my friend adopted over a year ago . He has managed to correct all of us into his way of thinking and also making sure that you might be uncomfortable with the temperature much warmer than you like but he is comfortable and that is the main thing , oh,by the way could you bring me another sweater, tthanks,
    This organization is I think a super one by the way the foster mom’s and dad’s take such good care of all these fur baby ‘s until they get their forever family .

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