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Brad Pupsley now Murphy

Another week of weird weather has come and gone but the weather didn’t stop us from saving more lives and writing some happily ever afters! Brad Pupsley is happy to say that his patience, after spending much of his young life tied up to a tree, has paid off. He’d like to take the Animal Control Officer who came back to check on him for getting him to the vet after noticing that Brad’s leg was badly broken, and then getting him into the safety of rescue after he’d recovered from his surgery. He’d also like to thank his foster parents for teaching him the ins & outs of family life so he was fully prepared when he met his fantastic furever family. He’d like you to know he’s happily settling in and has changed his name to Murphy.

Also adopted this week were: Aloyisious, Carolyn, Charlie, Curtis, Ethel (now Lily), Foles, Jenner, Joseph (now Joey), Justin, Lil’ Kim, Lindsey, Maxine (now Riley), Mr. Dilla,  Raggedy Ann (now Claudia), Sally, Sophia, Sydney, Tex & Wentz.


We also have a bunch of updates to share too!


“We have been blessed with Zoey since early January. She brings us love and energy and smiles every day! She wants to be a part of everything we do and is gentle and bright and full of life. I am now doing the daily walking I should have been doing without her. She makes it easy. She quickly adopted our routine and us and we are so grateful to have her! Thank you TLC!”


Fiona (special appearance from Joey FKA Ulysses)

“Fiona is making amazing progress in only 2 full days, as you can see in the pics.
Her comfortability level is progressing way quicker than I would have ever hoped. I’m taking it slowly but impressed with her, despite the extreme shyness.
👍 🙄


Emry FKA Charlie

here are some updated pictures of Emry, formerly “Charlie ” . He is FULL OF ENERGY and has adjusted well to his new home. We love him to pieces!! Ty for allowing us to have him make him a part of our family!”


Lilly FKA Sadie

Lilly FKA Sadie

Lilly FKA Sadie

“This is Lilly she will be 1 tomorrow [3/1]. We just want to thank you for all you do. Without you this beautiful girl wouldn’t be in our lives.”





Charli FKA Wayla (Willa FKA Winnie’s pup)

“Hi! Just wanted to send an update on Charli who used to be named Wayla. She was one of Winnie’s pups! We become more in love with her every day, she’s so spoiled here! She loves going to the dog park and wrestling around with her dog friends and going to doggie day care on our busy days. She is full of personality and such a snuggly girl. We just got our results from her dna test which I’ve included a picture of, if you’d like to send it to her siblings owners. Thank you for what you guys do, Charli has made our family complete.”


Aksel FKA Angus

“We decided to rename Angus, he is now Aksel. He is adjusting well. He is housebroken and loves to play tug of war, fetch, and chew on everything he can. He is lots of energy but we love it. He has had his first check up at the vet. He is growing (30 pounds now) and very healthy. He is smart and we are working on training. He knows sit, down, and come (sometimes if he isn’t busy).

I am attaching a couple pictures. They are hard to get…since he doesn’t stay still very long. “


Charlie FKA Jason w/special appearance from TLC alum Chloe

“Everything is going great with the adoption! We changed his name to Charlie, and he settled in so quickly. He especially loves his sister, Chloe! “


Nellie FKA Sweet Girl

“She is definitely settling in! We did re-name her. We decided on Nellie! She did have a check up last night at the vet and they said she is perfectly healthy! She did have an ear infection but nothing a little medicine can’t fix. She really couldn’t be more perfect and we are so lucky to have found her. I attached some pictures for you guys!”


Molly FKA Marsha

“Marsha has settled in very nicely. We did go with the name Molly because her foster down south stated to that she responded well to that name. She quickly acclimated into our home and has found her favorite spot in our bed. She loves belly rubs and paws at us for attention when we get home from work. She is still a little timid to quick movement but overall has the biggest smile that I’ve ever seen. She has been very playful with our dog Nellie but Nellie might be the one that still needs some adjusting to having a new dog in the home. I’ll be sure to recommend TLC Rescue to anyone that asks.”


Mac FKA Versace

“Just wanted to share a few shots of Mac enjoying his yard. We celebrated his birthday with a dog park trip and feast.”



“Yep it has been one year since we’ve adopted Callie.  She is wonderful.  A really good happy dog.  Our other dog, Gus, showed her the ropes and she has blossomed into a great dog.  We’ve taken 2 trips with them since we’ve adopted her and she was perfect on both.  She gets along with our 2 cats as well.  Our cats love the dogs and everyone sleeps together.    We couldn’t have adopted a better dog. “ 


Alibi FKA Foxy

“Foxy, now Alibi, is doing great!! She is so playful and loving. She has quickly warmed our hearts and we love her so much. I will send you some pictures in a separate email. 

Thank you so much!!!”



“Yes we kept the name Luna. We have a vet appointment for her next Monday. She seems to be adjusting fairly well and her and her brother Medic are adapting to each other. Below are a few pictures.”



Beauford FKA Stetson

“Beauford has given me so much through his adoption. I’m not an empty nester anymore. He’s my baby and I am over the moon. Yes it’s a lot of work and he’s high energy but we’ve worked out a schedule and routine and he’s a quick leaner. He’s still can be stubborn but over time that will lessen. There is so much I want to say. It broke our heart to hear how extensive his injuries were. I knew he needed a home where he was the center of attention and be with people that would love him and not let him get hurt or lost. “


Triscuit FKA Bartles

“Bartles (now called Triscuit) is doing well.  He has quite an energetic and vocal way of meeting dogs, but we are constantly working on that.  He and my other dog, Dibley, get along beautifully, and Triscuit does well with 2 of my cats; the 3rd cat still keeps Triscuit in his place 😃.  Cats rule!

Sending you a couple of pictures of him….”


Rosie FKA Maria

“Maria (now Rosie) is doing great! We’re working on potty training and walking with the leash and making great progress!!! She’s very affectionate but a little hesitant meeting new people so we’re going slow with that. She has a very hearty appetite!!! I’m in the process of getting her seen by my vet either this weekend or next. I’ll keep you posted on Rosie ❤️! “


Daisy FKA Mary

“We changed Mary’s name to Daisy per our almost 3 year old Minnie Mouse-obsessed daughter! Daisy is settling in nicely and we are just head over heels in love. We have already taken her to the vet and have been in touch with Jeri about setting up puppy training. Thank you to you and TLC rescue for matching us with Daisy. She is the perfect addition to our family. I promise to keep sending updates!! “


Pepper FKA Marilyn

Pepper FKA Marilyn

Pepper FKA Marilyn

“We decided to go with Pepper which I believe is what the SC rescue group indicated Marilyn’s name had been.  She responds to it so it keeps things simple for her.  We were concerned about how our cats might react to bringing a dog into the house, but this is going well as you can see from the picture.  Pepper is fitting in great.  My husband, Steve, said the other day that he is SO glad we got Pepper.  He works from home so he and Pepper have gotten to be buddies very quickly. “ 



Lola FKA Adrian

“ We are absolutely loving her and she is keeping us laughing everyday! We are changing her name from Adrian to Lola.  She loves our niece so much… they are always snuggling together! 

We will keep sending updates and pics as she grows! 

Thank you for everything and giving us such a precious little (but big) puppy! “



“Peppermint is still doing fine. She has lots of energy and usually wears me out before she wears herself out. She has played with the puppy up the street a few times, but on a leash since it is still too muddy to let them both run around in the yard. That seems to wear her out for most of the day. I’ve attached a couple of pictures, her sleeping as that is the only time she stays still long enough to get a picture.”



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