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Now that the Tarheels claimed their spot in the final four after a nail-biter of a game, so we have a little break in the tourney and time to turn our attention to the pups among us that also claimed a nice win this week.


Two pups found homes with other TLC alumni (McGill, now Quill, has joined Hank FKA Early’s family & McCain has found a home with Phoebe FKA Trudy). Both of our boys named Max were adopted, as were Jack, McGraw, Nala & Sweetie!



Of course we have a bunch of pupdates to share too:


Beretta FKA Trish

“It has been a year since we adopted Trish, whose new name is Beretta. She has fit right in with our family and we couldn’t be happier. We recently sent in for a Wisdom Panel which shows she is an American Staffordshire Terrier/Chow Chow/Collie mix. We want to thank To Love a Canine for allowing us the time to inevitably foster-fail her! “


Akula FKA Stella

Hi, It’s been awhile since we updated TLC about our now 2 year old dog, Akula, fka Stella. She’s doing great, and recently started agility classes. Thanks again for a great adoption experience and a wonderful dog.”


Charlie FKA Steinson

“Thank you for fostering my boy Charlie (fka Steinson) back in November. I absolutely adore him! Also, Charlie was the perfect match for his big sister Bella.”



“Brooke is settling in very nicely here and seems like a very a happy girl.  We are going to keep her name as Brooke.

She has been to our vet, and the information on the microchip looks correct.  I have also reached out to a local bark busters trainer and I’m waiting to hear back from him, along with a couple other trainers in the area to see who the best fit for us will be.  I have ordered the DNA test kit and can’t wait to find out the results from that!  Once I find out I’ll pass on the info to TLC.  I’m very curious to see what they say!

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at TLC!  Everyone has been to helpful and wonderful to work with, and I’m so happy to have found Brooke and have her here with us!”


Remy FKA Chris

Remy FKA Chris

Remy FKA Chris

“He is /we are great!

Love this crazy creature with all my heart… #successfuladoption

#perfectmatch4ever #meanttobe”




Coco & Tutu

“Thank you….they are fabulous!!!”


Jax FKA Spuddy

“Jax is a love and my heart is very full. He fit right in and it feels like he has always been part of our family. Henry is very happy to have a brother he can wrestle with and Jax follows him around like a puppy. Speaking of… he saw the vet today for boosters and a neutered check. Dr is pretty sure he’s about 9 months old! I had a feeling, he’s very spunky! Thank you for everything your rescue does, we are very grateful. “


Angeline’s Litter

Carla FKA Belle

“I LOVE my new fur baby. She fits my life perfectly and has turned into the best dog. Her and my other dog love each other, they are great friends. I posted some recent photos below, first photo is the day I got her, the other two are recent… She is now over 50lbs!!”


Ella FKA Buttercream

“Time has flown by since we adopted Ella. We are so in love. It was fun to see all of Angeline’s pup’s updates in the last weekly update because a couple of them really look like Ella (Ella was fka Buttercream).She is 64 lbs now. She is a timid and gentle puppy. She’s certainly not the alpha! She’s a total love and when we get home she puts her two front paws on our shoulders from a sitting position like she’s giving us a hug. It’s so cute. She’s very calm for a puppy. She is stubborn and only does things when she wants to so we are working on that with a trainer. If any of her littermate’s families want to get together we’d love to. Here are a few pictures. Feel free to include in the next weekly update.

Thank you for all that you do!”


We also received an update with the results of Ziva’s (mom to Aspen, Cobalt, Delia, Jenny, Moon, Rayne, River & Woodstock) DNA test and fun visits with Riley & Benson


We hope you have a great a week as the pups did!





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