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It was a beautiful day to wrap up a busy week-end that started with a great flow at Phileo Method Fitness & ended with pictures with the Easter Bunny. While we were a little disappointed that  our tripawd alumnus Murphy FKA Brad didn’t advance to the sweet 16 in the Petplan Tournament of Tails this week, we were super stoked that another tripawd turned the page to start the next chapter of his happy tail this week as our sweet GSD Duke celebrated his gotcha day!

Also adopted this week were: Ashkii, Blossom, Boone, Burton (now Noden), Cassandra, Christie, Cody, Desmond, Gadget, Hammy, Hunter, Luna-Coco, Mikaela, Rhett &  Sebastian!


We also have some updates to share:


Teddy FKA Baby Groot & Leo FKA Dillon

Teddy FKA Baby Groot & Leo FKA Dillon

“Just wanted to share a recent picture of our boys Leo and Teddy !!! They are both doing so well together ! They are the best little boys !!! “






Watson FKA Tex

“Tex’s new name is Watson.  He’s been to our vet and passed with flying colors.   

Watson seems very happy here and we’re very happy with him…as soon as he gets past the chewing stage. 

Thank you for all you do.”


Lambchops FKA Dreamer

“Hi Lambchops is doing great he has filled out he really likes to eat I call him my little piglet he now weighs 4.8 pounds so I put him on a diet lol there’s not much he don’t like he loves fruit all kinds halos and peaches ,watermelon are favorites and on occasion he loves pasta he loves taking showers and getting blow dried I’m still over heels in love with this guy he makes me laugh all the time he hates being away from me so he goes just about everywhere with me there is 1 restaurant that he gets to go in and eat with us he sits at the table too they love him there I couldn’t see life without him now thank you so much for letting me adopt him he’s brought so much to my life “


Luna FKA Becca

“Hi TLC! We decided to change Becca’s name to Luna because we saw the one large spot on her back and decided it looked like a moon. She is the best dog we could’ve ever asked for and the cutest thing in the world! Shes been happy and healthy and all around great! She needs some training when it comes to walking on a leash, but we will be going to some obedience classes soon! Thank you so much for bringing Luna into our lives!”


Cosmo FKA Moses

Cosmo FKA Moses

Cosmo FKA Moses

“He’s the best!  We are all doing great. He misses the dog park and cries and whines when we take a walk and he sees other dogs. Looking forward to better weather. 

Thanks so much for all you do!”



Murphy FKA Shortie

“Thanks for checking in, Murphy (formally shortie) is perfect and we could not have asked for a better dog! He is super well behaved, loves walks, loves to nap, and is super smart and has learned a bunch of tricks and commands in the past months. We love him, thanks again for helping us find our fur baby! “


Bella FKA Dream

“I changed her name to Bella.  She is doing great.  We had our 1st vet appointment yesterday. It took her a little, but she has really warmed up to her new home.  She loves to run around the yard.  She walks well on the leash around the yard, so we are going to go for a walk on a nearby trail today.  “


Molly FKA Dianna

Molly FKA Dianna

Molly FKA Dianna

“She’s doing great we love her she’s a sweetheart changed her name to Molly to me it seems to fit her better . We have an appointment at the vets this Saturday morning also want to get her a lifetime license. Still need to work on house training a little but Molly’s very eager to please don’t think it will be a problem.She’s a fun girl ! Thanks for asking about her.  “

We were very saddened to hear that despite testing negative for Heartworm in February, she tested positive this week. We are, of course, having one of our vets follow up on this.



Finnegan FKA William

FInnegan FKA WIlliam

Finnegan FKA William

“Thank you for touching base with us. Finnegan (aka William) is doing great and getting ready for his (estimated) 1st Birthday!!!!  Our kids are planning a cake and already have his presents wrapped. I will be sure to pass some pictures along.  


For now here is a picture of his favorite spot in the house. Napping on his bed in front of the fire. “


Beasley FKA Paul

Beasley FKA Paul

Beasley FKA Paul

“Thank you! I did submit a picture or Beasley to the Petco contest. He’s doing really well. He still struggles with anxiety and fear. But we’ve been working hard with a trainer & a behaviorist to help him through that. He also had to undergo down serious surgery on his leg. It was an injury he must have sustained as a puppy and they had to cut bone in his leg to get his elbow to fit properly. He has fully recovered and is doing well. Beasley loves other dogs and we take him to a local dog camp twice a week. He also goes to a local dog park on the weekends. We love our Beasley beyond words. Thanks for the message. Below is a picture of when we first got him and now. The one in the bottom left corner we’re on the way to the park! “


Daisy (mom to Donald & Maisy)



“Thanks for reaching out. She is settling in well and I think we will keep her name; it seems to suit her well. We are starting to get a few glimmers of a bit more playfulness as she is getting comfortable and we seem to be a good match as she is absolutely not a morning dog.

We are actually heading to vet tomorrow because her ears are itchy and I want to make sure they aren’t infected.

The microchip is all set!

Lastly, once she is more settled we are going to do some training.

Photo is of a very sleepy Daisy after finally settling in post walk last night.

Thanks for everything!”


Donald (Daisy’s pup)

“We have a vet appointment scheduled for Friday morning!

He is doing so well adjusting! He’s (mostly) letting us know when he has to go to the bathroom, a few accidents but that’s okay. And he’s tearing our house and shoes all to shreds & we’re loving every single minute of it! He’s the sweetest little boy!”


Cosmo FKA Flurry (Mittens’ pup)

“Thanks for the follow up e-mail. Cosmo (Flurry) is doing great. He is just a little ball of energy. All he wants to do is play (that is a good thing right?) and chase our other rescue Star.”


Sadie FKA Sweetheart

“Things are going wonderfully!  Sweetheart is settling in nicely, and we’ve decided to call her Sadie.  

She was a bit unsure the first day, but has now taken to the stairs, her crate, walks, and especially the back yard!  

She’s eating well now, and this week we’ll be meeting the neighborhood and other canine future friends.

Her vet visit is scheduled for Monday, and we’re looking forward to it.

We couldn’t be happier with our new family member!  Here are a few pictures for you:”









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