May 072017

We had a pretty busy week-end in Malvern and, despite the cold & the rain, it was a magnificent one overall. Our Raffles For Ruffs Fundraiser at Twenty9 Restaurant & Bar was a huge success! It really was a fun night, the food was great, the prizes were awesome (Chuck, we really do expect a picture of you in those Chihuahua leggings!) and the pics from the photobooth – well, some of them were questionable and very funny. We didn’t have any time to recover to post pics, etc. from the night yet because it was off to Malvern Blooms this morning. It says a lot about what a great community event Malvern Blooms is when there’s still a huge crowd on such a cold & rainy day. Thanks for everyone who stopped by to spend some time with the pups & chat with us, and came out to support the local community.

It was also a great week adoptions too. Legend’s new family met him at the Yellow Springs Art Show last Sunday and it was a love connection. They couldn’t have been more excited and ready to take the plunge when we approved their application, so we know it will be a happily ever after. Legend’s brother Icon, now Fenway, also made a love match to celebrate gotcha day this week. A few more of Guess’s pups were adopted: Prada, Versace & Kors – who was adopted along with McCall! Rocket, now Greyson, Robert and Kasie were also adopted this week.

We have some updates to share as well:

Shelli FKA Shelley

Shelli has settled in really well – its like she has always been here!  Thanks for helping us adopt Shelli into our lives :)”

Cali FKA Pocahantas

I know I haven’t checked in for a while but here’s a recent picture of Cali! We love her so much and she is extremely spoiled, she already turns 1 year next Saturday! Hope all is well”

Axle FKA Adam

Axle FKA Adam

Axle FKA Adam

“A year ago today we adopted this cutie! He is the sweetest, goofy-est, scaredy cat dog you’ll ever meet and I love him  A year ago today he was afraid to enter houses, afraid of most people, and couldn’t walk on a leash. He’s come so far in a year! Can’t wait for many more years to come with Mr. Axle.”


Jackson FKA Fargo

“Time has flown! Jackson is doing awesome and I love him more than ever! He is the friendliest, loving puppy to humans and other dogs. He frequents doggy daycare once a week to play with his friends and we take many walks throughout the week to explore the city. “



“Zena is doing amazing. We are so happy with her. Below are pictures of the pupperz going to the beach. “


Ranger FKA Duke (aka Clooney)

“The communication with you guys is excellent and has become an almost regularity around here.  Ranger is doing great!  He’s settling in more and more everyday, relaxing more, and becoming a better dog all the time.  I think he’s finally starting to realize this is his permanent home.  We’re consulting with an in-house trainer on a few things to help strengthen our relationship.  It’s great having him around.”


“Prue is settling in well. She’s gone for several walks, loves her backyard and porch, and is getting to know all of the neighbors by barking loudly at them. She also lets us know whenever a UPS truck drives by. She is the sweetest girl and we love her to the moon and back.”


“Triton is doing great. He is everything I could have hoped for. He is full of energy and drive and could not be better looking. He is coming along well on learning to obey. That being said he is a total German Shepherd with emphasis on the German. Since this is not my first GSD his stubborn trait is no surprise. I have had to walk away from the situation a few times when it is so obvious he knows what I want him to do but refuses to comply. We will get to the goal as he is too wonderfully smart to give up on.

In fact I had planned this first week to be bonding not training. The bonding has gone great so we sill have a few days before we start “training.” Just yesterday he has started eating well. Chasing balls is a challenge so I am working on runs and walks for exercise. Last Thursday night we has an intense thunderstorm and he had a meltdown. Once he calmed down I let him sleep on a rug beside my bed which he has done every night since, and will continue to do so. When we go outside he never lets me out of his sight.

Riley came over Monday night and is here again tonight. They are pretty good buds and Riley is a pretty patient dog handler. Everyone here loves him. I posted several photos on Facebook last night and he now has fans in three continents.

All in all it is hard to believe he has only been here one week, it feels like he has been a part of the family a long time. He is getting along with the three other dogs here on the property and my daughter’s pit mix. Twice he has shown a bit of what I think may have been jealousy when I petted the other dogs. My Bad. I need to keep that rolled up newspaper to smack myself on the head when I forget what to do and what not to do.

He is a great dog. Thanks for getting him for us.”

Nala FKA Velma

Nala FKA Velma

Nala FKA Velma

“Nala’s (Velma, adopted 12/23/16) first visit to the local dog park. Taken off her leash after this pic. Big day because she was a “No other dogs” label, and was perfectly fine as she ran and played with her five new friends! She’s come a long way and is a sweetheart!”




Timber FKA Clover (Louise’s pup)

“We are definitely enjoying every day with Timber (formerly Clover). He loves running around outside playing ball, just as long as his sidekick, our 6 year old son, is playing with him. Otherwise he sits and waits for him at the patio door. We had Timber at the vet for his check up Monday where he weighed in at 102.5 lbs. He’s our big mush ball and we wouldn’t change him for the world! “

Kai FKA Daisy (Louise’s pup)

Kai FKA Daisy

Kai FKA Daisy

“She really is… such a great dog and friend.  Thank you for allowing us to adopt her… Kai is smart dog.  I trained her in two days on electric fence long ago, she runs all over the yard, loves to chase birds and play with my Norwich Terrier, Chase.  I recently bought her a Whistle 3 GPS tracker for fun, and it tracks her activity and level of intensity.. Its like a fitbit for dogs in some ways but keeps track of her anywhere she is located.  No chance she would leave the yard but I wanted it anyway.

I hope all her siblings are enjoying life and Mom Louise is doing great too.”


Sampson FKA Sebastian (Thelma’s pup; also Louise’s granddog)

“Enclosed are a couple of pics of Sampson (you guys called him Sebastian) he is so wonderful !!! I was wondering, when we chose him he had a brother. I was wondering if we can get in touch with his owners and possibly exchange photos, I am so curious to see what he looks like :)”


Leo FKA DaVinci (Thelma’s pup; also Louise’s granddog)

“Leo (DaVinci) is doing great! I have attached some update photos 🙂 “













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