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We’re happily wrapping up another week with a  hot, but sunny, Sunday and some happy tails to share.

Our boy Chappa is happy to tell you that you can find love anywhere. He and his foster dad were enjoying a happy hike when, lo & behold, they met a nice family who instantly realized that Chappa wasn’t just an awesome pup, he was meant to be theirs. They submitted an application for him as soon as they got home and, voila,  a few days later he celebrated his gotcha day!

He’s not the only one celebrating an adoption this week though. TLC alum Bear contacted us to say it was time to expand the family so we did a little match-making magic and now Harris is Bear’s baby bro. Bear’s littermates Heather  & Hamlet (now Aiden) and dad, Henry, also started the next chapter of their happy tails. Also adopted this week were: Becky, Cracker Jack, Kurt (now Kody), Opal, Rita, Sasha & Suzie!




We also have some nice updates to share too!


Lola FKA Baklava


Just wanted to let you know that Baklava, now lovingly renamed Lola, is happy and enjoying life in her new home with us and our adopted kitty, Pumpkin. Sharing some pics.

Keep up the great work there!”


Maya FKA Apple (Sabrina’s pup)

Maya FKA Apple

Maya FKA Apple

“We changed Apple’s name to Maya then.  She is doing well & adjusting right in to our family. It’s like she already had a spot & blended right in.  She has already learned, sit, down & give her paw. She’s pretty smart & eager to learn.  Her appointment with our vet is this coming Tuesday, June 25th.”



Bella FKA Willow (Sabrina’s pup)

“I have attached a few pictures of Willow now Bella so that you can see she is happily at home with us.”


Macy (mom to the looney toons litter)

Hi! Wanted to reach out with a Macy update. We continue to love having Macy as part of our family. She really is the best dog. We had a bbq with over 50 people and she did GREAT with everyone there. We take her to the ball field for our boys games and she is fantastic. She is getting better with her anxiety too! We’ve stopped using the thundervest and just recently reduced one of her morning meds. Our kids love her so. She’s getting better at playing fetch. I could go on! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet her and let her choose us for her fur-ever home! ”


Sadie FKA Dorothy

“Thank you for your email. Sadie (formerly known as Dorothy) is doing great! We love her so much. She is well-behaved, other than some puppy bites and chewing that we are working on. We are glad she is now part of our family, and will send photos and updates on our summer adventures soon.

She is going to the vet tomorrow night for an intro and check up. Her paw seems to be better, but we will make sure they check her out.

Thank you for adding so much joy to our family!”


Fenway FKA Izzy AKA Doc

Fenway FKA Izzy AKA Doc

Fenway FKA Izzy AKA Doc

“Just checking in with an update. This is Fenway, formally Izzy, we adopted her April 22, so we’ve had her a little over 8 weeks. The first 4 weeks we let her decompress and get used to her new family, surroundings and fur sister, Hershey. In the past few weeks we have been working on manners training, she started going to the dog park and started doggie day camp twice a week with her sister Hershey, where she just recently discovered she likes swimming, yay!, and we are also slowly introducing her to other dogs for playdates. She is an amazing dog. Such a sweetheart with my husband and I pretty much from day 1 and has gotten better and more trusting all the time, she is really a daddy’s girl. Her and Hershey became fast friends and play all the time. We love her!! As you can see her busy schedule makes her tired. Nothing better then a happy, healthy, tired dog, lol. Thank you TLC for all your help with the adoption process and for being available to answer any questions or concerns in the beginning. More updates will follow in the future!!”


Barkley FKA Ares

“Hello!! My boyfriend and I adopted Aries (now Barkley!) about 6 weeks ago. He is such a happy, sweet pup and we are beyond thrilled to have him in our family!! He adjusted very quickly and is working hard to make good choices. He’s always there for lots of kisses and loves to go on walks and hikes. Thank you for all you do to match these puppies up with their forever homes, we are so grateful for him!”


Zuzu FKA Ziva

“Hi there!
So we’ve had Ziva for three weeks now.  We changed her name to Zuzu.  She is settling in well with our family and is very alert on her walks as she has seen deer, turkeys and rabbits (that she would love to chase).  Our veterinarian has checked her over and Zuzu is very healthy.  We’ve also contacted 24PetWatch and she is now a lifetime member.  She is eating well and has a hearty  appetite.
Her new extra large bed is located on the floor at the foot of our bed.  She sleeps soundly at night and snuggles in bed with my husband and me each morning. Our son Richard truly enjoys having Zuzu in our family.  And my husband now has a shadow.  Zuzu follows him everywhere around our house, and enjoys spending time in the garage watching him work on his car.  She checks out the chipmunks and birds from our front porch and enjoys leisurely naps there in the afternoon.  She loves car rides and has already experienced many hours on the road with us.
We are so happy to share our lives with Zuzu.  She has made our family complete.
Thank you!”

Pepper FKA Sissy

“First Vet visit is in the books. Actually we had a first visit just to get acquainted and a second visit the next week to complete everything. Snap test and fecal were negative and everything else was great. “


Luna FKA Ziggy

“Hey all! I wanted to drop you a quick update on Ziggy (Luna now) she is simply the best. She goes with us everywhere and has such vigor for life we go to the dog park at least 5 times a week we go boating and hiking. She adores coming with us to our local dog friendly brewery because she gets extra treats. Luna is so smart she knows so many tricks and we are working on off leash training with her. She is an absolute dream. Her first week with us we were concerned that she wouldn’t adjust to city life but she is now a comfortable, confident, spunky pup. People in our neighborhood know, not us, but Luna. Thank you so much for introducing her to our life we are truly blessed with her”


Otto FKA Jefferson

“Thanks for checking in. Otto fka Jefferson is doing great. He’s definitely a lover and has been enjoying all the affection. Ivy and he have been adjusting well, they love to play together and we’ve been doing our best to restrict any heavy activity as he finishes his recovery. He’s got a great disposition and we are all quite smitten with him. He just needs to work on his manners which we have been diligently dealing with. 

Vet appointment has been scheduled for this coming week. Looking forward to seeing how he does there and getting his Lyme shot squared away. 

We will let you know if any issues arise. Thanks for everything! “


Olive FKA Sunny

“All is going well so far!  Sunny is now Olive, and I’m 99% sure that’s the name that will stick.  She seems to love having a home full of toys and love.  After having my previous dog for 14 years, it’s a real awakening getting back into the swing of puppy energy and puppy teeth.  She has a vet appt. set up for 6/25 for her last distemper shot and her initial check up with my vet.  Thanks again for rescuing dogs and being the organization that introduced Ms. Olive and I.”


Charm FKA Eve

“Everyone is doing well, we changed Eve’s name to Charm and she lives up to her name.  We love her and she is getting along great with our two children and our pug Sparkle.  

We will be bringing her to the vet next week as we wanted to let her settle in a bit before transporting her again.  Charm is eating well, doing her business outside, not one accident and the few scrapes she had are on the mend.  She is a very sweet girl.

Charm is very skittish but improving daily, I reached out to the trainer you recommended to see if she had any other tips to help her with the transition.    

Attached are a few photos.

Thanks for your help and the great work TLC does”


Appa FKA Stan (Stella’s pup)

” My family is SUPER HAPPY with Appa he is been very good he knows new tricks and he is very happy 

Thank you very much again “





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